Ballgowns and Meetings: FFAA July Writing Month 19


Fandom: VA

“I cannot believe you brought me to this thing.” Rose muttered angrily as she picked at the lace on her dress before fixing her mask.

Lissa sighed and cast her friend an annoyed look, she had brought Rose here for one reason, because of Dimitri. She wanted to make it up to Rose for many things and this was her only chance, she didn’t know how she managed to convince everyone with a masquerade party but she did.

“Just shut up and enjoy it, it took me a lot of planning to get this done.” She informed lightly while placing her arm through the waiting one of Christian’s.

“He’s here, he’s upstairs on the balcony.” Christian whispered in Lissa’s ear so Rose wouldn’t here.

“I still hate this.” Rose muttered her reply while scanning the crowed.

“Look, why don’t you go upstairs and just calm down for a bit. Then come back down before midnight.” Lissa instructs before dashing off into the crowd, her form and Christian’s disappearing in the mass of bodies.

With a mutter and a few choice words, Rose hoisted the ball gown up and made her way up to the top floor of the house. With a shake of her head she pushed the doors open and closed them behind her with a heavy thud.

“You lasted longer than I expected.” The voice of Dimitri echoes the room causing Rose to gasp and let her eyes wander. She couldn’t hold back the slight moan as she saw her love standing before her in a fitted suit, his hair down with a gold mask upon his face.

“Dimitri… she…” Rose started only to stop when Dimitri moved forward and place his lips on hers.


Escape for an Adventure: FFAA July Writing Month 3





Escape for an Adventure

The sun began to rise, I could tell by the glowing light in the crack of the boot. We had been smuggled out of St Vladamir’s with the help of Ms Karp, before she vanished out of thin air the next night.

“Lissa, LISSA! We need to move now, sun is rising and I’d rather we keep moving!” I instruct as I shook Lissa awake. She grumbled at me and sighed, nodding as I jumped out of the trunk and looked around making sure we were alone, before letting Lissa out.

I quickly hopped into the car, Lissa following suit before taking off in a random direction.

“Where are we going?” She asked me causing me to shrug. “So an adventure then?” She asked smiling.

“Yeah, an adventure.” I laugh out before cranking the radio up.