Chapter Nine

Title: When the Past Comes Knocking
Penname: TheDarkestFallingStar
In a time of war three sides look for the mighty Siren Wolf of mutant lore. But Isa hasn’t been the same since she had lost her mate… so when she find out he is alive, she couldn’t help but go to him. Except; he doesn’t remember who she is.

Author Note: Here is another chapter for you all.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything x-men or twilight related!

Chapter Nine

Third POV

Bella sat in the middle of her room, surrounded by the destruction she caused in her agonized haze. It had been a week since she saw her James, since her heart shattered all over again at the fact he couldn’t remember her.

Poor Remy, he had suffered painfully due to her grief before she was able to calm down and heal him. The room lay silent, only the softest of breaths and thump of Isabella’s heart broke it. Though on the outside it may seem silent, on the inside it was a warzone.

The moment she and Remy got home was on the forefront of her mind, Remy’s fear filled eyes. That and the illusion she had placed upon everyone for ‘work’, but only that was a small fraction.

Few days earlier…

Isa screamed in agony as she felt her body collide with the floor of her room, her hands grasping her chest as she screamed and screamed.

Remy dove out of the way, shielding his face from the swirling mass of items, grunting when the lamp shattered against the side of his head.

“What happened?” Charlie yelled from the steps, barely dodging the flying books as he looked at Remy.

“Cher’s love is still alive! He cannot remember!” Was all Remy had to say for Shadow Chief to understand.

Isabella screamed louder, her body flickering between her Siren Wolf and normal form, flames licking up her body as he ground began to shake. Charlie grasped the railing with all his might as he tried not to fall down the stairs from the quake, while Remy prayed to the gods above for his friend to snap out of it.

“Mon dieu, please forgive me mon cher.” Remy whispered before hoisting himself up from the floor, battling against the violent winds. His body jerked with each hit it took, but he never let out a cry of pain as he pushed onwards, even when he felt something stab him.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Charlie yelled as he watched the foolish man push onwards on unsteady legs.

Remy cast a look back upon Shadow Chief, his eyes glowing red as he swung his arms out, his power spreading through the air before a loud crack filled the room, sending the swirling mass of object to crash against the wall and fall, thankfully staying put. At the opening Remy threw himself forward, his arms circling around Isabella as he cried out when the flames curled around his arms and half his face.

“Shhh Chere, I got you… shhhh.” He soothed, bringing the woman he cared most about to the ground. He couldn’t lose her; she was all he had left in the world. She was his sister through and through and it pained him to see her this way. “Dere you go cher, dat’s it, Remy’s here.”

Charlie stayed silent, his eyes drinking in the scene before him in wonderment and shock. He had never seen his friend, his mentor be this discomposed and he had never seen someone calm her down quickly. He cast a look around the room sadly, it was destroyed, and paint peeling from the wall as some of the broken items were imbedded in it. He knew she would regret destroying her mementos, of causing such destruction and causing the man before him and he harm. But, he also knew that she was thankful that she didn’t destroy the city in her rage.

“I don’t want to leave you alone with her like this, but I need to go and check the town, that was a mighty big quake she caused.” Charlie sighed sadly, scratching the back of his neck.

Gambit lifted his head and nodded. “Go, den you can tell her dat all is well. Make sure she didn’t kill anyone in her grief, I’ll be okay Shadow Chief.”

Charlie cast a long look before sighing, he had a point. “You’re right kid, I’ll double check. If you need me just call my cell, it’ll be on the fridge near the phone. She ain’t gonna like the fact she hurt you, you obviously mean something to her.”

“She’s like my sister, go quickly.” He urged before pulling Isa’s sobbing form closer to him. HE shifted slightly trying to get comfortable and tried to assess his injuries, he knew he had a broken rib and a few cuts but he wasn’t too sure at the moment what else, his whole body screamed in pain.

Isa didn’t move from his arms, her cries slowly dying off as she passed out into a dead sleep and yet Gambit refused to move from his spot. He owed her much, after all his life was saved because of her and well she had stayed with him after that nightmare, held him while he broke down after the mass execution. Soon, even he drifted off into a pain filled sleep.

“Remy?” At the confused horrified whisper of Isa, his eyes shot open before he groaned, hand flying to his right side as he jostled his ribs. “Oh god, what did I do?”

Isa stared in horror at her friend as she fell backwards and scrambled away from him, she could feel her shirt sticking to her where a pool of blood rested for a long amount of time and as she looked down at her hands it took all her strength not to throw up at the sight of the crimson that stained her hands.

“Cher it is okay.” Remy grunted, shifting slightly to get some feeling back in his legs.

It wasn’t okay, to Isa it wasn’t okay. Her eyes scanned the room before locking back onto Remy in horror, she could see each cut and bruise on his body caused by her, and oh god… he even had a piece of wood jabbing out from his thigh. This was far from okay, and each wound she tallied up in her ledger.

“It’s not okay!” She hissed horrified before scrambling forward and laying her hand on the exposed flesh, pushing her healing ability into him for a brief second to heal his wounds. “Oh god! I am so sorry!” She cried out as she sensed the internal wounds too before teleporting him home once his wounds were fully healed.


Once he was gone and safe away from her Isa sealed herself inside her room and hadn’t left since. She couldn’t face the world at the moment, couldn’t face Charlie or Remy both and as she cast her projection out on the world she could see the damage her loss of control caused.

“Bella. Bella, I need you to snap out of it. I left you alone for a week now but I need you, Gambit needs you. There are rouge vampires in town and we have already lost three people, please.” Charlie begged as he came to a stop at the edge of the stairs where Isabella’s shield stopped.

When there was no response Charlie sighed, dragging his hand through his hair tiredly. He had been up for three days tracking the vampires with Gambit and had no such luck beyond footprints leading away from the town. The wolves on the reservation had no luck catching them either as the rouges stayed just on the other side of the boarder.

So with the last hope of desperation he uttered the four words he knew would snap her out of it. “They killed Angela Webber.”

Something snapped, Isa’s eyes shot to Charlie as fire sparked deep within her orbs. One thing that Isa hated the most was when children were hurt and in the eyes of the law, Angela was still a child.

“When, how?” She asked her voice rough from misuse.

“This morning, one of the rangers found her body mutilated and drained in the forest near her home.” He explained and watched as Isa stood her body stiff as she strode out the room heat radiating off her in waves.

“I will get them; they will suffer the same fate before they feel my flames.” She promised darkly before disappearing out the door and into the forest, her body alight in flames.

Author Note: This chapter is for Harleen of course 😛 Mwahahaha

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6 thoughts on “Chapter Nine

  1. i hope Wolverine seeks her out soon. i don’t think Forks can handle much of Isa’s grief. but for the meantime, she could use the rogue vampires for therapy. just some good ‘ol tension release.
    great chapter. 🙂

  2. Awesome as always. I hope Bella finds that vampire that caused Angela’s death…Bella seemed pretty upset…great update hon, can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs

  3. Holy s***. Poor Angie and Wolvie needs to the F*** wake up and find her soon. And I just love Gambit! The bond between him and Bella just amazing! And thank you for the chapter loved it. *smooches*

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