Chapter Eleven

Title: Dreams of Time
Pairing: Finn/Bella
Summary: She didn’t know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Author Note: YAY!

Disclaimer: I still do not own anything twilight related or Finn.

Chapter Eleven

Third Point of View

For a very long time there was only darkness for Finn, numbing darkness with only his thoughts for company. For a long time he found this acceptable, being the abomination that he was, a berserker and a vampire. Mainly it was just the vampire part, he had seen what happened when he lost control, he was a monster and didn’t deserve to live.

Finn didn’t know how long he drifted in the darkness until he found himself in Bella’s grandmother’s attic many years later. He didn’t know why he was brought there nor did he question it. There was colour again and with it came the teachings of a child. He taught her magic and she taught him how to feel again, to accept and appreciate the life he was given.

“Okay, I believe you, I trust you.”

No longer did Finn wish to die.

He watched as Bella grew into a woman, hurt when she hurt and he celebrated when she did. Suddenly, she was his whole world until she was attacked. He found himself in the darkness again, unknown of the time passing.

“Why me!? Why can’t you come to protect me? Why?! I was fine with you being a vampire, I knew since I was eleven but I could never understand why you don’t want to be here… why you choose to be in my dreams or when I need you.”

“I hate you because of this.”

There were no thoughts of death but fear, sadness and anger. Fear that his Little Swan would be hurt, that he wouldn’t be there to protect her. Sadness that she had hated him, the words piercing through his immortal heart and then the anger settled in.

Anger at his brother for shoving the dagger in his chest… anger at himself for exposing them when he lost himself in the rage and depression, eradicating a whole witch line, that lead to the dagger in the chest. He was devastated and angry, fearing he wouldn’t see her again.

Then a miracle happened, she called for him and threw herself into his arms crying. He was always amazed that she never feared him, even when she knew who he was. Finn was happy once again but that happiness was soon ripped away from him by the cold ones, sparking rage within him once more.

Though because of them he knew the truth, Bella the girl, now woman, who showed him how to live once again was his mate. His very slightly vulnerable mate, so he told her witch friend to find Sage. Sage would protect his mate and so would Leif…

That’s what he hoped would happen, but no, he was called by his mate and near all his control snapped when he saw his sister of choice choking the life out of his mate. He could see the bruises forming and smell her fear and for the first time ever, he wanted to hurt Sage.

“Finn, what is this place?” Bella asked as she cast a confused look at the hazy forest. It was unfamiliar to her and yet it felt like home.

Finn frowned, turning his head to look for Bella. “It is the darkness you pull me from. How are you here, why are you here?”

Bella cocked her head to the side confused, this place wasn’t dark. “You called for me after you threatened Tobias; I passed out once he healed me. Finn, this place isn’t dark, open your eyes.” She giggled out.

“Oh… this is my home…” He trailed off surprise as he did as she suggested, he had thought his eyes were open all along but no, he kept them closed. Now he was surrounded by light and forests, or maybe he was indeed in the dark and Bella simply brought the light with her.

In an instant Bella found herself in Finn’s arms, comfortably tight against his chest. “Oh sweet goddess. I am so sorry my Little Swan, I should have known better, should have known that Sage would not be as I remember her. Bitterness from my daggering and because of Niklaus’s meddling I assume has turned her suspicious, beyond all reason.” He explains softly, the words muffled from her hair.

“It’s okay, I’m healed now.” She replied soothingly, rubbing his back with her free arm. “You know, I always longed to be here, in your arms more than just you and I, mentor student… I wanted; want us to be something more and now we are… aren’t we?” She asked unsure, blinking as Finn jerked his head back quickly.

That underlying horror that he had felt back long ago came rushing back as he saw the uncertainty in her own eyes. “Oh my sweet Little Swan, now that I know and have found you I will never let you go… Even when I didn’t know you were my mate, I was never letting you go. We’ve had a strange relationship, you and I but I have always loved you. As a friend and now I will be able to love you as my equal. Never doubt us my Little Swan.” He stated firmly, his hand letting her go and cupping her cheeks to make her look at him.

“I may be young but I have always loved you Finn Mikaelson and nothing or anyone will change that otherwise.” She confessed before she felt her knees collapse, she could feel the pull to wake up coming and she wondered if this was how Finn felt each time she released him from the spell or whatever it was that caused him to appear.

“You have to go back don’t you?” Finn asked softly, his eyes holding an unfamiliar gleam in them.

“Yeah, I do… I can feel the pull to waken. Don’t worry Finn; I’ll be okay as always. Tobias will help me if Sage will not, though I am a little disappointed. She was not what I was expecting, nor was her… warm welcome.” She explained disappointed and honestly, he had told her tales of what Sage was like when he was undaggered and to be met with such hostility with no chance to explain, well… it was a little disappointing.

“Lief, yes, he is a very noble warrior… He will protect you if not Sage.” Finn hummed, a frown pulling at his features as he tried to control the rage that still threatened to explode within.

“Why do you call him Leif?” Bella asked with a giggle.

Finn smiled, “Because that was his name before he changed it to Tobias to hide from his family when he was changed. Lief comes from a long line of warriors and witches. His father was a viking warrior and his mother a witch, he was the youngest of five and choosing Sage over his intended, did not end well. But he knew Sage was for him and no one else. He is a noble and honourable man, I can trust him more so now than Sage.” He explained, ending with a sad sigh.

“I need to go… I will call you if I need you, I will call you even if I don’t…” She whispered before pressing her lips against his and closing her eyes.

In an instant she shot up with a gasp, her hand flying to her chest in shock. She shook her head and tried to blink away the haze of sleep. Panic flared in her as she caught the time and groaned. “I’m so dead… Charlie is going to kill me… after he sends the whole county force to look for me.”

Author Note: Okay, I gave you ANOTHER hint on who else Bella will be related to… You guys did guess correct in something about Leif and Bella being related. 

So did you like this chapter or what?




11 thoughts on “Chapter Eleven

  1. Oh that’s so not fair to leave it like that. I stumbled across this story and instantly fell in love with it and many of your other stories. I drop what I am going when I see a new update.

    i have an inkling of who the viking father is but am not completely sure.
    Please keep up the great work and I look forward to the new chapters.

  2. Love these little stolen moments together they have.

    Sage didn’t give her the welcoming she expected buy 900 years of distrust can change a person, hopefully she will overcome her error. Tobias will be there for Bella.

  3. Oh man can’t believe it’s been stopped at this point for so long. I was so enjoying this story and was looking forward to its conclusion

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