Chapter 1

Title: Calming Tones
Pairing: Hawkeye/Bella
Summary: she’s the daughter of Bruce. But he thought she died with her mother only to be in the confines of General Ross for experiments. Escaping the year before the avengers assembled and had been looking for Bruce since

Author Note: Damn another one!


3rd POV

Pepper hummed as she held the mail under her arms, sipping coffee in one hand and carrying another in the other, she was on her way down to the lab to deliver the mail and well to see how much of the lab was left.

It wasn’t the fact she didn’t trust Doctor Banner, she didn’t trust her Tony to provoke the green monster to come out of his human skin.

“Pep! Oh good, you brought coffee!” Tony hums, stealing her mug of coffee from her hands before. She sighed before placing the manila envelope in front of Doctor Banner whom only shook his head at Tony.

Bruce raised how brows slightly as he saw his name on the letter. He very, very rarely got mail. Never any that he wasn’t expecting, he hadn’t gotten any letters since… since… since Betty and his Isa.

“How odd, I wonder who it is from.” He hums as he ripped it open. His hands froze as dread pooled in his stomach when the all too familiar logo appeared at the top. General Ross had sent him this, this letter and… his eyes scanned the pages, taking in the data before him confused.

Why would he send me reports of the experiments he did on me? He thought but dread pooled up more as he read, his heart rate rising as his eyes scanned the page alerting Tony and Pepper as his monitor beeped fast and faster.

Operation GreenTyke

Date Started: 7th June.

Supervisor: General Ross   –   Doctor Cullen

Notes: As she grows the gene that had been passed down from her father grows. When she loses her temper she changes. IT is marvellous to watch, the little girl; the beast destroys everything around her.

Image after image of his little girl in a room much like he was contained in. Her skin pale green as she had a table above her head, mouth open in a scream.

Age Sixteen: She grows frail that it has begun to worry me but General Ross is not concerned, he didn’t care for the monster no matter her rebalance to her mother. The Father’s genes he had passed down eat away at her own, making her weak unlike him. Still unknown on why.

Bruce breathed in sharply as he saw his daughter, a woman now chained by her wrists and hung from the wall. He knew it was her even if her hair covered her face, he knew like every father and mother knew their child.

Age Eighteen: She no longer moves, no longer cares. I could see her rage, she was controlling the monster inside her. It was all a show. She had broken from her room and changed, her eyes calculating as she tore through the personal. She was heartless tearing them from limb to limb, the bullets unable to penetrate her flesh unlike her early years.

Bile rose in his throat as he looked down at the last image, a body burnt and mangled. The red lettering across the picture knew… he knew…

“NO!” He snarled out, his skin rippling green hands aching as he shoved himself away from Tony and Pepper as the Hulk roared in fury over what he had seen. The hulk had lost his daughter, the only person in the world that could calm his rage.

Tony and Pepper watched horrified, the armour building around him so he was ready to attack or defend if needed. They didn’t know what had set him off, banner had great self-control and Tony knew it had to be something terrible the way with each flipped page of the paper the beeping warning of Banner’s heart went up.

The Hulk roared as he broke free, his hands smashing the walls around him, making sure to not hurt the flying man and the woman. They were no threat, they made no move as he roared towards them in warning like the other green men who attacked. He wasn’t going to stand by and let that monster who tried to kill him live when he had done so wrong… so much wrong to daughter.

He roared again before smashing through the wall and dropping to the ground, people screaming as he began to ran. He needed find man, needed man to pay for hurt of hulk.

Tony flew out after him ordering Jarvis to alert the others as he did so. Yet Pepper stayed behind, her hand shakily reaching for the papers and began to flick through them. Her hand flew to her mouth as she read, horrified and disgusted by what she saw.

“What seems to be the matter Miss Potts?” Jarvis asks causing Pepper to shake her head as she picked up the image that had set the Hulk free. He hands shaking as she dropped the image in horror before throwing up what was in her stomach.

Bright red lettering ran across the image.


Oh Bruce,” She whispers, her eyes pooling with tears before practically flying to the holo screen and called Tony, waiting only seconds before his face showed up on it.

“Do you know what set him off?” He asked causing her to nod.

“Did… Did you know he had a daughter?” She asked causing Tony’s eyes to tighten.

“Yes, she had died with her mother when the other hulk and our green rage monster had a fight years ago.” He hummed causing her to shaker her head.

“No tony! General Ros took her in the carnage and ran experiments on her when she showed signs of the gene. The paper he got was from him, it had… Oh god Tony! He had that poor girl until last year! He sent Bruce an image of her body with the lettering TERMINATED across the image! Tony, Ross killed Bruce’s daughter and rubbed it in his face.” She all but screamed out causing Iron Man to falter in his flight.

There weren’t many things Iron Man –well Tony- was afraid of. He was afraid of dying, afraid of losing Pepper and space. But this, this was a new thing as he watched the hulk smash through buildings that happened to be in his way. To lose a daughter and assuming it was your fault was one thing, but it was another to have the fact she was alive all along and now died without being able to rescue said daughter… The hulk was in a rage and it terrified him, terrified him because there was no way to stop him. No way to stop The Hulk and to reason with Banner.

And Tony wasn’t sure if he wanted to.


Author Note: Well! What do you think?


27 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. I seriously love all your stories!!!!
    this chapter was amazing!!!!
    I’ m sp sad for Bruce, poir Hulk finding out about his daughters death this way!!!
    I can’ t wait for more!!!!
    Love Lori

  2. OMG what an amazing start you have me hooked and on the edge wanting to know what will happen next!!! 😀 I can’t wait to read more Please Please Please update soon

  3. I loved it and can’t wait for more…Poor Bruce…I think Tony is right. I don’t think anyone can stop him now and I’m with Tony when he said. He didn’t think he wanted to stop him…great beginning hon…thanks, huggs.

  4. Are you ever going to continue this story. There are a bunch of comments for the ch asking you to update- all the way back to 2014. So with that out here, i’m not getting my hopes up no matter how good the ch is. Good luck though. And sorry if you have major good reasons to have stopped, i just felt the need for it to be out there.

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