Update part two + Sneak Peek!

Shield of Elements




Changing Fate

Title: Changing Fate

Pairing: Frerin/Bella

Summary: Erebor was lost to them. The Orcs had won and Bella was the only one left standing. But Mahal and Eru cannot allow the fall of Durin Folk, they will not let Melkor win again. Bella finds herself back in time, protecting the young Golden Haired Prince.

Bella stood with her Kings sword in her hand, blood dripping down into her eyes as she stared blankly out over the battlefield. Things had gone wrong, they had failed. She was the last one left of the company, Bilbo having to pass just mere moments ago as he tackled the beast from her king, his One.

Erebor was lost to them.

The Orcs had won.

“Bella.” Blank eyes turned to the gasping breath of Legolas, his blue eyes dull as he grasped the gaping wound in his ribs.

“We failed.” She replied near delirious, her fingers slackening on the hilt of the sword. She felt her knees hit the ice as her eyes fell on the battlefield once more, her cousins, her father… her friends… all gone and she was the only one standing. “There is no more hope.”

“There is always hope.” Legolas gasped as he fell to his knees beside her, leaning heavily on her shoulder as the pain began to recede leaving numbness. “I am glad to have you as a friend.”


2 thoughts on “Update part two + Sneak Peek!

  1. really enjoyed the sneak peak for your new story Changing fate. that sound like it will be an awesome story to read. will be here looking forward to reading that one 🙂 happy holidays

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