It was dark and cold, the chill causing Isabella to pull her coat tightly around her.

The park at night was the short cut home and her last option. Her eyes flickering around from one darkened tree to another in search of something, or simply making sure she was alone.

Why didn’t she take up Jasper’s offer to get some take-a-way? Isa scolded herself as her stomach growled.

A crack in the trees caused her to pause, her heart picking up as fear filled her system. She was terrified and was scolding herself, there had been several assaults in the park for the last few nights…

“Well, well, well look what we have here!” A man exclaimed joyously, his eyes leering at her body as he stepped into the light, followed by another man.

“My, my Mike… Seems we have caught ourselves something nice.” The second male laughed as he licked his lips.

“Leave me be!” Isa yells as she takes a step away, ready to run.

“Oo a feisty one two!” The first male – Mike – nearly moaned out before they both began to advance.

Isabella’s heart began to pick up, her eyes dilating as she shifted between the two men. Her stomach growled again, for a second time cursing herself as turning down Jaspers offer.

The men grew closer, Isabella hunched over her jaw aching, her body hunching before a chilling guttural laugh echoed the night. With another laugh Isabella looked up, her lupine eyes glinting in the light, her lips pulling back revealing her elongated teeth.

“My, my what a delicious thing you are!” She growls out with a lupine smile before pouncing.


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