Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Author note: Oh god, it’s been a while….

Third POV

Bella toyed with the necklace as she finishes packing the last of her stuff. It had been a year since she said those hateful words to her Finn. She had not meant them at all, how could she hate him? She could still remember the way he flinched as they spewed from her mouth, how it seemed something shattered in him.

Yet, she wouldn’t call for him. It wasn’t the fact that he couldn’t be here, why he only appeared when he needed her… it was because he didn’t trust her enough to tell her why he couldn’t be here exactly, or tell her about him.

All she knew of her Finn was that he was an original vampire and that his mother was a witch… Also she knew that he had brothers and a sister somewhere due to her books, yet they couldn’t tell her where he or they were.

Trust was an important thing to Bella, without it, well things wouldn’t be very good and Finn was the only one she could trust fully and for him to not trust her just as much… it hurt deeply.

With a deep sigh she closed the lid of the last box and taped it. Her flight was soon and then she would be in dreary Forks, Washington the rainiest place on earth.

But it was a necessary evil, well not evil-evil but a move she really didn’t wish to make. It was for her mother of course, Bella couldn’t take her bitterness any longer and this move really did benefit the both of them, no matter how much she hated it.  Her mother will finally be free of her ‘motherly duties’ and Bella would be able to practise more freely.

“Bella are you sure you want to go?” Renee asked once again from the doorway.

“Yes, I’ve already packed mom.” Bella replies curtly, tense.

She knew that Renee wanted her gone and that the only reason she was consistently asking was because it was expected of her.

“Renee, leave the kid alone.” Phil chided, causing the tension to leave Bella.


Her and Phil got along really well, they didn’t at first because of his age, only twelve years older than her but they seemed to click one day and have been close ever since. He was also a wolf, the last of his clan and didn’t trust others of his kind too much; she had saved his life when he was attacked by another pack one moonless night in human form. This was of course after he and Renee were already married.

Renee huffed. “Fine.”

Bella cast Phil and amused look as Renee stomped out of the room. “Well she’s your problem now.” She teased.

Phil only sighed dramatically. “I know, but I love her anyway. I’m gonna miss you kid.”

Her smile turned sad. “I’ll miss you too Phil.”

“Oh! Before I forget, here.” She exclaimed, digging in to her pocket and pulling out the ring she had made. It was a simple gold band with an Onyx gemstone with her crest on either side. “It’s a moon ring, it means you won’t need to shift on a full moon anymore.”

Phil stared shocked at the ring in her hand before hesitantly taking it from her and putting it on. He was amazed and when he saw the Swan Crest he knew that he would always have a family with Bella, he wasn’t alone anymore. Yes, his mate was her mother but if something were to happen then he would always have Bella.

“The crest is a symbol that you are in my clan and under my protection. You’re a part of my family now Phil, don’t abuse my trust.” Bella explained softly with a hint of warning.

“I won’t Bells, I swear.” He stated softly and pulled her into a hug, hissing at the slight burn from the wolfsbane.

“Sorry.” She quickly apologised while stepping back.

“I have everything ready, I sent my trunk to Charlie already with all my witchy stuff. Can you make sure Renee sends me the rest?” She asked gesturing to her meagre boxes in the now empty room.

“Will do.”

“Isabella! It’s time to go!” Renee yelled up the stairs annoyed.

Taking a look at the time Bella sighed and grabbed her bag. She was only taking two bags, one large duffle with her meagre amount of warm clothing suitable for Forks and a carry on that was full of her seeds and Grimoire.

It didn’t take them long to reach the airport and soon enough Bella found herself standing in the Seattle airport looking for Charlie.


Her head shot up at her name, her eyes landing on Charlie through the slight gap in the crowd. With a huff she lugged over her bags and greeted her father. He hadn’t really changed much from the last time she saw him, maybe a little grey coming through at the temples.

“Hey, dad.” The words tumbled out of her mouth awkwardly, her tongue tripping on the unused words.

He shuffled awkwardly before taking one of her bags and directed them out of the airport. When Bella caught sight of the cruiser parked in the yellow zone, it took all her will power not to groan. She hoped that he lived close to the school and town, cause there was no way she wanted to ride around in the police cruiser.

“How was your flight?” Charlie asked awkwardly once they were in the car.


With a shrug she replied. “Okay.”

Silence descended on them both, Bella not really wanting to talk and Charlie because he didn’t know what to say. What could you say to your teenage daughter you barely saw? He hardly knew her, didn’t know what she liked or disliked now and it was because of Renee.

“I uh, got you something.” He muttered softly when they finally reached Forks, cringing slightly when his daughter’s miserable eyes landed on his.

“Hmm?” She asked offhandedly, she didn’t really want to know, her eyes busy taking in all the green and grey that blurred past.

“I know it seems uncool to catch a ride with your old man, let alone your old man in a police cruiser so I kind of… bought you a truck.” Charlie muttered uncomfortable, coughing slightly as they come to a stop.

Bella jerked her head in disbelief towards her father before casting a look at the red truck in the drive. It was a beast of a thing, faded fire truck red and it had character… Bella instantly loved it and all it represented.

“Thanks Ch-Dad.” She blurted out, giving him a quick hug before hopping out of the car and making her way towards her new beast.

“I shall dub you Bessie.” She exclaimed, unknown and slightly amused.

She quickly touched the faded red beast and froze, her hand stilling on the cool metal as magic flickered across her senses. “Hey dad, who’d you buy this from?” She asks neutrally.


“I bought it from Billy Black, you remember him?” Charlie replies happy.

Bella nodded, her eyes glazing over as she felt the old magic, magic of the earth. It seems her little trip to forks was going to be more interesting than what she originally planned. She would have to be more careful now, knowing that there was magic on the reservation until she found out what exactly was and meant.


Author Note: Soooo sorry that this has been delayed, I have been writing contest pieces for Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Superhero Fest! And then I was so swamped with work and then supanova! I got to meet Manu Bennett, George Takei and James Masters! Well anyways, here is another chapter to DOT for you….




8 thoughts on “Chapter Five

  1. Yes! Everything rocked from phil being a werewolf and her making him a moon stone. Assuming u got that from the originals? cant wait to read more. Hope she doesn’t fall for edward tho. That would be mean. Feel sry for finn but at same time…its his fault..shouldve been honest. Awaiting the next glorious update 😀

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  3. Can not believe she hasn’t called for Finn in a year. So sad for them both.
    Loved the part with Phil, him a wolf and her saving him. Really cool of her do include him in her family and make the ring for him.
    Curious to how things will go for her in Forks. Please no Eddie.

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