Chapter Two

Title: When the Past Comes Knocking
Penname: TheDarkestFallingStar
In a time of war three sides look for the mighty Siren Wolf of mutant lore. But Isa hasn’t been the same since she had lost her mate… so when she find out he is alive, she couldn’t help but go to him. Except; he doesn’t remember who she is.

Author Note: And continued

Disclaimer: I do not own anything x-men or twilight related!

Chapter Two

Third POV


Isabella woke up screaming, the house shuddering with the power behind the scream causing Charlie to rush from the kitchen downstairs. He had woken at five thirty to get ready for work, his mood light till he heard the screams.

“Isabella, wake up!” He yelled, staying out of arms reach like she always taught him when she got like this. When she didn’t wake he rushed to her side, hands grasping her shoulder and arm before he shook her, bracing himself for the blow to come and as expected it did. Her arm flung up, three claws aiming for his chest.

Before it could hit, her eyes snapped open, arm stopping mid swing as she sensed the power that was near her. Charlie, she could never hurt Charlie.

“Stop, it is fine. Before you ask, it’s now six in the morning and there is coffee on the counter. Go shower and what not, I’ll meet you upstairs, and then you can check me over.” Charlie chuckles before making his way back upstairs.

Isabella quickly showered and made her way upstairs, snorting as she stepped out of the door that was the closet. With a smile she turned and shut her door, mildly surprised to see that it blended in with the back wall, the trimming in the middle popped out to be the door handle.

“I love the door Charlie, when did you do that?” She states with a smile, stopping when he rushed out and placed a cool mug and an apple in her hands.

“I did it a while ago; I know you like your privacy and thought it to be a good idea. Now, drink and eat this and mosey on. I need to go to work, see you tonight Isa!” He called back over his shoulder and to the squad car.

Isa flickers her eyes towards the clock and practically inhaled the coffee as she saw that it was twenty to seven. She quickly gathered her things that she needed for today and rushed out to her car, eating her apple in four bites.

She knew where the high school was; after all she helped them build the original school when the town began to settle here. Plus, it was only a few blocks down from her house, well Charlie’s house. It took her two minutes to get there and to find a park, smirking as she saw all the boys’ heads turn her way as she made her way up to the office to gather her things and to find her class room. She was teaching Senior and Junior history, boy was that going to be fun.

“Hello, I’m Ms Swan-Howlett, the new History teacher.” She introduces as the lady behind the desk looked up.

“OH! Yes, Greg told me you would be here today, I organised someone to show you around the school for today, he’s the English teacher.” The woman spluttered out as she stood from the chair and rifled through the desk. “I’m Mrs Cope and… here is your schedule and itinerary, you can change what you want but the subjects must stay the same.”

“Oh, Ma Chère, this is a mighty fine surprise.” I turn around and let out a squeal, throwing my arms around Remy.

“Oh, this is wonderful, I take it you know one another?” Mrs Cope asks after she took in the scene, she was happy that the Mister LeBeau had a friend. He had been here for little under a year and everyone in town knew he stuck to himself.

“Yes, Mister LeBeau and I are old friends. I had no idea you were here Remy, I would have told you I was coming.” Isa replied happily. He had been her friend ever since the incident she had saved him from an incident long time ago, helping him escape from those that came after him with his involvement in The Mutant Massacre, helping him hide the child he had saved afterwards.

“It’s good to see you Cher, come I’ll show you to the room. We have much to discuss.” Remy states, pulling her from the office and towards where their classrooms were, it had been too long since he had seen Isabella.

The last time he saw her was a few years ago, it was a glance and he had thought his eyes were playing a trick but he had seen her and what he saw was not the Isabella he remembered. The woman he had remembered was spirited, strong and kind and the woman he saw was a hollow shell of what once was. But now, he can see she was much better, happier in a way but a deep hurt and loss clung to her.

“What do you know of this town, Cher?” He asks, his eyes flickering around to spot the Cullen children. He didn’t like them, well he liked the southern one, knew his face from somewhere but the others couldn’t be trusted.

Isa cast a look at her old friend and threw up an illusion around them, showing the world that they were talking about schedules and catching up before stopping and facing him.

“I know there are two mutants, level beta’s here, and that the Cullen’s are vampires and the men from the tribe shift. I know much about this town and I must say I regret building my home here. It seems no matter where I go, there is danger and it is my fault.” She admits, shocking her friend.

“Dis is your home? Mm, it naw Cher, it isn’t your fault. Come now, do not blame yourself, we have other things to worry about. Dem Cullen’s are wrong, all kinds of wrong but first whatchu say ’bout telling me why you in dis rainy little town.” He drawled out, his accent thick as he remembered coming home one day and finding a Cullen leaving it.

Isabella sighed before pressing her hand to her friends head and showing him what happened, why she didn’t do this with Charlie, she wasn’t sure but when she pulled her hand away she took in the glowing red eyes of Gambit.

“You’re being hunted? Cher, why did you not seek me? I owe you a mighty big debt, I would have helped.” He stated, grasping her arm tightly as thoughts of her being hurt and tortured entered his mind.

“Calm, Gambit, calm. I’m here and I am safe now. Shadow Chief is hiding me as well, I’m staying with him.” She states, shocking Gambit from his thoughts.

“Shadow Chief? He is here in this town, how did I not know?” He asks spluttering causing Isa to laugh.

“He’s called Shadow Chief for a reason, Remy. But you would know him now as Charlie Swan.” She explains with an amused smirk. She had always found it hilarious that Charlie had the same last name as her, but then again she had come across many Swan’s in her life. Both family and not family and while she found this amusing, Charlie called it fate.

“Chief Swan!?” He wanted to say more but the bell had rung and it was time to teach, why he decided on English as a subject he would never fully understand.

“Ma Chère, your class is der. We shall continue talking afterwards.” He replies, gesturing to behind her before bowing and making his way into his room.

Author Note: Still in the original OS, Ch 4 is the end of the original OS…

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