Thaw Sneak Peek!

I seriously feel bad that all my posts as of late have been about The Unexpected chapter updates so I’ll give you all a preview of Thaw that is slowly coming together.


Title: Thaw
By: TheDarkestFallingStar
Pairing: Finn/Bella
Summary: It was cold, the wind and rain seemed to seep to her very bones. Yet, she did not care. She was numb anyway, her heart frozen beyond repair.

Disclaimer: I wish I owned the Mikaelson’s but I do not nor twilight.

Third POV

It was cold, the wind and rain seemed to seep to her very bones. Yet, she did not care. She was numb anyway, her heart frozen beyond repair. She had thought he loved her, but oh…oh was she wrong. He was using her, for her mind, blood and magic. How did she not see it till now?

You were nothing but a convenience… We don’t want you… Be grateful we let you live…

The words echoed around her head snobbishly, each word causing her to grow angry, furious but she still could not move, she was frozen. With a defeated sigh, Bella closed her eyes and simply let go.

Elijah’s eyes snapped open instantly as he felt the shift, ice settling in his heart. It took him a second to figure where the sudden numbing pain came from and when he did, a foundation rattling snarled left his lips.

He was up and ready in a blink of an eye before racing towards where he could sense Kol. His brother be damned, he needed to awaken Kol and immediately. Someone was going to suffer for hurting their Isa.

Elijah didn’t stop, snapping every human, vampire and wolf’s neck that stood in his way. He needed to get to Kol’s coffin and him away before Niklaus found out or they were doomed. He would surely dagger him for his betrayal of some kind and Elijah couldn’t risk that.

Not when Isa was in trouble.

In one swift movement he lifted the coffin lid, almost snapping it from the hinges before yanking the dagger out. He did not wait for Kol to awaken before he ran, letting the pull guide him towards their sister.

Isa was a kind soul, a pure soul who they encountered in New Orleans last time Kol was awake. She was from a very powerful family of witches and judged them not of what they done. Elijah found himself enjoying her company in the evenings he could get away reading, one day Kol followed him.

It surprised him when Kol didn’t try to woo the girl, make her a usual conquest.

She’s too pure Elijah, as much as I enjoy seducing witches she is not a conquest. She deserves her first to be with whom she loves…

All three were inseparable until Kol was daggered once more and they had to flee because of Mikael.

A groan reached Elijah’s ears over the wind, causing him to come to a sudden halt and gently place his brother down. The veins were nearly gone and the ashen colour was receding, unfortunately for Kol there were no humans nearby and would have to suffice with animal.

“Elijah?” Kol asked confused as he blinked up at his older brother, why was he here and why were they in the woods?

There was no reason for Elijah to be near him, the bastard helped Nik dagger him, something Kol would never forgive. His fist swung out quickly, his body following the action. Elijah chuckled quickly as he dodged the expected blow before helping his brother up.

“Kol, I am truly sorry for helping Niklaus but what I have done would surely make up for it. Now stop, you need to feed and then you will understand!” Elijah stressed as he tried to calm down his young brother.

Kol stiffened as a sense ice began to settle within his chest, an echo of agonizing pain followed by numbness. It took him a while to recognize the bond, surprise welled within when he did, rage following.

“How? She should be dead and gone by now!” He hissed furious at Elijah before he let the thought go. “Who hurt her? Why is she in Washington?” He snarled before pushing himself to his feet, ignoring his brother as he ran towards Isa.

Horrible images of torture, of finding his Isa mangled, bloody and in a lake flashed across his mind. He didn’t know why or how she was still alive and hoped that she wasn’t turned, Belle loved her magic and he knows personally what happens once your magic is ripped away. He couldn’t lose his sister to that agony, to suffer that loss for eternity or till she chose death. She was the first to understand him, to accept him as he is and not expect him to apply to the rules of others. Kol did what he did to mask the loss of his magic, she understood that.

“Kol you need to feed! If she is indeed still human you will not be able to resist. You have been daggered for a hundred and eighty years!” Elijah called out, pushing himself to catch up to his brother. Out of all of them, Kol and Finn were the fastest and even in his hungry state Kol still was able to outrun him.

Kol came to a sudden stop, his hand out waiting for the animal that Elijah held within his grasp before scrunching up his nose. He still drunk the rotten blood with little complaint for Kol knew Elijah was right, he had been daggered for a long time and after each awakening it took Kol near a whole town of liquor and the humans to quench his thirst, but that was only when he desired too. He never usual held back from his feedings to spite them all, Kol was always pissed and though he is pissed now, he was more worried.

When he was done, Kol chucked the carcass from him in disgust before heading towards where the pull was pulling them. Long ago they had made a pact, one when they were in need of another could know exactly where they were, fortunately they didn’t need to experience that till now. It was sort of like a mating bond but more one of family.

They didn’t know how long they ran for, but forest turned to city, to desert and repeat until they found themselves in Washington. Their eyes catching the welcome to Forks sign. Kol inhaled deeply before snarling, the whole area smelled like cold ones.

“Cold ones! If they have turned her or harmed her in any way, there is no place on this earth they could hide from me!” Kol snarled, swerving in and around trees, his eyes scanning for any sign of Isabella.

Elijah nodded, trying to hold the red door closed, the very door that kept his beast at bay. But cold ones were a mutation of them and where the selfish of them both, caring nothing about themselves and what gives them a lift in the proverbial hierarchy chain.

It was Elijah that spotted her first, rushing past his brother to the fallen woman. She was near blue, her eyes wide and glassy, she uttered not a word. Fear churned in the brother’s stomachs as Elijah picked her up from the damp forest floor, her body falling limp in his arms; still she did not move nor utter a word.

“We need to get her warm, follow her scent back to her home.” Elijah muttered quickly as Kol took off his jacket and tucking it around her small frame.

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