Todays thought patterns…

Holy crap guys, the amount of love for Dreams of Time is amazing! But why is there not enough Finn/Bellas? I keep getting told by everyone that they’ve been looking for Finn stories, the poor bugger is wanted but not loved enough to write about.

Well I’ll be sure to change that…


4 thoughts on “Todays thought patterns…

  1. I agree. Finn is very underused for some reason. When you think about it you can really put your own spin on him because so little is written about him and nobody really seems to talk about him. It’s nice that he is with someone other than Sage. Not a big fan of hers so glad you are using Bella. Isn’t it funny that in Twilight she was insipid and when she is used in ff she actually ballsy. Thanks for doing a Finn and can’t wait for next chapter.

  2. In the originals I have rarely found a good story for Finn. Then with Vampire Diaries I don’t thin Tyler and Jeremy get enough love. I’m hoping you’ll write some love for them eventually.

    • I probably wont ever get into Tyler or Jeremy, there are some amazing Jeremy/Bella stories out there but I’ll never write one… They just don’t seem to stand out enough for me… Jeremy is okay but Tyler’s just an asshole

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