Live a Little: FFAA July Writing Month 6

Live a Little
Fandom: Star Trek: 2009

We stood over a cliff face on the planet Delta-Gamma 390 that Starfleet had wanted us – The Enterprise – to gather information on, to see if there was life beyond animals and trees. Once I saw the scans of the planet I couldn’t help but get excited, large mountains with perfect heights for cliff jumping and soaring over the treetops and of course with the help of Sulu and Chekov we found the perfect cliff and landing zone.

“I find your reasoning’s of jumping off this cliff height and soaring over the trees without deploying a parachute to be highly illogical Captain.” Spock, my ever logical commander spoke as he stepped to my side.

Turning I pass him the jumping gear, his own gear I specifically got for him and earning a raised brow in response. “If you think that I will be joining you on this…” He trailed off as I let my grin widen.

Clapping him on the arm I laugh, “I need someone to come with me Spock. Don’t take everything in life to seriously, no one gets out a live anyway, live a little and do this with me.” I chuckle causing him to sigh and look down at the gear with a little bit of distaste.

“Your reasoning is… sound. I will go with you, only to make sure that you don’t kill yourself in some way. After all ‘ no one gets out a live anyway’ as you say.” With that he shot me a look as he placed his gear on and I could have sworn his lips twitched as we jumped from the cliff.


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