Ramblings of a sleep deprived writer

*scrubs face* Okay for the past week i’ve… not been myself… As some of you might know I suffer from Depression and Insomnia and at the moment I’m going through a pretty harsh low. I’ve been absolutely exhausted this past week, quite literally and mentally. Though the past week’s been hectic with everything it (the bad low) started a month or so ago, maybe more and because of that it is affecting my will to do anything…

Thus why my writing’s been… sporadic and not really updating in my usual sporadic nature.

Just giving you guys a heads up, I may not respond to you if you message me or I may seem aloof and or apathetic to your plights or friendliness as its the main component of my depression at the moment.

It’s sucky I know.

But never fear, hopefully it’ll pass like usual and I’ll be able to write once more.



3 thoughts on “Ramblings of a sleep deprived writer

  1. Oh ducky, I can honestly say I know completely where your coming from. I suffer from the same things myself, and often find it hard to focus to write. Lately I have been drinking Lavender Mint tea and it really helps calm my nerves, which in turn soothes my mood and brings my depression up some. 🙂 It also taste amazing since I have been growing my own lavender and mint, and the mint I grew this year has a taste of chocolate to it ;). I don’t know if the suggestion will help, but I know it has helped me in the past. That and when I am going through these bouts of depression, and can’t write, I just read my favorite authors stories, watch the tv shows, or movies that gave the ideas in the first place. I also find that it often sparks new ideas which makes my mood lift due to the overwhelming excitement of a new idea, and the research it brings lol. Which in turn makes it to where I can then go back to my other stories that I was having issues with to begin with 🙂

    Or I just ignore it all, and play games, read an old fashioned paperback book, watch movies of all sorts, listen to music, do arts and crafts. Just to take a break, and soothe myself. Because we all need to recharge once in awhile, and there is no shame in doing so.

    So take however long you need, ducky. We will wait till you are ready, and reread what you have written while we do so. ;). You are after all worth the wait. Kiss kiss.

  2. It sucks, not being able to go about life as you’d like to.
    Hugs. Hopefully you’ll pull out of this soon and get back to your usual self.
    Need to bend an ear give me a shout…impartial and all that.

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