Upcoming Stories and Updates!

lune voilé


Chapter Three – TWCS FFFictionPad

Okay, so Spudzmom actually managed to convince me to keep writing it and then told her minions to help convince me *chuckles* So what once was a OS turned into a Multi…



I have started this, it’s a Demetri/OC and it is for Speklez for a nifty Hawkeye/OC I asked for :P. I am a mere 1800 words in but hell, i’m loving writing it. Demetri is a snarky ass.

“You know, I’m a little interested in what that newborn can do and why or how it joined your covens together… but I’m not interested enough to put you back together again. See, I was the kid who liked to pull shit apart not play Frankenstein, though tempting that thought may be.” He chuckled before taking one last drag of his cigarette, bowing slightly with a mocking smirk and flicked the smoke into the largest venom puddle there.


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