I’m thinking….

So, it seems it’s been a few days or has it been a week since I updated anything? Besides The Little Things since thats completed already, but as of late I haven’t felt any desire to write, even writing this is hard.

So everyone must be patient with me, please don’t demand updates like some have some. I just have no desire to write a word for anything at the moment, though I have posted a chapter to a Musketeer OS series on my other page but that was a few days ago too I believe.

But either way, there are many things that are needed to be done and RL is a hassle, trying to adult when one does not want to adult, job searching is hard my friends and it sucks the joy right out of you.

I have planned a few things, a few One Shots or Drabbles, especially for Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Superhero Fest if the blasted words will flow from my brain to the page with ease. But there will be awesomeness and god I hope updates…


2 thoughts on “I’m thinking….

  1. Adulting is very difficult at the best of times, I hope things go better for you soon especially on the job front. Take some time to do things which bring joy to you, you deserve to feel happy and not stressed by writing goals or unappreciative readers.

  2. I love you girlie! I know how it feels to lose that drive. Sometimes it takes awhile before it picks up again. I’m glad to know you got something in the bank until you might feel up to it. I love your stories and everything. I love you too! ❤

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