Chapter Twelve

Title: When the Past Comes Knocking
Penname: TheDarkestFallingStar
In a time of war three sides look for the mighty Siren Wolf of mutant lore. But Isa hasn’t been the same since she had lost her mate… so when she find out he is alive, she couldn’t help but go to him. Except; he doesn’t remember who she is.

Author Note: Here is another chapter for you all.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything x-men or twilight related!

Chapter Twelve

Gambit burst the door open, causing Charlie to shout, his beef spilling to the floor. This of course caught the attention of Isabella downstairs and in an instant Remy found himself pressed against the wall by his throat.

“Dammit LeBeau, I could have killed you.” She snarled, letting him go instantly as she saw his wide terrified glowing eyes.

“Sorry Cher, but we have a big problem and vampires are not it.” He rushed out before yanking the remote from Charlie’s hands and switching the Chanel to the news.

We are here today reporting an attack on New York! We have over the past few years learnt that there are other people… mutants… that live among us and now… now our worst fears…

Bella paused the screen, her eyes glowing fiercely as she stared at the screen of burning Ney York City. She could see the innocents fleeing for their lives as mutants attacked them and she could see that those who stood against them were killed.

“We need to do something!” Charlie exclaimed horrified.

Remy nodded. “We must go and help dem, maybe de professor need help!”

“No.” The word was a whisper as it left her lips, stunning both the men in the room.

“Cher, we must help dem, innocents are dying.” Remy explained confused, pointing to the screen she had yet to look away from. This was not Magneto, the man who wanted her to win the war, or Charles Xavier who wished for peace. It was a new mutant, someone powerful but she didn’t know who.

The remote crumbled in her grip, her eyes flashing to Gambits. “I said NO!” She snarled, the windows exploding.

A sob built up into her throat as she fixed the windows instantly, looking away from them tired and ashamed. “I cannot… I just cannot Remy… Please do not make me fight… It was hard to bring myself back from Siren Wolf and I don’t know if I can again if I fight. If you must, you may go… both of you… but I will not fight…” She trailed off, her throat tight; eyes stinging with tears as she disappeared back into her room.

It had been days or maybe even weeks since she killed the coven, not even caring at the fact that they didn’t exactly do it. She lived in their screams and drunk their fear with pleasure, her animal being free once again was back in the days of her youth before it was unknowingly tamed by her love.

But now though he is still alive, he cannot remember her and her animal, the monster all fear and call Siren Wolf was grieving too and did not care who she killed. Bella just didn’t have the fight in her to care anymore, her heart was broken.

“Cher, I am sorry. I should not have pushed you, I know better. Please do not cry Chère.” Remy whispered sadly as he pulled her sobbing form into him. She didn’t even realise until then that she was crying.

“I cannot go Remy; I must stay and deal with everything. I’ll send you both tonight, go and get packed and dressed.” She uttered softly, pushing him away, her eyes never meeting his.

Remy sighed and nodded, kissing the crown of her head before making his way up the stairs. “I am a fool. I should not have pushed when she is like dis, she said we be leavin’ real soon so go get packed and ready.” He informed Shadow Chief tired before making his way home.

It didn’t take long for Remy to get home, leaving a message to Greg about having to leave immediately on a family emergency before gathering his things. He quickly changed into his gear, packing a deck of cards into his breast pocket before pulling up his head peace, finding comfort that the back of his head was no longer exposed.

His whole body stiffened when he took in a deep breath, the sickly sweet sent invading his senses. A low growl of frustration left his mouth, hand clenching around the bo staff in his hand.

“Wait, I mean you no harm.” The vampire exclaimed, a sense of calm filling the room.

Gambit shook his head clear, his glowing eyes locking onto the familiar vampire before him. He was a Cullen that was for sure, the yellow eyes stark against the pale skin. In an instant Gambit rushed forward, his staff connecting with the Vampire, sending it flying back as his power cracked in the air.

“Sure, you’re coven isn’t de one who killed Angela, you’re coven isn’t de one to take mutants to turn them. Why should I believe you a moustique like you?” He snapped harshly, staff up in defence as the vampire got to his feet.

Jasper rubbed his chest at the ache, that’s been a first for a very long time. “Cause I mean you no harm, I ain’t with the coven of my own free will. The kings of my kind forced me to as punishment, I was a mutant human and I was changed by a rabid bitch for her vampire war when she found out. Changed my brother too later on and being a Cullen is my punishement an’ if I don’ comply they execute my baby brother an’ his mate on the spot.” HE drawled out in a hiss, trying to make the Cajun mutant before him to listen.

“Den why you be here if not to kill or turn me?” Gambit asked wary, his eyes never leaving the vampire.

Jasper sighed. “To warn you and your friend, the Cullen’s know that your mutants and high ones. I was an alpha and they know how good Alpha mutant’s powers are when turned. They know you and your friend are high alphas. I can’t take it anymore, they need to suffer. I want to be with my brother and sister; I can help if you help me.”

Gambit eyed him critically before humming. “You were a low alpha, closer to the beta. If your power is this strong now, I’m high alpha and well my friend…” he trailed off, he knew the vampire before he was not manipulating him, he could sense the false emotions before.

“Hello Major.” Isabella uttered, stepping out from the shadows and into the light, causing both of them to jump.

Jasper’s eyes popped open before he kneeled with a bow of his head. “Miss Howlett… I…” He stammered as the memories of the mutant woman flashed across his mind. He met her just after he escaped her having to help him when he was ambushed in his weakened state.

“Your captives can try for me but they won’t succeed.” She chuckled before facing Gambit. “I sent Shadow Chief ahead; I came to see what was taking you so long; I will check in tomorrow to see if you are okay. I need you to tell me all you can find out, the mutant is an omega but one I have not encountered. Stay safe Frère.” She murmured before teleporting him to the mansion.

Her eyes snapped to the vampire before suddenly, Jasper found himself in the air with her hand around his throat. Jasper tried not to struggle as he took in the flaming hair and eyes. “You dare attack him again or cause him to attack I will not be nice next time. Now I know your reasons and I will help once this is done, I won’t have those fucking kings corrupt and kill any more of my kind. Let your family come for me, they will meet their fates at my hands and I will dance among the ashes with glee. Those fuckers killed a human child and I do not take kind to beings that kill children, I already dealt with the rogues.” She snarled and pulled him close, her teeth snapping millimetres from his face.

“I didn’t mean any harm, I told him that.” He gasped out.

Bella snarled. “It don’ matter, Gambit is not a trustin’ kinda man. He will attack first and ask never, he learnt that lesson the hard way… like you and I did.” She snapped before sighing harshly and dropping him, trying to calm down.

“Tell your family that they can come but they will never win. Tell them if they want a war… they will die by my flames. I am not an alpha like they think, like you thought to be.” She growled out roughly, her chest heaving.

She wanted to avoid a war, to retain her sanity and humanity but her hold on her beast was slipping and Bella didn’t know if she wanted to care anymore or not. A dark, cold laugh echoed the silence, sending fear down Jasper’s spine, his eyes never leaving her frame.

“Everyone wants me for a war…” She murmured gruffly, her eyes snapping to Jasper. “I suggest you call The Captain, Major. He will tell you. NOW LEAVE ME BE!” She roared and he suddenly found himself in the forest near his home.

“Fuck.” He hissed before pulling out his phone and dialling his brother, he luckily didn’t have to wait too long.

“Jasper! What have you done! Do you know what you have done! What those fuckers have done after killing that child?” Peter snapped furious, fearful.

“I don’t know! I don’ fuckin’ get involved!” He snapped causing Peter to sigh.

“Jasper, I love you brother but fuck… You never figured out who Dollface was did you?” He asked softly, tired.

“No! I just know she isn’t an Alpha and old!” He snapped frustrated, his eyes scanning the darkened trees while pushing out his power to sense for the assholes he was trapped with.

“Jasper… Isabella Howlett, the woman who saved our asses decimated Maria and her camp with a flick of her wrist. Dammit Major! She’s the mighty Siren Wolf and that fucking coven has pissed her off!”


“Yeah brother… fuck.”

Author Note: MWAHAHAHA




6 thoughts on “Chapter Twelve

  1. i guess it’s time to release the Siren. can’t wait for her to decimate all the deserving cold ones…and then kick Jeans ass to high heavens. at what price though?
    can’t wait for more! 😀

  2. How can I bribe you muse to get me a desperately needed chapter!!! I love this story so much I even went back to the beginning of the story and reread all of it since I didn’t have a new chapter!!! Please update soon!!!!!!

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