Numinous Pineapple: FFAA July Writing Month 17


Prompt: Pineapple and Numinous
Fandom: Avengers 

Tony was drunk, unbelievably so. The drunkest he has been since that disaster of a birthday party long ago. What made him think that he could out drink a God AND the Frozen Patriot he would never know but…

“Oh my god!” He blinks and turns to see Hawk-Clint staring at a pineapple on the table, swaying ever so slightly.

“Wh-What?” Tony slurs as he stumbles over to the Birdbrain.

Clint turns and laughs, he too was three sheets to the wind. “Don’t you see it? Look, thi… this Pine thing is holy!” He shouts pointing to it.

Tony squints at the luminescent Pineapple and gasps. “IT IS! Hail the Pineapple god!” He yells giving it a bow, Clint following his actions.

“Should we tell them?” Pepper asks off to the side with Natasha both of them staring at the two drunkards with slight amusement as they stare at the pineapple light.

Humming Natasha shook her head, “No, blackmail, Potts, blackmail.” Was all she said before exiting the room.


One thought on “Numinous Pineapple: FFAA July Writing Month 17

  1. Reblogged this on Kittyinaz and commented:
    Yes… I should be asleep but this headache makes it impossible to do so. And then this gem came across my screen and I couldn’t help the laugh that came out. It may hurt to laugh, but I do NOT regret!!!

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