Chapter Thirteen

Title: When the Past Comes Knocking
Penname: TheDarkestFallingStar
In a time of war three sides look for the mighty Siren Wolf of mutant lore. But Isa hasn’t been the same since she had lost her mate… so when she find out he is alive, she couldn’t help but go to him. Except; he doesn’t remember who she is.

Author Note: I know, I know it’s been like four months since I updated this, but fuck… I’ve been captured by the Hobbit fandom! It has me chained in the Land of Arda!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything x-men or twilight related!

Chapter Thirteen

Gambit reached out as Isa teleported him, his body dematerializing and materializing in seconds. His home turned into the front gates of the school and for the first time in a while Gambit felt sick, his body hunched over as he dry heaved at the sudden equilibrium shift.

“Oh mon dieu, now dat ain’t somethin’ I’ve experience in a long while.” He groaned out as he grasped Shadow Chief’s jacket for support.

Charlie frowned at him. “What took you so long? What happened?”

“I got home and one of dem moustique’s was in my house. He came tryin’ to warn us dat dem fools know Chère and I are mutants. She teleported me here and faced the Texan, she no doing so good.” He groaned out as he straightened his duster and picked up his staff.

“We got to do something, she’s slowly breaking down. I haven’t seen her this way for a very long time if ever. I think seeing her James alive but not remembering her broke her.” Charlie sighed out, running a hand through his hair as he remembered seeing her haunted eyes that flickered with fire. “I’m worried that if everyone keeps pushing her, we won’t have to worry about whatever attacked New York but her. She’s barely holding onto Siren Wolf now, I don’t think she has much will left in her.”

“I know, but first we go and see the Professor and find out who be destroyin’ New York and rallying the worst of de worst.” Gambit muttered with a scowl, he knew Isa wasn’t together like she normally was, he could see her broken spirit and often he saw Siren Wolf staring back at him. But he will do what she asked first and then deal with the Wolverine.

Charlie and Remy both made their way towards the school and frowned at the damage and the chaos that was the inside. Half the main hallway was in repairs while student’s scurried in and out, casting worried and fearful glances at them.

“What on earth?” Charlie asked softly as the kids that didn’t know them both gave a wide berth, many even using their powers as a guard.

“Gambit!” Peter greeted, his body returning back to it’s usual human flesh state as he saw who was causing the unease. “Ah Shadow Chief.”

“It’s good to see you again too Peter, sorry for the… disturbance.” Charlie greeted as he eyed the place once more.

“What happened here? Where is de Professor, Storm? Scott? Rouge? Jean?” Gambit asked, his eyes flickering to the damage and back.

Peter winced and gestured the two to follow him. “Jean… Jean is no longer Jean.”

“What you mean by dat?” Gambit asked before frowning deeper as he saw they were making their way to the infirmary. “Why we headin’ dis way?”

“You’ll see.” Peter muttered as he opened the door to the infirmary to reveal Professor in one of the beds with Storm, Scott and the others by his side.

“Ah, Gambit, Charlie… it is good to see you and I know you are here about the attack on New York.” Charles greeted the two as they entered the room.

“Who did dis?” Gambit demanded as he made his way to the Professor’s side.

It was Scott who answered. “It was Jean… She hadn’t been herself as of late and when Logan turned her down… well, she’s no longer Jean Grey but The Phoenix.”

“Are you tellin’ me dat she be motier foux? I thought de Wolverine was all crazy for Jean, what happened?” He asked, never taking his eyes off Scott but a sense of dread began to stir up in his stomach.

“Logan’s been a lil’ preoccupied Remy; he’s been seeing that woman everywhere, the one who came with ya.” Rouge stated causing both Charlie and Remy to share a look.

It was Charlie who spoke next. “Does he remember who she is? Is he remembering?”

“I do believe he is, he utters her name every now and then with a look upon his face that we’ve neer seen. But he doesn’t want to admit that he had a wife before… everything. He feels guilty that he couldn’t remember her and with all he’s done…” Charles explained, trailing off as a dark look washed over the Cajun’s face.

“Where be de Wolverine now?” He asked through gritted teeth, his hands clenching rightly around his staff, eyes glowing.

“Now Gambit, whatever you’re thinking it won’t work. You will never win.” Peter stated as he stepped in front of the door.

“I suggest you move Colossus. You see, that woman is our friend, a mother to us both and if we don’t do something the mutant tearing up New York will be the least of our problems. Isabella isn’t too stable right now; she’s broken knowing that her mate her husband doesn’t remember her when she thought him to be dead for a very long time.” Charlie stated darkly, his hands jerking as his power rippled out and swallowed Remy whole.

Gambit rushed down the halls, his eyes glowing causing the kids to scuttle out of his way as he scanned each and every room for Logan. He checked all the usual places first before cursing and strode towards the cafeteria’s kitchen, the place where he and Wolverine usually kept the good stuff behind a hidden panel.

He didn’t stop when the doors of the room shattered as his hands pushed them open, his power rippling. The kids screamed, many throwing whatever they could at him but watched as he simply strode towards the hunched figure in the back corner.

“Now Gumbo, I’m not in the mood for one of yer tantrums.” Logan grunted before he found himself slammed against the wall, his body aching in a familiar way.

With a growl he pushed himself up from the debris and shook off the dust from the plaster behind him, his claws extended as he cracked his neck and stared down at the crazy pissed of Cajun. “Now Bub that was a bad idea, what I do to piss you off?”

“YOU BE DESTROYIN’ CHER!” He yelled furious, sending a volley of cards towards Logan. “You bein’ selfish! She thought you to be dead an’ she come to find you alive, in love with some woman an’ not know a lick ’bout her!”

Logan grunted with each impact, his body being pressed into the wall further and further with each impact. “I don’t deserve the woman! I’m a monster, I’ve killed many! WHY WOULD SHE EVER WANT ME?” He roared before tackling Gambit into the ground.

“Because she is your wife!” Remy snarled back as he threw a punch at Logan, putting his power behind it and sending he man sprawling. “Because she is deadlier then you! You think that Jean is the enemy now? If you don’t…. I’ll lose her if you don’t remember her, I’ll lose de woman who took care of me, who made me see dat I am more than just a thief… I can’t lose her to dat Monster dat’s within her. If you don’t fix it soon James, we’ll have to kill her cause if we lose Isabella now, den Siren Wolf will win.”

Logan paused as he stared at the defeated kid before him, his eyes clear and utterly broken. It was a look he had seen long ago in a shitty bar in New Orleans when he was looking for his brother, for Stryker.

“What do you mean Gumbo? What has Siren Wolf got to do with this and the woman?” HE asked confused as the name finally caught up to him.

Remy looked up, his eyes slipping closed and sent a silent apology to his friend for breaking the only promise he made to her. “She be Siren Wolf… Your wife, Isabella is Siren Wolf and she be your mate and you hers.”

Logan stumbled back in shock. “What?”

Author note: Short I know but hey, an update!


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