Chapter Seven

Title: When the Past Comes Knocking
Penname: TheDarkestFallingStar
In a time of war three sides look for the mighty Siren Wolf of mutant lore. But Isa hasn’t been the same since she had lost her mate… so when she find out he is alive, she couldn’t help but go to him. Except; he doesn’t remember who she is.

Author Note: Here is another chapter for you all.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything x-men or twilight related!

Chapter Seven

Third POV

After the initial shock and promises that they would not peruse Isabella to fight in the war, they were able to finally make their way down to the others.

Isabella couldn’t help but soak up the powers of the younger kids as she passed them in the hall, she didn’t wish for all the power in the world but you never knew when that specific talent was needed. She could sense Gambit close to her, hear the soft click of his staff as he walked and she couldn’t help but be thankful to have him as a friend.

Remy was a hard man to gain his trust but once you did, you had a loyal and devoted friend for life. Though she regrated that she couldn’t save him from the tortures of being experimented on but she was happy to have a friend that would not age like the others. She had lost many people to old age or wars, many friends and family alike. Each death tearing a little bit of her heart away, leaving her hollow and constantly mourning for them, never to let go but at least with her she can carry on their memory.

“He is in the Danger Room with his class; you can observe them till they are done.” Charles states softly as he gestured for Ms Howlett to enter the observation room. He had to admire her strength to carry on after what she assumed was the loss of her mate, even now standing here where he knew she didn’t want to be to face her husband once more; a man who no longer remembers her.

“Thank you.” Isabella whispers before stepping into the room and to the windows, her eyes immediately drawn to her husband. He was battling robots, his back pressed up against a man covered in metal. She admired him for a few seconds before glancing at the claws, metal, no longer where they bone.


“He has Adamantium bonded to his skeleton; he was experimented on when they took him.” Charles explains as he sees her eyes locked onto the claws.

“Who did this to him?” She hisses, fists clenching.

Remy seeing her fists clenched placed his hand on her shoulder, “he’s dead. Logan killed him a few years back, calm cher.”

Bella took a few deep breaths before nodding sharply before watching the others around them, her eyes skimming as she watched them fight. James had taught them well, she knew he was the one to do it as several of the boys used moves he had taught her.

She pushed through his head, her mind scanning his for any sign of her and when she found nothing but blank spots her heart shattered. He truly has lost most of his memory, black spots she knew might never come back and unfortunately, she couldn’t help him nor would push her memories into him.

Isa watched as he laughed slightly at what one of them said before yanking apart the young boy who could manipulate ice and the girl whom had white streaked hair. Her power was like hers, only this was temporary and it came hand in hand with her true power.

Remy seeing who his friend was looking at sighs softly. “That is Rogue.”

“The one James saved? I can see he loves her, they have a father/daughter bond…” She trails off before nodding sharply as a thought came through.

The others watched as Isa pivoted on her foot and strode out of the room and towards the danger room, the others following curiously behind her. The group in the room jumped at the loud hiss of the door before relaxing as they saw Xavier, Storm and Gambit following a woman.

Logan frowned softly as he felt something tug at him at the sight of the woman, only to shake it away as she came to a stop in front of Marie. He tensed slightly, his eyes narrowing as he kept a close eye on the woman to make sure nothing happened to Marie.


Isa cocked her head to the side before holding her hand out, “My name is Isabella, and I can help you.” She states firmly confusing everyone.

Rogue stared up at the woman confused, “help me how?”

“If I told you that I can either: A, take your powers or B, change it so you could use it at will, would you allow me?” Isa explains, her hand still out.

The others including Rogue breathed out in shock, though hope bloomed in Rogues chest as she snuck a look at Bobby from the corner of her eye. She wanted to be touched again, to feel the soft caress of skin upon skin… to hug a loved one without fear of killing them. But she also didn’t want her gift removed from her completely; it was how she had met Logan, her friends here at school.

“Ca-can you change it so I can use it at will? I don’t want to hurt anyone; I don’t want to live in fear anymore.” She explains, holding out her hand and placing it in the woman’s.

Her heart thudded in her chest as the woman gently removed her glove and placed her hand back in hers. Instantly Rogue gasped, pain and numbness creeped across with flashes of Logan and the woman in a loving embrace, she could feel the power of the woman before nothing. She stumbled back tiredly falling into someone’s arms, her eyes looking up at the woman’s who stared blankly down at her.

Isabella stared down at the young girl, knowing for those brief few seconds before she mutated her gift she caught glimpses of her life, felt her pain. But she wouldn’t show the pain on her face, hiding her ache in return for the young girl’s joy, she had still yet to realise that her bare hand rested upon her loves.

Please, he doesn’t remember… I came to find him… he doesn’t remember… he cannot know… look after my husband Miss Marie. Isabella thought to the young woman, watching as the girl blinked in shock, before pivoting on her foot and walking away just as her friends jumped on her yelling happily.

Logan went to go after the woman, wanting to know what the hell she did only to stop when Gambit stopped him, shaking his head. He went to say something, threaten him until Marie shoved herself into his arms and squeezed him tightly.

“Logan! Look, I can touch people again!” She replies happily, dragging him into her joy while Xavier and Storm shared a look; they knew that Isabella had hoped but they now knew there was no memory of her in his mind.

“We should tell him.” Storm utters softly as she and Charles leave the others.

Charles frowned and shook his head, “he wouldn’t believe us and I cannot show him. Ms Howlett didn’t wish for it, she had told me as such before she left.”

Isabella screamed as she reached the gates, sobs wracking her body as it tried to give out. The agony of her love’s ‘death’ ripping open for now it was much worse; he was alive but did not remember her.

“It hurts so much Remy, it hurts more than any other pain I have ever felt.” She cries as she felt her friend wrap her up in his arms.

He closed his eyes and rested his cheek upon her head while pulling her tightly against him; he wanted to take some of her pain. “I know Cher, I know.” He whispers softly before clenching his eyes shut as they teleported back home.

Author Note: *ducks and runs away from flying objects* Uh! BYE!

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  1. Who the fuck cares about what she wants?! He deserves to know. Someone should tell him!! I feel so sad for her. I wish he would remember something or someone would tell him. Also very happy for rogue!!

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