Author Update

Okay, so I have been posting a little sporadically as of late due to FAGE and getting ready to publish my first book.

BUT that being said, you guys will have a new Multi story coming up (posting is on the 22nd)! Once this is all over and done with and I’ve got an Update for A Cursed Blessing written then I’ll focus on everything once more!


Cover Reveal Event – If you want to attend click the link!



2 thoughts on “Author Update

  1. Really loved hearing this news, but was very confused about something and wanted to asked before I got to confused about it lol. Maybe it was before I started reading some of your work and I can’t find it on your site 😦 believe me I have looked lol, but what is A Cursed Blessing? Is it a new story? If so Yay, and I can wait for it after the new Multi 😉

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