Not the End: FFAA July Writing Month 28

Prompt: Not an end
Fandom: Star Trek: 2009

The pub was loud as the crew members who had joined us cheered; we were gathered today in celebration of saving earth, of celebrating life.

“Cheer up Bones!” I laugh, slapping him on the back as he grouched about loudness and other related things.

“I can’t believe you! A captain! God almighty I need more booze!” He mutters causing me to laugh as I order us some more drinks.

“I know! But I guess that is what you get for saving earth. Look at it this way Bones, this here all around us isn’t the end of our journey, and in fact we have yet to begin ours. So cheer up, drink some more and enjoy living!” I order, handing him the scotch.

“You know you’re right. You are damn right. I am going to finish this drink and go the fuck to bed so I can be prepared to keep you out of trouble for the next few missions!” Bones grunted out while drowning the drink and leaving the bar.

I shook my head and looked around, yes, this wasn’t an end to the journey, just the beginning of it all.


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