Update + Sneak Peek! Chapter Six Dreams of Time



Well here is another chapter!!!




Summary: Not everything is what it seems…

Third Point of View

Bella knew she was different from a young age, always getting what she asked or didn’t ask for. she wasn’t like her mommy and daddy. She noticed that when she talked anyone who heard her, did everything within their power to please her and she didn’t like it at all. How could she enjoy her childhood when people only liked her for her voice?

When she was ten, she was abducted by a man, a simple man who was once the head librarian in her neighbourhood. He was kind and sweet but under her gift, he turned envious and unkind. She had turned a good man wicked and that was when she realised that she could no longer talk and so from the day she was found by the police the damage was done, she refused to talk.

They called it traumatic experience, PTSD as they said and many doctors and specialists told her mother and father that she would grow out of it, but she never did. So they signed her up for sign language courses as a simple solution.

With her not talking everything stopped, yet she was happy to be alone and unnoticed, Bella didn’t want to corrupt anymore.

When she turned thirteen she grew real sick, the doctors couldn’t understand what was wrong or what was happening but she ached all over, her hands hurting the worst and when she was finally sent home to rest she discovered the truth.


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