Chapter Fourteen

Title: When the Past Comes Knocking
Penname: TheDarkestFallingStar
Summary: In a time of war three sides look for the mighty Siren Wolf of mutant lore. But Isa hasn’t been the same since she had lost her mate… so when she find out he is alive, she couldn’t help but go to him. Except; he doesn’t remember who she is.

Author Note: I know, I know it’s been like four months since I updated this, but fuck… I’ve been captured by the Hobbit fandom! It has me chained in the Land of Arda!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything x-men or twilight related!

Third POV

The cafeteria was silent as Logan stumbled back and fell heavily into the chair causing it to groan under his weight.

Remy just buried his head into hands and let out a very uncharacteristic sob as the weight of what he just did hit him. He hadn’t even known her secret for that long and he swore not to tell. But he just did that, he told a room full of people.

“Why didn’t she tell me?” Logan asked suddenly as he wracked through his muddy memories and found no answer. “Why not before, why not when she came here?”

“Because she wasn’t Siren Wolf with you.” Charlie replied as he walked into the cafeteria with Storm. “She loves you and she feared of you knew, you would fear her… hate her.”

Logan frowned; he understood that answer and reasoning all too well. “Why not tell me when she came? Why did she help Marie?”

“She came to see you Logan, but you didn’t remember her and she didn’t want to force the memories on you. She’s not that type of person.” Storm informed before sighing, remembering the broken look upon Siren Wolfs face. “She saw you thought of Rogue like a daughter so she did the next best thing, she helped her to make you both happy.”

“Why tell me now then?” He asked, staring intently at Remy.

Charlie moved to the kids side and crouched, a sad sigh escaping his lips as he pulled Gambit’s hands from his face and stared took in the red rimmed eyes. “She’ll forgive you.”

“No, I don’t think Cher will. What I did was inexcusable; I broke her trust de second I told him… Them.” He explained, gesturing to the others.

Charlie sighed and smacks Gambit in the back of his head. “They’re going to know anyway if she’s going to help take out the enemy.”

“I still don’t know if she will though.” Remy replied with a frown. “There’s just too much with de coven killing Angela, to de Cullen’s wanting us.”

“Wait, Cullen’s?” Storm interrupted suddenly, a frown pulling at her brows.

Charlie cast her a look. “Have you heard of them?”

“A long time ago, when I was a little girl. They tried to take me and a few others from my hometown. They succeeded by taking one girl, she was a mutant too with the ability to draw you in.” She explained.

“Dey’re vampires, a coven who moves from small town to small town changing and killing mutants for their own gain or that of their rulers. Dey know I be an Alpha level mutant and dey think Cher be one too.” Remy sighed out as he got to his feet, sparing a sharp glance at Logan who left indentations as he gripped the table tightly.

“Will she come if you ask her?” Storm asked softly after a pregnant pause

Charlie shook his head. “No, she won’t. She’ll kill The Phoenix without hesitation if she gets worse but at the cost of her own sanity. Isa came to me when she killed a teenager in her sleep. He came to capture her, he was one of Magneto’s and it just broke her inside a little.” Charlie explained as he ran his hand through his hair, ignoring the sudden sharp inhales of surprise. “Isabella doesn’t like killing children and all who know of Siren Wolf, know that if you kill a child you won’t live to see morning.”

“What if I ask her?” Logan uttered, causing all to look his way. “What if I ask her to come?”

Remy and Charlie share a look, “it might work. But, she still thinks you don’t remember her.”

“Then I’ll make her believe me.” He grunted out before standing.

Charlie frowned at Logan. “What are you going to do?”

“Well I figured I’d walk right on up to the front door and knock.” Wolverine said over his shoulder as he made his way out of the cafeteria and towards the garage.

“Logan wait, it’s a long way from here to Forks. You’ll need to take the jet.” Storm yelled as she, Charlie and Gambit rushed after him. Rouge, Bobby, Kurt and Kitty stepped out from behind some of the new drywall pieces and stared Logan down.

“We’re comin’ with ya.” Rouge drawled out, leaving no room for an argument. “She helped me a real lot with my powers and I’d like to return the favour.”

Logan sighed and hunched his shoulders knowing better than to argue with Marie when she had that no-nonsense tone. The kid was just too damn stubborn. “Alright, what about the others?”

This time it was Storm and Charlie sharing a look. “Charles is calling in Magneto.”

“Right then, best be gone then.” He grunted displeased before changing his direction and making his way down to the jet.

Bella stared at the wall in front of her before cocking her head to the side as she heard something odd but brushed it off as nothing, a trick of the silence. With a deep sigh she rested her head on her knees and let her mind drift towards her James, a time of peace before it was cruelly ripped from her.

She missed her James, her life before all this agony and she was glad that the bastard who caused this was dead. Pity she wasn’t able to kill him herself.

The sound of gravel crunching under feet caused her head to shoot up and stared at the spot where the front steps were. She knew it wasn’t a Cullen as they had a habit of sneaking around her house and whispering. They must be here for Charlie… She thought before getting up and making her way up the stairs as three loud slightly hesitant knocks filled the air.

“Coming, coming.” She muttered before swinging the door open and blinking, she felt as if she was suddenly thrown into the past. There before her was her James, her husband who had forgotten her and he was staring at her with the same shining eyes and a soft sad smile.

Logan just stared at the woman who was his wife with sad eyes. “Hey there Darlin’.”

Author Note: WHAT DID I DO!?


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