Chapter Eighteen

Title: Dreams of Time
She didn’t know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Chapter Eighteen

Third Point of View

Bella snapped her eyes open with a gasp as she let her power go, the lights flickering and bursting as the rumble of the storm outside grew. She could sense the power in the air, it was a dangerous game to play, feeding and channelling the power of a storm… but it was worth it.

After the bonfire the other week, after feeling that shame and regret, the deep ache in her mate as he thought of his siblings she decided to help in some way. It took a while; actually it took her longer than she had thought it would to track down Niklaus.

Finally tonight she had managed to do so, yet as she watched the feared monster everyone made out to be, it hurt her to see the pain within him. She waited and she watched as he painted a scene she had not ever seen before but beautiful with a sense of sadness and darkness.

When it became obvious that Niklaus was not going to sleep she turned her attentions to the others in the house, walking the darkened halls to look in every room. If finding the witches asleep surprised her it wouldn’t have shown, but Bella knew that when her eyes landed on the woman it was not she who Bella had to connect with. The witch was tainted, would betray the hybrid she appeared to care for.

It disgusted Bella beyond compare at what she saw when she laid eyes on the bitch of a witch. The male was a different matter; he truly liked Niklaus and was as loyal as they would come… so it was he who she chose to show what was happening, what was to become.

“It is not a wise thing to play with Elemental Magic my dear.” Finn uttered from the window, his eyes peering out into the black sky that swirled violently above. “Though I am impressed, not even my mother could master this magic.”

“Not many but my family can,” she replied, pulling back the blankets and slipping under as a chill shuddered through her.

Finn frowned and turned his eyes away from the storm to his Little Swan. “There are consequences to this type of magic, it always asks for something in return.”

“I know the laws of Magic Finn and I deemed what I did worth it.” Bella explained, sitting up from her bed with the blanket wrapped around her. A little bit of her magic for the chance to repair her Finn’s family ties, that was so worth it in her opinion. “I’ll just be weak for a few days while the storm goes on is all.”

It took all her will not to flinch as Finn snapped his head around to her, veins darkening his eyes and illuminating the fire that burned deep within him. It was the first time in her life she had ever seen him furious towards her and she hated to admit that a tiny part of her was terrified, the other part was deeply aroused and she didn’t know how to deal with that either.

“Are you out of your mind Isabella? I had thought you of all people would have some common sense in this but it is obviously not true.” The words were harsh and they seemed to cut through her very being while fanning the flames of her own ire.

“I did it for you goddess damn it!” She snapped furious, throwing her hands up to silence the room. She didn’t wish to wake her father up and she knew that this was going to be a loud fight. The snarl that left Finn’s lips was proving her correct as it shuddered the window and the walls with the same amount of force the winds outside were doing to the house.

“Me? I did not ask you to do something so foolish!” He snarled standing to his full height and stared down at his mate. “Did you not forget that you have a coven of Cold Ones after you? That between them and you is less distance than you and the Pack or even Leif? Did you not even consider the consequences or what it would do to me if something were to happen to you because you were drained?”

The last of it was a broken whisper and all ire fled from Bella in a rush as she realised what she had done. No, she didn’t think about the consequences, she didn’t think about anything but the end result that wasn’t a hundred percent guaranteed… oh how foolish she was.

“I… I did not think of that.” She admitted her hand dropping just shy from Finn as he shuddered, a broken sob tearing from his lips. It was a sound she had never heard from him nor did she ever wish to hear from him again.

“I can’t lose you Little Swan, you are the reason I continue to hold hope for this life.” He admitted, still keeping his eyes downcast and face turned from her. “It hurts me beyond words could even describe that I cannot be here to protect you. This… bond that we have, I know there are some cases where I can touch those that do you harm but… there has been more where I cannot.”

“You won’t lose me Finn, I promise you this.” She vowed while scooting closer to her mate, letting her hand trail softly down the contours of his face. “I will fight to the very ends of this earth for you, to stay with you. It has been an oath since I was just a child but now it holds more meaning.”

They sat in silence, neither willing to break it once Finn had pulled her into his arms. There was nothing to be said beyond what had already been said and even though Finn knew she swore to him that he’d never lose her… something deep down told him otherwise and he did not know what it would be…

Would it be his family? The bickering and petty hate they all seemed to have, will they hurt her just to hurt him for all the pain he caused them so long ago.

Would it be his father who had yet to be stopped?

His mother in some way who he knew wanted them dead, had wanted them gone since she realised what they had become so long ago before she was killed… before Mikael swore vengeance and his little family was torn apart.

Or will it be the Cold Ones?

Species and questions formed in his mind like the violent storm outside. Shattering and screaming inside his head as he took in every little detail of his beloved death, kidnapping, torture… over and over as he held her close to reassure him that it was just his paranoia.

What was worse… what was worse was that above all that… what he feared the most was losing her because of himself…

Would it be he who would hurt her, push her away forever?

Finn did not know the answers to these plaguing thoughts but for now he would relish any time he was able to get with his Little Swan and pray to the goddess his swift undaggering so he could vent his frustrations towards the Cold Ones if Leif or the others didn’t deal with them beforehand.

But more importantly he just wanted to feel her. There were times when he could feel the warmth of her skin, the texture of her hair between his fingers but now when he needed the comfort of it most all he could feel was the chill and the soft fabric of magic that surrounded her that kept him tethered here.

Soon. Hopefully soon.

Author Note: You can thank Buggy for the chapter lol, started to read her Kol/Bella and got the desire to write some Finn.


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