Dragon Heart Sneak Peek

The next chapter is about 1k in and i feel bad for the delay because I don’t want it to end just yet…

CH 30 – Sneak Peek

Kisenth shook her head and straightened, letting her form go back into the human visage keeping her horns, wings, tail and eyes stay. Reluctantly she let her scales fade to show them she meant no harm. “I am Kisenth Protector of the Weak; I have come to seek refuge while I gain back my strength.”

A middle aged man stepped forward from the others, he too like the Steward was dressed in nightwear but he had armour placed on over top. “You came from Mordor, what was your business there and why should we believe a word you say?”

“Do not speak to her that way.” Bilbo spluttered out, stepping from his hidden spot in Kisenth’s wings.

Kisenth jerked out to grab him. “Bilbo!”

“No Kisenth, I will not stand by while they disrespect you after everything you have done. It is unfair and unkind.” Bilbo huffed before spluttering as he found himself in her embrace, a blush creeping up his neck and cheeks.

“You have been spending too much time with Thorin.” She chuckled before facing the stunned Men before her.

Her smile dropped as she stood taller once more and stared down the man who had questioned her. “Need I say again, I am Kisenth Protector of the Weak, Daughter of Yavanna and wife of Prince Fíli, son of Dís… heir apparent of Erebor.”


3 thoughts on “Dragon Heart Sneak Peek

  1. Oh darling its a small sneak peek, but it whetted my appetite for so much more. I have been all but drooling for more, and I religiously check my e-mail everyday to see if today is the day I would see that you updated 😉 and I admit this little tidbit all but sent me into the stratusfer when I saw it in my in-box lol. So I will probably have a heart attack when you actually do update lmao. But I am looking forward to it 🙂 and I too am not looking forward to your story being done, because I fell in love with Fili and Kisenth from the very beginning. Which is why I quite regularly re-read the story over and over again. 😉

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