Chapter Twenty-One

Title: When the Past Comes Knocking

Penname: TheDarkestFallingStar
Summary: In a time of war three sides look for the mighty Siren Wolf of mutant lore. But Isa hasn’t been the same since she had lost her mate… so when she finds out he is alive, she couldn’t help but go to him. Except; he doesn’t remember who she is.

Author Note: Well… sorry?

Disclaimer: I do not own anything x-men or twilight related!

Third POV

Bella allowed James to pull her through the corridors of the school towards the cafeteria. She allowed one of her acquired powers to flare out and fix what had yet to be fixed manually. She heard sighs of relief from a few people once the gasps of surprise had sounded.

“Isa, you need to eat first before you use any more energy,” Charlie stated sternly.

A huff of a laugh escaped her lips as she shot him a tired smile. “Sure thing Chief.”

The rest of the walk to the cafeteria was in silence, not heavy or strained but comfortable. Rogue and Bobby clutched each other’s hands as they followed with Kitty, Peter, and Kurt, one happy to stay in the comfortable silence the other deep in thought.

This woman was broken, Rogue could see that, has seen it and yet here she was still standing, able to tease the one they call Shadow Chief, could still give a tired and albeit smile. It gave her hope, she had been through much hardship since gaining her powers, putting her longtime boyfriend in a coma, abduction and it wore her down like water over stone.

But here this woman was, famed and known in the Mutant world as one of the most long-lived and ruthless, had seen so much hate and bloodshed over her long life still standing and able to smile.

I have broken down many times in my long life young Marie and many of those have been recorded in history… Yet I kept building myself up, for some time I just couldn’t and others have helped me… I was never alone just like you are not alone…

Flashes of faces of various age, race, and gender raced through her mind, some mutants some not… their histories and their voices echoed loudly with each face, laughter and yelling… Logan, Gambit, and familiar faces she has seen before but can’t recall.

These are the people I keep going for… friends of old and friends that are family, they help me rebuild my walls and remind me of my humanity.

Images of her friends flashed before her eyes next, memories that they had created together, every friendly hug and comment… these are the people and memories that will keep you going, will help build you up when you shatter and hold you together when you crack.

“Remy.” This time the voice was out loud and it startled Rogue out of her mind, surprise flashing as she saw that she was in the cafeteria. In fact, they were in the kitchen reserved for teachers and seniors.

“Yes Cher?” Remy inquired.

“I would really love some good ol’ New Orleans food,” Bella stated while turning her dark eyes towards her friend, watching as his face shifted from concern to delight.

She remembered that Remy loved to cook, it was discovered when he was staying with her and asked if she could teach him something other than the food his home is known for. Though he could cook and does, she knew he never made anything other than a simple three part meal unless she asked him.

“Well Doll, dat be something I can do well. Some of mah famous Gumbo… nope Jambalaya comin’ up.” He replied as he looked through the fridge and cupboards. There was not enough to make Gumbo but there was all the ingredients for Jambalaya, honestly, Remy needed to make a note to get more.

“How are you doing Isa?” Charlie asked as he took the open seat that Remy vacated. “You’ve been through a lot over the last few days.”

Isa cast one of her eldest friends a look before turning to look at her James, taking one of his hands in her own, a soft smile pulling at her lips. “I’m doing… okay… better.”

“Are you able to deal with Jean?” he asked softly ignoring the hisses and the warning growl from the Wolverine behind her.

“I’ll be fine dad,” Isa sighed exasperated, shooting Charlie a cheeky grin as she did so. “But no, I will be fine. Siren Wolf and I have come to an agreement; have merged if you shall say. She is me and I am her.”

“A unity,” Nightcrawler stated with awe. “It iz not often zat happens.”

“Aye a unity, for now..” she trailed off before blinking as Remy dropped some slices of celery before her with a pointed look and went back to cooking. She munched on them slowly while the others around her spoke and planned, her James adding his own thoughts here and there but his main focus was on her.

I am fine James… I promise…

Logan jolted at the sound of her voice in his head and turned his eyes towards his wife, she was slowly eating still but her eyes were on him.

I just found ya again Darlin’ and ya giving me heart attacks left and right… I just don’t want to lose you. Not now, not ever… He thought back to her, watching as he eyes flickered to a brilliant burning red and back to brown once more.

You won’t… She swore before smiling up at Remy as he placed the food down before her with a thud. “Thank you, Remy.”

“All good Cher, now you eat.” He replied while shooting Charlie a look as he took the vacant seat across the table.

“Where’s ours?”

“Der is enough for you, get it yourself,” Remy replied with a raised brow, gesturing to the large pot on the stove still with a flourish.

It was a mad dash for everyone to get food and Remy took his original seat while Charlie got up, shooting shadow chief a victorious grin as he shoved another forkful of food in his mouth.

“So we’ll be meeting de Avengers?” He asked once everyone was finished eating. “I have not met dem yet, what are dey like?”

The girls shared a look while the others shrugged. Rogue sighed as she saw that they were waiting for elaboration. “They’re alright. Tony Stark and the Hulk are nice, very nerdy and they always help us when needed. Thor is well different and Hawkeye is just like a regular human trained well… We’re not too fond of Captain America and Black Widow.”

“I’ve heard of the Black Widow,” Isa said slowly with surprise. “She was a Russian assassin trained by the red room… She’s an Avenger?”

“Well yes, we’re not sure about her really… she’s too shady.” Kitty replied with a frown. “She’s always watching us and speaking in a way that’ll make us… like her more? I don’t know like she tries to gain our trust but I can tell if it was between saving one of us or fleeing she’d choose the later.”

Isa frowned and turned her eyes upwards as sound caught her interest. “It seems they’re nearly here, shall we go meet them? I’ll see what they’re like then.”

“Just stay away from Tony Stark,” Logan grumbled. “He’s a flirt.”

Bobby laughed. “He’s harmless, in love with another anyway.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Logan grunted before blinking as he found himself on the field with the others, a scowl being directed at Nightcrawler. “A little warning kid.”

Kurt held up his hands. “Wasn’t me.”

Logan turned his eyes to his wife who just shrugged at him with a smile before stepping forward just as the brilliant red and gold of the Iron Man armour landed before them with a thunk. Everyone stood rigged as Tony took a few steps forward and out of his armour with a flourish to reveal him barefoot in a pair of jeans and an ac/dc tee… surprising them all because he never left the armour like that.

“Hello, Anthony.” Isa greeted with a smile, shocking everyone once more.

Tony let out a bright bout of laughter and a dazzling smile as he strode forward and pulled her into a hug, pulling back when a growl reached his ears. “Hello Aunt Isa.”