Chapter Ten

Title: When the Past Comes Knocking
Penname: TheDarkestFallingStar
In a time of war three sides look for the mighty Siren Wolf of mutant lore. But Isa hasn’t been the same since she had lost her mate… so when she find out he is alive, she couldn’t help but go to him. Except; he doesn’t remember who she is.

Author Note: Here is another chapter for you all.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything x-men or twilight related!

Chapter Ten

The forest was silent, no sound could be heard. Even with the storm that rolled over, darkening the forest there was no wind to jostle the leaves, not animals or insects to make their own songs. Even as Isabella glided through the trees there was no sound, her feet barely even disturbing the dirt as her eyes scanned the area.

She had been to the crime scene, hidden under Charlie’s power and saw the bloodshed, it pooled her anger and even more so when she smelt the familiar sweet stench. She knew it was a vampire that had killed the child before she left, ripped to shreds and drained.

“Come out; come out where ever you are.” She drawled as she moved closer to the heart of the forest. She could sense them nearby, three of them and oh how was she pissed.

“I told you what would happen if you killed a child.” She taunted her voice mystical.

The two men stiffened, their eyes flickering to one another as they familiar voice reached them, while the woman whimpered silently as her body screamed to run. They knew it was no use, they knew that they could not run and hide… there just was no hiding from Siren Wolf, not when she was like this.

James cursed slightly before stepping out, his dirty blonde hair glinting in the only patch of light left. His hands where high as he looked down, though a ruthless killer and hunter he may be, an idiot he is not. “Siren Wolf, I swore the last time when you saved me that I would not kill or harm a child.”

Isabella bared her teeth, the elongated fangs dripping with venom. “Then why is your stench all over the scene.”

“Siren Wolf, we know your rules, we dare not to go against them.” Laurent uttered slowly, stepping beside his leader.

“Then tell me why your stench was there, tell me why I was told that you three killed a child? In my territory no less!” She snarled, flinging her hand out and clenching it, drawing out a cry from the still hiding woman.

“Please! Siren Wolf, we did no such thing! We were hunting another vampire!” James pleaded as his eyes flickered to his mate and then back to the woman who had saved him from death by his sire, he owed her much but her only demand was that he or his coven alike not kill children and he – they – kept to it. He knew all about what she could do and he has seen what she would do to him if he broke that vow.

“He’s telling the truth!” Victoria gasped out, her hands flying up to the invisible grip around her throat.

Isabella snarled again, her eyes sweeping over the three and diving into their minds. Each were a sense of darkness and anger, crookedness alike. They were surely a coven of three and no more, ruled by the tracker who knew better. She could see the truth though; see that they were not in this town when Angela was killed.

Victoria dropped to the ground like a tone of rocks, sending the earth to fly up around her at the impact.

“Then tell me why your stench was…” She trailed off, inhaling sharply as she stared at the woman before them. Her clothes were different from yesterday, newer and cleaner. “Oh you foolish woman, tell me who you gave your clothes too.”

James snapped his head to his mate in horror as he found his mate withering painfully on the ground, a ball of fire hovering over her, morphing towards the shape of Victoria. “What did you do!?” He snarled furious, panicked.

“I gave my clothes to the yellow eyes! They paid more than we have ever gotten!” She screamed as Isabella lowered the fire.

James blanched, his head jerking back as he and Laurent shared a horrified look. “We didn’t know about this, we would have stopped her. The yellow eyes are the ones we are trying to track around looking for our little game. We want nothing to do with their kind and what they do against yours. We know our place, we stick to human and vampire not mutant or wolf.”

Isabella cocked her head to the side, her blank eyes scanning over them before nodding with a small toothy smile. “Matters not.”

No matter how fast they ran, they could not escape her. They could feel the flames licking at their heels, Victoria’s screams echoing the forest as the orange and blue hues lick her stony flesh. That was when James stopped; his feet staggering to a stop as he felt the mating bond in his chest rip and break away before the flames engulfed him. As his screams joined his covens he thought, he should have known better, he should have told his mate about Siren Wolf and her promise, and then they would have been safe as any form of action to use against a child would have screamed danger to her… therefore she would not have done it.

Isabella stared blankly at the burning embers of the fallen coven; rage swirled around her viciously before her eyes snapped up to the men before her, tan, tall and bare-chested. She sniffed casually before nodding in a form of greeting as the familiar earthy smell of the shifters invaded her sense. These must be the wolves that Charlie spoke of when she got here.

“They are gone, but they were not the threat.” She hummed her eyes scanning the dark forest once more as the storm above began to weep.

“I would hope there are none of my kind on your reservation Shifter Wolf, for the Cullen’s and their kings hunt mine down and turn them into a cold one.” She explained blandly, but all the wolves present could see the burning rage behind the goddess’s eyes.

“Like you?” Sam asked confused, gruff.

“Mutant Samuel, I am a mutant.” Bella replied back matter of fact, watching as the others shifted uncomfortably. “I will not harm you, I do not harm innocent. I came to kill them and I did, I thought to warn you before I take my leave.”

“How did you? No, there is none on our tribe that we know of… though two young ones were taken two years ago and none after that.” Sam explained to the woman before him, still weary. His instincts screamed danger but screamed Alpha at the same time.

Isabella smirked, a wide toothy grin more like it, causing the wolves and men to whimper. “I am Siren Wolf, older than you. I wish not to rule you; I care not to be an Alpha. I am Omega. If you shall ever need me, I am staying with Chief Swan, I take it you know where he lives?” She asked, waiting for them to nod before nodding herself in a goodbye.

She had a vengeance to seek, a coven to kill before she goes back to suffering. Though as she walked back home, the rain washing away the flames that licked at her flesh, she couldn’t hold back the tears and memories… the grief…

Author Note: This is just a mere filler.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter Ten

  1. i wanna cry for bell and slap Logan into action. i never really liked James coven, and ooo the cullens are in for it. super excited for their end 😀 anxiously awaiting next buttons activation 😀

  2. what would one do if a pissed off and heartbroken Siren Wolf is after you?……you run like the wind. i hope the Cullens doesn’t get that memo coz i really want Isabella to burn them into oblivion. 😉
    great chapter!!!

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