Chapter Six

Title: When the Past Comes Knocking
Penname: TheDarkestFallingStar
In a time of war three sides look for the mighty Siren Wolf of mutant lore. But Isa hasn’t been the same since she had lost her mate… so when she find out he is alive, she couldn’t help but go to him. Except; he doesn’t remember who she is.

Author Note: Okay so well yeah…

Disclaimer: I do not own anything x-men or twilight related!

Chapter Six

Third POV

Charles was curious, he had sensed a burst of power just outside the gates of his home and with it followed the familiar wave link of the mutant known as Gambit. Yet, he knew Gambit hadn’t had the ability to teleport.

“Is everything alright?” Ororo asks as she saw the Professor frown confused.

“It seems that Gambit has come for a visit, yet he just suddenly appeared. I can barely sense him now, yet I know he hasn’t moved. He is not alone.” Charles explains before beginning to make his way towards the front doors. He knew Ororo was following him, just in case the person with him meant harm.

When the doors opened both Charles and Storm could see Gambit speaking softly to a woman, one they hadn’t recognised. Charles frowned as he could not sense the woman’s wavelengths, no thought could be heard nor could he communicate with her.

Charles allowed the gate to open to signal Gambit and his friend that they were welcome, something in him telling him to be careful around the woman.

“Gambit, it has been too long since your last visit, we were not expecting a visit so soon. I had thought you became a teacher in a small town.” Charles states as the two grew close. He could see the woman shift nervously, her eyes sad and hopeful.

“Ah Misère Xavier, yes I did. I didn’t come for a visit perse; I came as a support to mes ami Isabella.” Gambit replies casually, gesturing to Isabella with the top of his staff.

Charles looks back to Isabella, noticing he still couldn’t read her. “Isabella is it? I am Charles Xavier, headmaster of this school and this is Ororo Munroe, Teacher and Member of the Xmen.”

Isabella cast a look at Charles Xavier, he had been the man who was searching for her a while a go to side with him on mutants. But she didn’t want to revert to Siren Wolf and she would have, no matter which side she chose to fight in.

“Pleasure, but I must apologise, it is not you who I am here to see.” She states formally, her eyes shifting over to the woman next to him; the name sounding awfully familiar. She hummed softly and decided to worry about it later, now all she wanted to do was find James.

“Who is it you wish to see? A student?” Ororo asks slightly concerned, she would have remembered if a student had come to ask her for permission for someone to visit.

“No, I come looking for James Howlett. Gambit here says he goes by Logan now.” Isabella states, watching as the two become rigged and share a communicative stance. She knew they were going to tell her that he was not here, afraid that she was someone from his painful past here to hurt him. But she could sense him, he was in a room deep in the building with other mutants.

“Before you tell me that he is not here, I would give you a word of wise to not lie to me. I can sense my… him deep in the building. Now, we can do this the nice way where you allow me to see him or I teleport there myself and hurt those he is with by mistake.” She states simply, holding back the smirk that wished to grace her face as Remy chuckled.

“Mon Cher, I think it would be wise you tell them the truth as to why you are seeking Logan. Maybe they can give you insight on his thoughts.” Remy whispers softly, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Charles and Storm just watch on in amazement at the honest compassion Gambit was showing, he was well known as an arrogant ladies man and had come to assume that was what he was truly like. He watched as Isabella closed her eyes and took a deep breath before nodding.

“Does Ja –Logan know anything of his past? Has he remembered?” She asks seriously, desperately.

“She means, does he know of his time before Stryker and what he did to him.” Gambit informed, gesturing to his body and lastly his head to hint at them.

Storm frowned softly, “he remembers some. From what he has told us they are slowly coming back but not all are there. People tend to trigger it, certain things.”

“I have helped as much as I can but the damage done by the bullets wiped clean most memoires.” Xavier states cautiously, watching as the hope Storm placed in the young woman, dwindled.

Isa didn’t know if she wished to cry or not at the news. There was hope that he could remember her and then again there was a chance he may never remember her. She didn’t know if she could stay and try to rekindle what once was there and suffer through the thoughts of all that was them in the past.

“I am sorry this upsets you my dear.” Charles states softly as he watched a tear slip down her cheek.

Isa waved him off, “I still must see him, just to ease my ache. He… James… Logan is my husband, my mate.” She whispers softly, looking away from them but unable to hold past the gasp.

“If you do not believe me I can show you the truth of my words.” She whispers once more, turning back to the stunned people on the steps. She knew that if she showed them, she would be giving away the fact she has attained a lot of powers or that she at least is an Omega.

“… That might help. I am sorry for the hesitance Miss Isabella, but there have been many people from Logan’s past that wish to hurt him.” Charles informs softly, watching as the woman’s face flickered in anger before returning to the neutral mask.

“Then may I?” Isa asks, raising her hands slightly, she waited until they nodded before placing her hands on their heads and closed her eyes.


Isa stood on the edge of their land, the yard was covered in wild flowers and hanging white cloth to make a make shift isle and at the end stood James and the minister.

“Your wedding day?” Storm asks softly as she finally came to, her eyes scanning the yard in amazement before gasping as she landed on James. He was handsomely dressed in slacks and a button down, a soft anxious smile upon his face, a look she had never seen before.

“Yes, it is my happiest memory with James.” Isa replies offhandedly while looking down at Charles. “Ask your question.”

“How?” He asks amazed, the how filled with many questions. How was she able to show them this, how did she look the same in this memory as she did now… so many questions to be answered.

“After, just watch.” She hums softly as her memory-self came into view. She wore a simple white sundress, her hair was down in natural waves with flowers and ribbon pinned in.

She was happy this day, happy that she and her mate would forever be tied together. She loves James with everything in her, all the way down to her soul. Everything was good, there was peace and she and James began to discuss of a family… They were happy.

Storm watched as the memory flickered, her eyes taking in the scene change as it morphed into that of the wedding memory. “Isabella?” She asks concerned as her eyes flickered to the young woman.

“Professor?” She asks, quickly moving to his side as the heavens above opened and let the rain pour down.

A scream so terrifying, so heartbreaking filled the air, stopping any form of words that seemed to bubble up in the professor as he turned wide eyed towards Isabella. She was now on her knees a few feet away from them, the screams coming from her and suddenly the whole memory came crashing in around them.

“Oh god.” Storm utters horrified as she saw the amount of mutants surrounding Isabella. She goes to help, only for Charles to grasp her arm.

“We can’t this is a memory, we cannot help.” He whispers sadly before looking for Logan.

“Oh no.” He utters as he saw Logan up on a cliff fighting his brother before falling.

“NO!” Another scream echoed a cry of fury and power. It drew Storm’s and Charles’s attention back to Isabella, her face set in a snarl as she cast a look around the others.

“Foolish creatures, you dare stand in between me and my mate.” The voice was dark and raspy, a snarl at most that caused even Charles to shiver. “Leave or die.”

Isabella smirked and shrugged when no one moves, unable to understand that this was just a mere memory. She felt her body morph into that of Siren Wolf, flaming hair, canine eyes and her body as black as a void. She couldn’t help but chuckle as the older mutants before her stumbled back in horror.

“Uht, I gave you a chance and you didn’t listen, now be good little girls and boys, and meet your fate.” She snarled tauntingly before raising her hands and roughly slashing down, smirking in satisfaction as half of them got struck by the lightening and died.She didn’t know what happened next, nor did Charles and Storm as they suddenly found themselves at the base of the cliff with Isabella who was crying as she pulled Logan into her arms. He was bloody and pale, the grief she felt settling down to their very bones.



Storm and Charles could not deny that what the woman was said was true, she really was his wife and not someone pretending to be, no one could fake the grief they could feel.

“We believe you.” Storm says softly, kneeling down to the woman, her hand hesitantly touching the black skin.

“I will not fight.” Isa whispers brokenly, her hand trailing down her husband’s face before the scene vanished and she found herself falling back into Remy’s arms. “I cannot be that monster anymore, I cannot be her.” She chokes out, her eyes staring painfully up at the professor.

Remy stared at the man, daring him to say something. He knew the war was getting worse, Magneto gathering more and more power and for Professor Xavier to win was to have Siren Wolf on his side. But He couldn’t risk that chance, he would rather die protecting his friend than watch her succumb to the darkness that is her beast.

“If you force her, con her into being in this war the world will perish. Do you think that if you provoked her, you could control her? You know the stories Professor; I can assure you dat they are all true.” He drawled out harshly, forcing all he had seen when she glimpsed into her mind to his.

Storm frowned; looking between her the man she considered a friend and the two before her confused. “I do not understand, who are you and what stories?”

Gambit smirked ruefully, “Storm, Isabella here is Siren Wolf.”

Author Note: Well hey guys, so my updates will be sporadic, I work three-four days a week and weddings on the weekend.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter Six

  1. i think it’s cool that Gambit warned them right away. as much as i love Prof. Xavier, he does have a nasty habit of playing people with emotional guilt. we all know he means well but sometimes it kinda made you wonder if it’s really fair.
    i do hope that James remembers her. she deserves to be happy after everything.
    lovely chapter! 😀

  2. i fucking love it. not like it. like it is just to little of a feeling. love is better! i felt like crying with Bella when she lost her husband. poor her. i can’t wait to see if he remembers her. i really hope he does. hopefully u reunite them in the next chapter. well i’m off to see if i can stab the next button into submission. 😀

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