Author Update

So I haven’t really updated or written anything for about 6-10 days now… I don’t know when that will change as I haven’t really had the desire to write anything at the current time… It’s been one hell of a week, if not month and I just can’t really function at the moment… so yeah theres an update on me.


Author Update

Okay, so I have been posting a little sporadically as of late due to FAGE and getting ready to publish my first book.

BUT that being said, you guys will have a new Multi story coming up (posting is on the 22nd)! Once this is all over and done with and I’ve got an Update for A Cursed Blessing written then I’ll focus on everything once more!


Cover Reveal Event – If you want to attend click the link!


Ramblings of a sleep deprived writer

*scrubs face* Okay for the past week i’ve… not been myself… As some of you might know I suffer from Depression and Insomnia and at the moment I’m going through a pretty harsh low. I’ve been absolutely exhausted this past week, quite literally and mentally. Though the past week’s been hectic with everything it (the bad low) started a month or so ago, maybe more and because of that it is affecting my will to do anything…

Thus why my writing’s been… sporadic and not really updating in my usual sporadic nature.

Just giving you guys a heads up, I may not respond to you if you message me or I may seem aloof and or apathetic to your plights or friendliness as its the main component of my depression at the moment.

It’s sucky I know.

But never fear, hopefully it’ll pass like usual and I’ll be able to write once more.


I’m thinking….

So, it seems it’s been a few days or has it been a week since I updated anything? Besides The Little Things since thats completed already, but as of late I haven’t felt any desire to write, even writing this is hard.

So everyone must be patient with me, please don’t demand updates like some have some. I just have no desire to write a word for anything at the moment, though I have posted a chapter to a Musketeer OS series on my other page but that was a few days ago too I believe.

But either way, there are many things that are needed to be done and RL is a hassle, trying to adult when one does not want to adult, job searching is hard my friends and it sucks the joy right out of you.

I have planned a few things, a few One Shots or Drabbles, especially for Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Superhero Fest if the blasted words will flow from my brain to the page with ease. But there will be awesomeness and god I hope updates…

Author Rambles

Hey my followers! I know it’s been a while since I last updated anything but my original gift exchange story needs to be done first. So that’s what is happening, I’m trying to get this done and nothing will come for Dragon Heard, ACB or anything else until it is done.

But it’s nearly done! So updates soooon!

Holy crap guys!

Holy hell guys!!! Like seriously, I just went and had a look at the Fanatic Fanfics Multifandom Awards and saw the others I’ve been nominated for! Thanks for the nominations guys, cause there are some I wasn’t inspecting.

Favorite Angst Fanfic – Requiem for a Dream
Favorite Crossover Fanfic – Braveheart (LOTR/Twilight)
Favorite Crossover Fanfic – Dragon Heart (LOTR/Twilight)
Favorite Crossover Fanfic – Dreams of Time (Twilight/Vampire Diaries)
Favorite Crossover Fanfic – Gambit’s Siren (Marvel/Twilight)
Favorite Crossover Fanfic – Moirai Mortis (Twilight/Vampire Diaries)
Favorite Crossover Fanfic – Requiem for a Dream (Twilight/Vampire Diaries)
Favorite Crossover Fanfic – Sacrifices of Time (Twilight/Vampire Diaries)
Favorite Crossover Fanfic – The Heart of a Fallen Goddess (LOTR/Twilight)
Favorite Crossover Fanfic – The Unexpected (LOTR/Twilight)
Favorite Crossover Fanfic – When The Past Comes Knocking (Marvel/Twilight)
Favorite One-shot Fanfic – Country Confessions
Favorite Undiscovered Fanfic – Dragon Heart
Favorite Work-In-Progress Fanfic – Another Place, Another Time
Favorite Banner Artist
Favorite Creative Artist
Favorite Versatile Artist
Favorite Veteran Author

Ramblings of a tired Author

Okay, the next two months are going to be busy, so with a sad heart I’ll be writing less for Fanfiction. I’ll try and update in a few weeks but with the Awards and Original Fic and Original Fic Gift Exchange on top of Work I’ll have little time to write fan fiction. *sad face*

Author Says

Hey guys, so I just wanted to tell everyone that Updates will be slow, RL is kicking my ass and I’ve barely had the time to write. When I do find time, it’s been for my original but FEAR NOT I shall begin updates again in Feb when hopefully I don’t have to work every day of the forsaken week!

So, don’t assume I’ve abandoned my work as some people have messaged me about on a few updates because the last I updated was at Christmas. That being said, guys seriously? I’m human too.

The more you harass me about it, the less inclined I feel to deliver. My health and unfortunately Work has to come first.