Chapter Eight

Title: When the Past Comes Knocking
Penname: TheDarkestFallingStar
In a time of war three sides look for the mighty Siren Wolf of mutant lore. But Isa hasn’t been the same since she had lost her mate… so when she find out he is alive, she couldn’t help but go to him. Except; he doesn’t remember who she is.

Author Note: Here is another chapter for you all.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything x-men or twilight related!

Chapter Eight

Logan sat back with a frown as he watched Marie laugh freely as she and Bobby skated across the frozen water fountain. He was glad for her, very happy in fact that she could freely be herself without carrying that fear around, but he couldn’t take his mind off the woman who had helped her.

She was stunning and he knew he had never seen her before, yet deep down in the very depths of his core he knew he did indeed know her. That’s what confused him the most, that and the look of utter anguish he saw on her face as she gazed at him. He also knew that Chuckles and Storm knew something, something serious that involved him and he even suspected that Marie did too.

I love you James Howlett, forever and always…

Logan shook his head at the woman’s voice echoing in his head, it sounded like it was being said through thick glass or underwater. He tried to think, tried to pull up memories of his past but could only pull up the murky images and blank spots.

“You okay Logan?” Marie asks as she comes to a stop before him, her eyes flickering to his hands in concern. His claws weren’t out but he was grasping the bench so hard that he left behind his handprint.

“I don’t know Marie, I don’t know.” He grunts while shaking his head clear of the past, now wasn’t the time.

Rogue frowned slightly at the confusion on his face, the frown was usual but it was somehow different. “Is this about that woman? Isabella?”

Logan stiffened before nodding slowly, leaning back while grabbing another beer. He really needed something stronger but that would have to wait for now.

Rogue sighs softly before sitting down next to him; they sat in silence, he drinking his beer thinking of the woman and Rogue staring at her bare skin while remembering the pain and the images she had received from Isabella. She couldn’t believe that Logan was married; she couldn’t imagine what the woman was going through either.

“I know you’re not telling me something kid.” Logan mutters softly, jolting Rogue out from her thoughts.

“I can’t tell you, she asked me not to… After what she did for me, I don’t feel right sharing it.” She whispers, hoping he would understand.

Logan sighed and reluctantly nodded, he knew Marie was as loyal as they come once you earned it. After all she had stuck by all his fuck ups since he saved her life, and he knew he wouldn’t get what it was from her without that woman’s permission. It was a trait he admired the most about the kid, keeping her word.

“I wonder how Chuckles found her…” He ponders while pulling out his cigar and lighting it. This was another thing that bothered him, there were other kids that would probably kill for the opportunity like Marie and yet the woman only helped her. Was it intentional, or was it something else?

Rogue frowns before standing up; she couldn’t tell him that the woman was here for him and not under request. She wanders, deep in thought, still marvelling at the chill she got from the afternoon breeze; she wasn’t used to it after all. It wasn’t just that, it was the echo of the woman’s pain that bothered her mostly, that kept her up late some nights as she remembered it.

“May I help you Rouge?” Xavier asks as she came to a stop in front of his room.

Rouge jumps her hand flying to her beating heart to calm it down as the Professors voice startles her. “OH!”

“Sorry for startling you, what troubles your thoughts?” He asks, gesturing for her to take a seat.

Rouge cast a look down the hall before entering the room and closing the door, her heart heavy as the woman and Logan cross her mind. “Is what she said true? Is she really his wife?”

Charles sighs sadly at the question and nods. “Yes, she is speaking the truth. You know about his accident and to why he doesn’t remember do you not?”

“Yes, he was shot in the head by the man who made him what he is, with what his bones are made out of.” She replies, giving the short version. She knew all about it though, Logan having told her on their way to the academy that first time before everything happened. “Can’t we just tell him?”

“They were married before that incident, we are unsure and even she it… but Rouge, she was under the impression that he had died, she had seen him die and held him in his death. All these years she has thought him to be dead and now…” He trails off.

Rouge’s heart clenches. “Now he doesn’t remember her at all does he? She knows this… If I was her, I would rather still believe my love was to be dead then to be a live and not remember the days of their love.” She mutters out sad, the memory of the woman – Isabella’s – pain floating across her mind.

Charles just nods, “indeed. He cannot know Rouge, he needs to remember on his own or he would never believe it. Hopefully he will; no one should suffer that much pain, even now. Now, you better hurry and get on to class.” He states, his eyes flickering towards the clock on the wall. He could also sense Logan making his way towards them and he would be able to hear.

With a frown she nods and opens the door, her eyes flickering towards Logan as he made his way around the corner. “Thanks for the help Professor.” She states over her shoulder before closing the door behind her.

Logan narrows his eyes slightly as he saw Marie walk out of Chuckles’s room. Her eyes flickering to his nervously before making her way towards he next class. It raised suspicion and Logan swore to find out what was going on.

“Logan.” Jean greets, her voice husky causing Logan to pause and frown. Something within him now screamed wrong when he thought of her, thought of chasing her once again.

“Jean.” He grunts, stopping reluctantly.

“I was wondering if you were free later, maybe we could go and get dinner?” She asks, running her hands down his chest, stopping when he pushed them away.

“No thanks Jean.” He mutters confused before leaving, dying for another drink. Something seemed to change within him ever since that woman – Isabella – paid a visit and he will get to the bottom of it.

Author Note: I haven’t been having a good time in life right now, things have happened and well I don’t know if I can write without the angst and bitterness getting in the way so things and updates might be slower than normal.

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  1. The poor couple…I feel so sad for them. I hope Logan seeks her out…this is another great story hon, I’m enjoying reading all that I can…I can’t wait to read more of this one…thanks, huggs.

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