Chapter Eleven

Title: When the Past Comes Knocking
Penname: TheDarkestFallingStar
In a time of war three sides look for the mighty Siren Wolf of mutant lore. But Isa hasn’t been the same since she had lost her mate… so when she find out he is alive, she couldn’t help but go to him. Except; he doesn’t remember who she is.

Author Note: Here is another chapter for you all.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything x-men or twilight related!

Chapter Eleven

Logan frowned as he found himself upon the mountaintops, cool breeze swirling around him softly as he stared at the woman in front of the house before him. He recognized the woman as the same one who’s been on his mind since she left.

“You’re late Mister.” She scolded, causing confusion to sweep through him.

“Late? For what?” He asked cautiously.

Isabella chuckled, as if she didn’t hear him. “You were supposed to be here an hour ago, come.”

Logan stiffened as the woman jumped on his back and covered his eyes. Suddenly he felt himself jerk and watched him and the woman walk forward around to the side. He was even more confused now as he dreamt of himself as a third point of view.

“Where are we going darlin’?” His dreamlike-self chuckled.

He watched as the woman and he began to blur before suddenly he was in the back garden, flowers and candles littered the ground and in the middle was a picnic.

“Surprise! Happy Birthday James!” The woman cheered happily, lifting her hands up to let him see.

“I can’t believe I forgot; now this is a perfect ending… I love you Isabella.”

He shot up with a jolt before grasping his head in pain. His pain and words from his dream – memory – burned in his mind as other memories… oh god, memories… The blurry images, some he could see and some he could not burned into his head painfully.

He could remember his war days, Victor his brother before he became corrupted… he could… almost remember her… His hand shot out, claws stopping millimetres before the throat of whomever was in his room and with a deep breath he could smell Jasmine and Roses, Jean.


“Why are you here Jean?” He grunted out, lowering his hand and retracting his claws. Jean frowned before masking her face in a seductive leer while sitting on the edge of Logan’s bed, the sheer red baby doll opening slightly to expose the soft flesh of her stomach.

“I wanted to see you…” She pouted, trailing her hand up his arm. “I’ve been trying to get your attention since that woman left.” She finished, spitting the word woman out.

Logan’s eyes snapped open, landing on Jean’s chest. It was the first thing he saw, due to her sitting basically in his lap. He instantly jerked her arm off, lifting his eyes to meet hers. It shocked him to the core as he stared at her ‘seductive’ face; he honestly couldn’t remember why he found her so attractive. Even now, all she seemed to be was desperate. Her and Scott were no longer together, actually that was due to him too. He didn’t like it when women tended to cheat on their men right under their noses and he honestly told the truth for once. This wasn’t much like him at all, because he didn’t give a flying fuck before the woman Isabella came.

Things blew out of proportion of course and Chuckle’s office had to be redecorated from well… their redecorating but he saw the truth when Charles pointed it out AND showed him. Scott and Jean didn’t last for more than two days after that when he saw her flirt with Logan in the hall.

“What are you doing Jean? This aint you.” He grunted out, shoving her off of him and to the floor. It wasn’t right; his body screamed that she was the wrong woman.

“WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?” She screamed in outrage, objects lifting into the air in her wrath. “I’ve been throwing myself at you now that I am free, just like you wanted and now you don’t want me?” She snarled her hair whipping around her.


The door burst open, Scott and Storm bursting in with the others behind them. Logan watched as Jean lost herself finally to her power, her eyes darkening, veins growing as everything around her exploded.

“You will rue the day you turned me down Logan.” She snarled once more, her eyes flickering over the others. “You are all petty, for a year I have been here and seen each of your weakness. You disgust me as mutant.” She snapped once again, the others crying out as she slammed them all into the wall.

“Jean what are you doing?” Charles demanded as he wheeled himself forward, ignoring the pain he got when he tried to push into her mind.

Cocking her head, Jean smirked. “Nice try Professor, but you cannot get into my mind without me wanting you too.” She chuckled darkly, before throwing him down the hall with a flick of her wrist.

All watched as Jean floated down the hall, hands twisting slowly back and forth to keep her up while she destroyed everything in her path and hurt those that tried to stop her. She will show them all the true power of The Phoenix if it’s that last thing she ever did, she will weed out those who were not strong enough and painfully.

Rouge raced towards the professor with Bobby, pressing her hands to his shoulders slightly to hold him down as her eyes landed on the wood digging into his side. “You need to stay still. Someone get Hank!”

“Peter went to get him with Kitty.” Storm rushed out quickly as she ripped off her nightgown and pressed it to the wound, trying not to jostle the shard.

Xavier grasped Storms wrist with a gasp, his eyes wide and full of horror. “She’s lost to us. A war is coming, one bigger than the current… Only one can stop her… Siren Wolf…” He grasped out before closing his eyes and passing out from the pain.

Storm frowned convened, worried, before stepping back as Peter, Hank and Kitty rushed forward with a stretcher. When they quickly removed Xavier, her eyes flickered to Scott’s.

“I knew something was wrong with her but I ignored it. That was my mistake and now look. I should have said something to Professor.” Scott hissed outraged, at himself and at Jean.

“It’s not your fault, Scott.” She tried to soothe.

Scott just shook his head before frowning, “did he really utter Siren Wolf? The legend? He must have been delirious if he thinks that Siren Wolf is real let alone still alive.”

Storm sighed before glancing around, cringing as everyone stared at her. The children knew all the tales, folklore in the mutant community but the elder ones knew the true horror stories.

“Everyone needs to know that… Jean Grey is now a threat, the only person who could stop her is Siren Wolf… In fact…” She paused, her eyes flickering to those who were in the danger room the day she came. “Some of you have already met her.”

Storm left quickly after that, she wouldn’t tell outright but she would give enough for them to guess. She won’t tell them, she would leave it up to the professor to explain, especially since he would have to explain to Logan how he knows the legend.

Author Note: Mwahahahaha.

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9 thoughts on “Chapter Eleven

  1. he’s remembering! he’s remembering! so giddy! Logan deserves real love. Isabella’s love. not the bi-polar, psychotic Jean’s. i am now just imagining a sweet and passionate reunion. *swoon*
    can’t wait for the next chapter! 😀

  2. Im so happy he is starting remember!! Jean against her well we know who is gonna lose lol. Cannot wait till that fight but first i am more anxious for the one between the cullens and bella. Also for logan to fully remember her and go find her.

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