When I Wake: FFAA July Writing Month 16

Prompt: Vorfreude

Fandom: Rise of the Guardians

Jack was excited, more than excited; he was practically vibrating in his seat. This was the first year on the Nice list and that meant he was getting a present from Santa! Yes he was getting one from all of the guardians and yes Santa was North but this was different.

All his three hundred years alone he had not once gotten a present from Santa.

“Oi Frostbite! You know the rules, you need to sleep to get a gift from Santa!” Aster hollered as he turned around the corner to see Jack in the lobby near the tree.

Jack turned and looked at Aster with a guilty expression. “I know! I know but I am too excited!” He practically yelled.

“I can see that ya gumby, but you need to go to bed. Now shoo, before I tell North you’re not in bed.” Aster replied and before he could even finish the sentence Jack was gone, a door slamming faintly down the hall.

“He iz in bed now yes?” North asked, stepping out of his office with a present in his hands, a bright smile on his face.

Aster smiled and nodded. “Yeah mate, that boy is excited for this. His first Christmas with a family and a present from Santa. Tooth sure had a good idea on making his first Christmas with us special.”

“Da, it iz good idea. Now off you hop to your own bed, make sure Jack doesn’t leave his.” North waved off before placing the present down at the base of the tree, a slight smile on his face.

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