Ramblings and updates…

So I don’t know if it’s because it’s a bad night or just if finally I’m tired of this… Who knows these days, but the good thing in my opinion is that I’ve been able to update more frequently, the downside is that very little people seemed interested in said updates. If that sounds a little bitch and selfish, well *shrugs* I’ve gotten more flames in the past few months then ever for some ungodly reason and at the moment, that is outweighing the positive on that retrospect… so now I seem bitter and resentful…


Either way, I’ve updated HotFG *sigh* and Lune Voilé should get an update soon.


6 thoughts on “Ramblings and updates…

  1. They are just jealous cause they ain’t as awesome as you just tell them if you wanted to listen to bitches yap you’d go to the pound and adopt a chihuahua.

  2. Sorry dear that I haven’t been leaving reviews/comments. I’ve been reading on the run a lot lately. I’m really really really enjoying the Fallen Goddess story. Always excited to see the updates. Keep writing for your enjoyment and just count the positive reviews as encouragement for something you’d probably do anyway. The flames have the right to their opinions but not the right to be mean and non constructive. View them as the immature rubbish they are and don’t let them deter you from doing what you enjoy.

  3. Just because folks don’t comment doesn’t mean they aren’t reading. More often than not I don’t comment because I don’t feel I have anything to say or if I do it isn’t constructive
    It’s easy to put a smiley 🙂 in a reply box bit it doesn’t really tell us how they feel about the story, at least it lets us know they visited the site though :D.
    Write for you, your enjoyment. If we get something out of it that’s awesome but it’s really about you and your own feelings that actually matter.
    I’ll go out on a limb here and say that if you aren’t happy with the way a chapter is turning out you aren’t going to post it. Period.
    I’d rather the writer take the time and give me quality reading than rush it and give us quantity without the quality. I”d rather read nothing than some of the poorly constructed stories that are out there.
    Keep plugging away, it’ll get better soon :).

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