Thaw Sneak Peek!





So I decided to give you a sneak peek of THAW! My Finn/Bella one that’s coming up! It has consumed my life and the picture below will show you how much I have written and I am not even half way yet, close but not quite!


“Kol you need to feed! If she is indeed still human you will not be able to resist. You have been daggered for a hundred and eighty years!” Elijah called out, pushing himself to catch up to his brother. Out of all of them, Kol and Finn were the fastest and even in his hungry state Kol still was able to outrun him.

Kol came to a sudden stop, his hand out waiting for the animal that Elijah held within his grasp before scrunching up his nose. He still drunk the rotten blood with little complaint for Kol knew Elijah was right, he had been daggered for a long time and after each awakening it took Kol near a whole town of liquor and the humans to quench his thirst, but that was only when he desired too. He never usual held back from his feedings to spite them all, Kol was always pissed and though he is pissed now, he was more worried.

When he was done, Kol chucked the carcass from him in disgust before heading towards where the pull was pulling them. Long ago they had made a pact, one when they were in need of another could know exactly where they were, fortunately they didn’t need to experience that till now. It was sort of like a mating bond but more one of family.

They didn’t know how long they ran for, but forest turned to city, to desert and repeat until they found themselves in Washington. Their eyes catching the welcome to Forks sign. Kol inhaled deeply before snarling, the whole area smelled like cold ones.

“Cold ones! If they have turned her or harmed her in anyway there is no place on this earth they could hide from me!” Kol snarled, swerving in and around trees, his eyes scanning for any sign of Isabella.


4 thoughts on “Thaw Sneak Peek!

  1. Well, if that doesn’t catch people’s attention, I don’t know what will…lol…can’t wait…thanks, huggs

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