Chapter Fifteen

Title: Dreams of Time
She didn’t know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Chapter Fifteen

Third Point of View

Bella jerked in surprise as she found herself being dragged out of the car and in a warm strong embrace. Instinct kicked in and her hand flew up sending the body attached to her flying back several feet.

“Dammit Sam! You scared the hell out of me!” She scolded with a laugh once she saw who exactly it was.

Sam laughed freely from his spot on the grass. “That’s a little kick Swan. Sorry, I’m in a happy mood and it’s thanks to you.”

Brows were raised. “Me?”

“Yes, Emily is cooking up a storm with a smile on her face. Leah came around last night to speak to Emily and though it’s still a little raw she understands now. Today is a joyous day Swan.” Sam supplied with a large smile before hoisting himself to his feet and gesturing for her to follow him.

“You’ve yet to meet Jared and Paul formally, they’re the only ones of the Pack so far and there is a few who we are keeping an eye on. Paul was the one you sensed changed.” Sam explained as he held the door open, watching as Bella scanned the room before raising her brow as she caught the two other wolves waiting by the kitchen door.

“Hungry?” She asked with an amused smile. Paul and Jared nodded before tearing themselves away from the door.

“Our metabolism kicks in when we change, we’re always hungry.” Sam explained before turning his gaze to his pack brothers. “Jared, Paul, this is Bella. Bella that’s Paul and this is Jared.”

Emily hearing Sam’s introduction stepped out from the kitchen and smiled warmly at Bella before narrowing her eyes at the two boys. “Food is still not ready yet, stay out of my kitchen until I say you can eat. I don’t want you ruining lunch like you did the other day.”

Bella smothered the smirk and stifled her laughter before placing a barrier up that kept the two out before giving Emily a hug. “I cannot believe it’s been only a week!”

“I know, so much has happened already, come there’s some muffins cooling on the counter that I was saving for you. You can tell me what’s been happening since you were down here last.” Emily stated while leading Bella into the kitchen, giving the boys a sharp look as they whined about the muffins.

“I would love that but can we speak out on the porch? Sam needs to hear what’s happened so far and what’s happening today as well.” She explained the woman who was quickly becoming her friend as well.

Emily nodded and grabbed the basket of muffins before leading Bella back out onto the porch and to the small sitting area off to the side, the basket nestled between them while Sam leant against the railing and Jared on the steps with Paul.

Taking a deep breath, Bella let it out with a sigh that explained many things to the others. It sounded tired, accompanying the weight that seemed to rest on her shoulders. Her eyes when they caught sight of them reflected the emotion behind it.

“Sam knows about my Mate, it’s kind of like your imprint. I found his progeny and her mate in Port Angeles; I was being followed by one of the Cullen’s and literally ran into Toby. It turns out Sage’s –

my mate’s progeny – mate is the brother of my ancestor. They’re coming here today and meeting you at the border to join in on the meeting to see about and plan with us about the Cold Ones.” Bella explained, watching carefully as the boys began to tense.

Sam sighed and willed his body to relax before nodding. “Bella is correct; they need to be here for this. There are only three of us against a coven of Seven. We do need all the help we can get, when will they be here?”

Bella frowned and cursed herself as she realised that she hadn’t given them a specific time to meet at the border. She pulled her phone from her pocket clumsily to see she had two messages and a missed call. The missed call was from an unknown number but the text messages were from Lani.

We’re here.

You better come to the border with the Shifters, Tobias is pacing a line in the ground and will break the treaty if need be.

“Uh, we need to go now. Toby is pacing at the treaty line; we may need to have lunch at the meeting point. Sorry Em.” She informed Sam while texting back Lani that she was on her way.

Emily smiled fondly while the boys huffed and began to strip. “It’s alright Bella; I’ll meet you all over at Billy’s.”

Sam gave his imprint a kiss before shifting, huffing a laugh as he caught sight of the brilliant red blush upon Bella’s face as he lowered himself to the ground for her to hop on. Paul and Jared huffed a laugh as well before flanking Sam as they took off.

Head towards the border each take a different spot; we don’t know where they are going to be. ~Sam

Do we even know what they smell like? ~Jared

Maybe like the rest of the leeches. We should have asked ~Paul

Sam slowed down as he thought about this, the only way to do it without phasing back was to walk along the border or scent out a scent that was different than a Leech or what was Nature. Surely they smelled different to humans and leeches in general.

LEECH! ~Paul

I’m on my way ~ Jared


The alpha order caused the two wolves to come to a sudden halt with a whine but Sam could smell something that drifted in with the scent of leech. It was woodsy but it sparked with power, it was an old scent and when he grew closer to the location of the line he could see why.

Bella jerked her head up from between Sam’s shoulder blades, the position she had been in when she felt the sudden shift in the wolf below her and the growls far off in the distance. Danger her mind supplied but now as she stared at her kin she could see why.

There standing next to Toby and Sage were two Cold Ones with brilliant Red eyes.

“Finn!” She cried out and watched as the vampires jerked in reply. Toby instantly stepping between the Cold Ones as her mate appeared with a growl.

“They are safe! They are kin!” Tobias explained in a rush as he saw the Original begin to coil. He didn’t know what would happen as he didn’t know how the Original could appear by call but he didn’t want to test the theory of setting Finn off and having to place his nephew and his mate together again.

Finn growled low and stalked towards his mate, never taking his eyes off the Cold Ones as he helped her down from the wolf. He pulled her away from both parties and watched warily as the wolves shifted back.

“Someone better explain, I have very little hold on my anger right now.” Finn growled out, his eyes locked on Leif. The wolves shivered as they felt something powerful rumble through the air, whatever it was… it was old and very angry.

“This is Peter and Charlotte, Peter comes from my eldest brother’s line. They are family and are here to help, their creator has been taken into the Cullen’s. We are unsure if it is by will or by manipulation, they’ve only seen him once since… what did you call her?” Toby asked, his eyes flicking to Peter and back.

“Goat fletching Keebler elf.” Charlotte supplied when her mate didn’t answer, Peter’s eyes trained on the girl they were called to help.

Toby nodded before finishing. “Yes, since she took him from them.”

“You’re speaking of Jasper? I’ve seen him being tugged around school, his face constantly masked but there is pain deep in his eyes. Alice when she is no after me is always touching him.” Bella supplied, pressing her hand to Finn’s back to calm him down as he tensed when she spoke. “They will need to come with us.”

“They’re leeches Bella, the ones we hunt.” Sam growled out, his eyes firmly locked on the two red eyed leeches.

“We only hunt criminals, drug addicts, the lowest cruellest of humans in the world.” Peter replied blankly, finally tearing his eyes away from his Kin. “We are in control but there is three of you and of course Bella.”

“That’s right, I can make sure they won’t harm people Sam, we need to move.” She explained as her eyes flickered towards Forks.

Lani vanished quickly before returning in what seemed to be a blink of an eye, a scowl on her face. “A Cullen is on their way, we need to move now.”

With a deep sigh Sam nodded, giving his growl of warning before shifting back, Jared and Paul following suit and Bella felt sorry for him as they growled low in a rumble chorus. Finn didn’t move, not until Leif had made his way to their side and held out a hand for Bella to take.

“I’ll take you with me, I don’t trust wolves.” He whispered, his eyes flicking up to Finn and back.

Bella frowned but nodded, swinging up onto Toby’s back. There was a story behind that line and she would like to know it soon, there was just something hidden beneath it.

Author Note: Well here you go! Not really how I wanted the chapter but it’ll do.


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