Author Rambles, News and Sneak Peeks

Whew, It seem’s I’ve been away for a bit. Well that is true I have been spending my time in the states with Speklez! That whole week I think I wrote a total of like 200+ words and then when I finally got home, I got sick!

So Lets get with the News first and then I’ll give you all a sneak peek.

I made it to round 2 in the twific fandom awards! Holy smokes Batman, that never EVER happens. I usually get the first round and that’s it. I’m not the only one this year who made it to the second round! I’m up against Harley in Favorite Scream Fic and against BertieBott in Favorite Da Vinci and Kittyinaz is in the Fandom411 category!

Twific Fandom Awards SO VOTE HERE

Now that is out of the way, I once again have signed up to write in FanficAholics Anon’s Fandom Anon Gift Exchange or FAGE.

What is The Ficawesome Gift Exchange you ask?

…Well FAGE, as we so like to call it because my fingers get tired typing out the whole name, is a great way for established and non-established writers to write a short story or one shot for another member of Fanficaholics Anon (FFA).

SO Now for the Sneak Peek, I have NO clue where this was going but Here is a small tidbit to a Peter/Bella I was attempting to write drunk LOL

Author Note: Yeah writing times, drunk writing times.

Third Point of View

The ground beneath his feet squelched with each step, he hated rain beyond anything for it created mud and mud tended to squish between his toes. Mud between the toes and its dislike was the only thing he could remember from his human life that carried on over to his vampiric one when the Major changed him.

“Course I had to run through the rainy town.” He muttered bitterly but he just knew that he had to run through the middle of bumfuck nowhere Washington.

He left his comfortable warm home because his gift told him that he was needed and there was just no ignoring that shit. He knew that ignoring his so called gift was bad after the Major lost control and slaughtered that whole town and now they were stuck with a shitty economy.

Not only that, he ignored his gift about ten years ago under Charlotte’s request and he lost her, they had run into trouble and he had lost her because they were attacked and she was taken down before he could even subdue the newborns sent after them.

Charlotte was his life, but not his soul. He had not found his true mate. But since then he hadn’t had a single hunch until three days ago, telling him he needed to be in bumfuck Washington. Did he listen? You bet he fucking did, hence why he was barefoot and only in a pair of jeans.


6 thoughts on “Author Rambles, News and Sneak Peeks

  1. I like any Peter/Bella fics, Hope you continue it, drunk or not. hehehehe I would also love more of the Bella/Niklaus fic ‘Morai Mortis’. That one is really awesome. 🙂

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