Chapter Eight

Title: Dreams of Time
Pairing: Finn/Bella
Summary: She didn’t know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Author Note: sorry for the delay!

Disclaimer: I still do not own anything twilight related or Finn.

Chapter Eight

Third Point of View

She was in hell, she swore it was hell. Why else would she have to suffer in this school? All day she’s had three sets of men follow her; there was a wood nymph and a witch of nature by the time lunch rolled around Bella already had a headache setting in. Oh and let’s not forget the coven of cold ones, she could smell their bitter scent in the whole damn place.

Witches, nymphs, cold ones and shifters… Oh my.

“… Like are you even listening to me?” The annoying voice of jealous Barbie harped, her eyes dark with annoyance.

“No.” Bella replied bored, shifting slightly when everyone at the lunch table stopped talking.

“Excuse me!?” Lauren hissed outraged, causing Bella to sigh.

“Let me make it clear… For all of you…” She trailed off, pinning her bland stare at the boys. “I do not care for makeup or dresses, so shut up and I don’t care for you three trying to get me on a date when two of you are taken. I have someone already and if you don’t stop… Well, I’ll tell my daddy, you know the police chief of Forks?”

She watched with masked amusement as the boys paled, though Jessica seemed happy Lauren was quite the opposite, seems she didn’t like to be shut down.

“You’re my new best friend that was amazing.” Angela whispered as Lauren stormed off in a screaming rage, drawing all eyes to them.

Bella smirked. “Thanks.”

Though her amusement and joy was short lived when her vision blurred, her eyes locking onto the cold ones at the far end. Her body screamed danger as she looked into the black eyes of the copper haired cold one and the pixie.

Death… Death… Fear… Greedy… Power… Death…Her mind screamed at her.

“Finn.” She whimpered softly, her eyes fluttering close.

A familiar deep rumbling growl only she could hear filled the cafeteria; Bella snapped her eyes open to see Finn standing by her side.

“Cold ones…” He hissed furious, his dark eyes narrowed as he listened to the conversation.

She’s the one Edward… If you break her she will be ready in a few months to mould… The dark haired female thought, this caught Finn’s attention immediately. But he was aggravated from the idea, at the mere thought of those abominations harming his Little Swan.

“I know Alice, perfect.” The boy near purred.

Finn snarled again as he sensed the desire, the hunger for Isabella before cursing his brother and the gods. Bella was in danger again and he couldn’t help her.

Sage… Get her to find Sage… His mind whispered softly.

“Little Swan, I need you to do something for me.” He asked calmly, turning to look at her. She was petrified, her eyes glassy as she continued to stare at the cold ones

Angela stared at the man with wide eyes, but still trying to seem she was only focused on, Finn jerked his head to the young dark haired woman and sensed the magic around her. “I need you to do something for me Witch; I need you to tell her to find Sage. To stay safe and to be aware of those around her, do you understand me? She is the last of the Swan line and means everything to me, betray me and harm her then well… you will truly see the reason why I was daggered near nine hundred years ago. Nothing can stop a Mikaelson in a rage.” With that he was gone.

Angela stared in horror as the man disappeared, no not man… a vampire and a Mikaelson. She as a Ronn witch knew the tales of the family, the original witch. It wasn’t just that either, her father though a Pastor was a hunter, a retired Vampire Hunter at that but he had trained her. She would not let her family bloodline down; she would protect the tranced girl beside her. Luckily, she genuinely liked Bella.

“Oh no, I need to get Bella to the nurse.” She quickly stated concern in her voice as she gathered their things and let them to the nurse’s room. She couldn’t understand or sense what had caused Bella to be in a trance.

“Oh goodness, what happened?” Nurse Chapel states before freezing, her brow pulling down. “She’s tranced, what caused it?”

Angela looked up at her Aunt with a frown before jerking her head to the door silently. “Nurse, Bella isn’t feeling to well, I think she ate something bad.”

Chapel Runn was one of the elders in the town, though there were not many of the Fork’s Witches left. Besides Angela, her mother and Aunt there was of course the Shaman from the tribe, Miss Hope the art teacher and a few other girls about to come into their power. But Chapel was a dedicated healer, which was what she trained for when she grew up, both in real life and the world of magic.

“The room is silent, now bring her here and tell me what happened…” She trailed off, her eyes flashing white before yanking her hand back. “Oh… We need to call the others, have a meeting immediately; thankfully Alamanda is out of work today. Tell everyone to meet them at Old Quil’s there is something everyone needs to be told.” She told her niece firmly, fear churning in her heart while she flickered her gaze back to the young witch.

Angela frowned. “Is it to do with her being a Swan Witch and bound to a Mikaelson?”

Chapel spluttered as she turned her eyes back on her niece, “what?”

“I heard Bella breath a name and suddenly there was a very angry man in the cafeteria, he was a vampire of course as he snarled at the Cullen’s and when Bella wouldn’t speak to him well he spoke to me.” Angela replied hesitantly.

“What did he say? The exact words Ange, if the Swan Witch is bound to the Mikaelson’s even just one of them then not only are we in danger but those who pose a threat.” Chapel asked calmly, though fear churned deep within her core. Her whole line knew what happened to the sister of their great something grandmother against a Mikaelson, that whole line was eradicated.

Angela frowned before pushing her hand upon her Aunt’s face and showing her, the images and words hazy as it was a hard trick to do but Chapel saw, saw how the vampire looked down upon the young woman with so much concern and emotion that it felt like they were both once again intruding.

“I need you to do something for me Witch; I need you to tell her to find Sage. To stay safe and to be aware of those around her, do you understand me? She is the last of the Swan line and means everything to me, betray me and harm her then well… you will truly see the reason why I was daggered near nine hundred years ago. Nothing can stop a Mikaelson in a rage.”

The words echoed around Chapels head loudly, her hazel eyes snapping to the young girl in shock. She had seen the face once in her life, long ago in their Grans Grimoire before it was taken. There was no denying the high cheek bones and dark eyes. Not only that, it was the name he had uttered, Sage…

“Oh… oh goddess.” She moaned softly as everything began to click into place as she reviewed the memory over and over again.

“What? What is it?” Angela demanded worried as she watched her Aunt stumble and drain of colour.

“We need to protect her… Until we find Sage… She’s bound to a Mikaelson, the Mikaelson.” Chapel groaned, grabbing the chair for stability.

Angela frowned. “The Mikaelson? I thought there was more than one?”

“Ange… She is bound to Finn, the eldest. The one who tore apart the other line, leaving a pool of blood before he vanished…” She tried to explain; hopefully she wouldn’t have to deal into the whole story.

“Finn… The Berserker… my mate.” Bella breathed out far away, her eyes snapping to reality before rolling back into her head.

Author Note: Well, here is chapter eight… I know it’s been a while, but I have been focused on other fandoms… my crossovers really like Gambit’s Siren and then the new story The Long Road Home… So hope this suffices… 

Let me know what you think!





11 thoughts on “Chapter Eight

  1. This is killing me! I want you to update this story, but I also really like Gambit’s Siren. I’m torn here… This chapter was awesome by the way, the ending was great and I have a new found love for Finn. I’m so excited to see Sage come into the picture!

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  3. So much in is chapter. Loved her putting Lauren in her place. But then her eyes land on the Cullens sent her into that trance. And of course we find the evil plan of Eddie and Malice have. At least Bella won’t be alone for she now has fellow witches near.

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