Motto’s: FFAA July Writing Month 26

Prompt: Meliorism
Fandom: Avengers

It was a key fact that with effort from the human race everything and anything can and could happen. It was a proven fact; many good deeds had been done because of effort from one person to many people.

That was Tony’s belief. It was his fathers as well, the only thing they could agree on and the life motto he followed. It was why he worked so hard since cancelling the fact that his company made weapons. Now he worked towards helping his own kind, creating things that could better the world.

Things like the arc reactor, ones that could power cities without consuming and wasting too much energy.

“Tony, rest, you need to sleep.” Pepper whispers softly as she pried the tools from his hand. When he began to protest she scolded him while placing her finger over his lips, shushing him.

“You can better the world tomorrow after at least a few hours’ sleep.” She reasons causing him to sigh and nod, following her from the room.


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