Sophrosyne: FFAA July Writing Month 13


Prompt: Sophrosyne
Fandom: Bones

 I couldn’t help but smile as Booth wrapped his arms around me and placed a kiss on my shoulder. I still found it amazing how my life had turned out; yes I was happy beforehand but now with Booth and our little one Christine and of course my step son Parker life was much better.

“I love you.” Both whispers causing me to smile and turn away from the pancakes I was making.

“And I love you too.” I smile; glad for once I had made the right decision in life.

Sophrosyne… That was what had happened long ago, that I had thought I had managed but was wrong. I had always been aware of who I was and everything about me, but the love I felt for booth, the way he knew me just as well as I did took me off guard; he proved me wrong. But I am happy, knowing all this and what he felt for me was true, it was something so new. Something worth everything we had been through.

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