Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Author Note: Okay so this is kinda a filler chapter, some of you suggested them getting to know one another, her meeting vampires and what not.

Third POV

Bella pushed her legs as fast as she could; cursing at the fact she had to take a babysitting job so far away. But, she needed the money, rent was due soon and her mother spent what Charlie had sent them within the first day.

She was fine until she reached the park, which was between her and her clients. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as she felt eyes bore into her. She knew she was in danger and as she quickened her pace she knew it wasn’t human that was hunting her.

Of course it would be a Vampire; wolves only came out on the full moon.

Thankfully she knew how to defend herself, the book being oh so helpful in supplying a spell or two while the smaller handbook gave her the details of the vampires. Though she didn’t know which kind it was, a traditional or a Cold One.

“Where you going little girl, do you know it’s dangerous at night?” A man chuckled, causing her to skid to a halt, her eyes snapping to the dark figure.

Sapphire eyes shone back, a cocky smirk and elongated teeth. A traditional vampire then, at least they were easier to kill.

“That I did, but I’m almost home, my mother is waiting for me.” She states, wincing as her voice cracked at the slight lie. She was nearly home but her mother was not waiting for her, after all she was out on the town with her current boyfriend of the month that she had met the previous night.

The man chuckled, stepping into the light. “Now, now child… I know that’s not true. You see, my dear friend is out with your mother right now. We were told there was a Swan Witch living in that house and my, what a surprise to find that it wasn’t her but you.”

Bella froze as the words sunk in before the rage took her. The vampire before her had a friend who was with her mother, her much unprotected mother. She threw her hands out, chanting several words and watched as the vampire flew back from her.

The vampire snarled as he chased after the young human, his hand wrapping around her neck and lifting her off the ground, savouring the cry that escaped before dashing off towards where he knew no human would hear her.

Bella screamed as they ran, trying to clear her mind of the pain the vampire was giving before they came to a sudden stop, another cry escaping her lips as he threw her down.

“STOP CRYING!” He yelled, face morphing in rage. “Stupid child! If you didn’t do what you did and came with us willingly then you wouldn’t be hurt! Well, I was told to bring you back alive and unharmed but you pushed me!” He snarls down at the human child.

Bella flinched away, her heart thudding strongly in her chest. She wished now that she carried more vervain, some of the liquid version of it like Finn had asked her too… Finn…

“Finn!” She wails, her voice echoing the empty desert sending a chill down the vampires side. “FINN!”

A deep roar echoed the dark desert as Finn came to, his eyes landing on his Little Swan bleeding and bruised while a vampire stood before her. He rushed forward, another snarl leaving his lips as he twirled Bella into his arms and away. Looking back once as he felt the power burst out of Bella, his eyes caught the vampire burning but he couldn’t let that ease his worry.

There could be more.

They had found out that, only things that she was connected to could he touch, others it was if he had passed on. It confused them both but they didn’t concern themselves with it too much, now Finn cursed his brother as he raced towards Little Swan’s house, hissing slightly as vervain brushed his skin from when he jumped and dived through the window.

He placed her down gently, his eyes roaming over her and snarled with each bruise and cut he had found. He resisted the urge to give her his blood, she still didn’t know what he was and he was still terrified of losing her if she did.

He had watched her grow from a young child to the strong woman before him, though he knew from today’s standards she was still a child at a mere sixteen.

“It’s okay you know.” She whispers as she watched the internal battle wage on. She knew he wanted to give her blood, to heal her of her pain and wounds, though she couldn’t hold back the slight laugh at his confusion. “To give me your blood, I know what you are.”

Surprise filled Finn, causing him to fall back slightly in shock. She knew what he was and yet here she was, bleeding openly in front of a vampire, though he had great control but he had not feed in many years now and yet she still trusted him… still looked upon him with the same awe and admiration.

Hesitantly, from the thought that this may not work and the thought of knowing and seeing are completely different, he turned his head and bit into his wrist mildly surprised at the taste of his blood before holding it out to her.

Bella inhaled through her mouth, cutting off her sense of smell before gingerly grasping his arm and brining the wound to her lips. He tasted like rich chocolate mixed with an indescribable flavour, she felt the bite close and with it so did her wounds. She almost sagged with relief as the pain subsided, sighing softly while letting the arm go.

Finn watched on with amazement as Little Swan swallowed the blood, pulling back as the wound closed and sagged against him. Though he was relieved somewhat, he was furious in another.

“There were two; the other is with my mother.” Isabella whispers softly, angrily. “They thought she was the Swan Witch.”

“I am sorry little one, and I am sorry that I cannot kill the other. You must be the one to destroy him, to protect you and your mother.” He finishes sourly, his chest constricting with guilt and fury. He was furious at both the vampires who dared to try and hurt her and his brother who had daggered him.

“Why me!? Why can’t you come to protect me? Why?! I was fine with you being a vampire, I knew since I was eleven but I could never understand why you don’t want to be here… why you choose to be in my dreams or when I need you.” Bella cries angrily, pushing away from Finn. “I hate you because of this.”

Finn choked, his heart nearly shattering at the six words she barely made audible.

“I cannot… I cannot my sweet Little Swan…” He chokes out, moving to comfort her only to stop as she flinched away. “Please, do not hate me.”

Her eyes snapped to his, the pain and grief shone back with a spark of something that made him stumble away. His body tugged and pulled as the familiar darkness of his consciousness began to pull back towards his body.

“I need you Finn and you cannot be here… it hurts me more than you would ever know…”

With that, Finn was shoved back, this time in a world of nightmares where Isabella’s haunted eyes and pained tone followed him.

Author Note: Okay, so next is forks! Also, I cannot reply to Anon reviews, but I also need to explain the whole imprinting thing. I didn’t mean EXACTLY like the wolves. Mating to vampires is finding someone who matches you, completes you perfectly. BUT since Bella was/is young like a child AT the time, its like imprinting where the love is not romantic in any way.





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