Chapter Nineteen

Title: When the Past Comes Knocking

Penname: TheDarkestFallingStar
Summary: In a time of war three sides look for the mighty Siren Wolf of mutant lore. But Isa hasn’t been the same since she had lost her mate… so when she find out he is alive, she couldn’t help but go to him. Except; he doesn’t remember who she is.

Author Note: Well… sorry?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything x-men or twilight related!

Third POV

No one had left, unable to tear their gazes away from the flickering still body on the bed. Hours had passed and the sun had risen only to begin to set once more when there was some change to Isa’s condition. Around mid-morning her form began to flicker between Siren Wolf’s and her own before settling down, not it just looked like an overlay rested over her.

Remy and Charlie had stood together giving one another deep fleeting looks of worry when the time kept passing them by. They had never seen their friend, sister, mother this particular way before and it worried them.

Had they already lost her?

Is she stuck?

Is she unable to coexist with Siren Wolf?

…will it be Siren Wolf who returns?

They were the thoughts that ran through their minds, unable to be voiced in fear that they would come true.

“You are worried.” Charles stated from his bed next to them. “Yes, I can see why you would be.”

Logan snapped his eyes up to the Professor and then to the Crazy Cajun and the other. “What is he talking about? What aren’t you saying Gumbo? Should we be worried?”

“Dere be many reasons to be worried. Cher hasn’t woken yet and de Shadow Chief an’ I are worried yes, we have seen Isa fight with de beast inside before but dis be different.” He began to explain, never taking his eyes away from the Wolverines. “We are worried she be lost to us.”

“Not only that, we are worried that it won’t be Isabella returning to us but Siren Wolf. If that is the case then the only person who will be safe in this room is James, as he is her mate.” Charlie continued on undeterred of the glower directed at them. “I don’t think you all realised that there is no hiding from her, she can negate our powers with a simple look or see through them. I can never hide from her, I can shadow myself in this room and she will see me where you would not.”

His mind flickered to the young boy who could ‘cure’ them. Even his blood couldn’t stop Siren Wolf’s powers, she had tried of course she did. It didn’t work obviously but she had tried.

“The boy who could ‘cure’ us?” Charles asked curiously.

“He be safe and with a loving family.” Remy replied instantly. “She took his gift under his request, killed de people who captured him and found him a home.”

Charles sighed harshly. “They’re lucky they didn’t get farther than they did, even if some are furious about it.”

Nothing was said after that, both unwilling to ask and to explain further. Now was not the time to bicker, not when Isa could be close to waking or if she could hear them. Any sign of violence or tension could set her off and no one wanted to do that in fear of being hurt. Oh some, those that knew her weren’t afraid of that, just what would happen if Isabella returned as the controlling factor.

If it was anything like Remy being hurt then… well…

When the sun began to set once more Isabella’s eyes shot open while her body jerking up with a gasp. Everyone jerked back as heat rolled off of her body in a wave, scorching or melting anything it touched. A continuous rumble escaped from her lips as she panted, it seemed to vibrate in everyone’s chests as they waited for what was to come next.

Logan did not move from his spot, his hand going out to gently touch his wife’s own, not even flinching when his skin burned for a few seconds until it healed. “Darlin’?”

Black eyes locked onto his own brown and before anyone could jolt or stop her Isa jerked her hand forward and pulled him close. A sound of surprise escaped his lips as soft lips pressed firmly on his own, his body stiffening and relaxing in a blink of an eye as he realised what was happening, his free hand coming up to curl in her hair as he deepened the kiss.

It was hurried, all teeth and tongue, a passionate dance that was unexpected but not unwanted.

A growl burst out of their chests at being reunited once more, their beasts purring in delight and contentment.

“Uh, Cher?” Remy piped up, clearing his throat to gain their attention and steeled himself for the impact of something only to be surprised as She tore herself away from her mate and smiled. It was not Isa that stared back, or Siren Wolf but the blend of both.

“You do not need to be worried Cub.” Siren purred with a toothy smile. “We have blended as one.”

“…how?” He asked, pushing off from the wall he moved back into and closer to his sister.

“You know my rules Cub; Isabella had given me a deal. For my freedom and the merging of us both we shall take down the Omega and she will allow me to deal with any issue in the future. In return I let her live in peace, it was a good deal so I took it.” Siren Wolf explained before purring as Logan ran his hand down from her neck to her hip.

Charlie frowned and moved to stand next to Remy; his eyes flicking from the hand on Isa’s waist to her face and back. “So what is the plan then Siren Wolf? Where do the rest of us come in?”

“The Omega is mine, it will be me who deals with her and the rest of you deal with whomever she has gathered.” To this her eyes flicker to the other two across from them who sat pale and huddled in their own beds. “She has gathered the Brotherhood.”

“Impossible, they are under my command.” Magneto snapped back in disbelief.

Isa snorted. “I hate to tell you Erik but your men aren’t as loyal as you hoped. They follow the strongest and right now that’s her.”

Logan shifted as he saw her desire to get up and helped her to her feet, keeping her close to him as he soaked in her warmth. He didn’t understand why now he was acting this way, protective and yearning but since she had pulled him down into a kiss, no… since she had come back into his life something had settled in his chest.

A sense of completeness. He didn’t know how long he had felt so hollow and incomplete until now as he eyes his wife and then to those he considered family. He went from a man having nothing but the clothes on his back and his bike to the richest man in the room, for there was nothing more enriching than family to him.

And he will kill anyone who dared to take it from him again.

Author Note: Uh.. yeah… Sorry? 


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