Glitters in the Ice: FFAA July Writing Month 23

Prompt: Erlebnisse
Fandom: Rise of the Guardians

Bunnymund shivered as he looked over the mountain pass, he didn’t know why the hell Frostbite wanted him up here for and he was beginning to get agitated. The bugger knew he didn’t like the cold, let alone somewhere he just knew was colder than the North Pole.

“Oi! Is there a reason that you brought me up here Frostbite besides watching me turn into a giant icicle?” He asked the Winter Spirit above him with annoyance, causing the child to laugh and fly down to him.

“Yes, give it a few more moment, I promise it’ll be worth it.” Jack replies causing Aster to grumble and let out another shiver as he overlooked the water.

And he was right, just as the sun began to rise he couldn’t help but stare at the awe inspiring view before him. The sun flashed before lighting the icicles around him alight which cast brilliant rainbows around him.

“Wow Jack, this is truly a beaut. Thank you for showing me this, for sharing this once in a lifetime experience with me.” Aster grunted out.

Jack just smiled and continued to watch, knowing any second now the sun will be past that critical spot, taking the rainbows with it for another hundred years.


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