Chapter Fourteen

Title: Dreams of Time
She didn’t know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Chapter Fourteen

Third Point of View

When morning came Bella nearly gave her father a heart attack, she had expected him to be gone by now but alas he was still in the kitchen reading the paper with a cup of coffee.

“Jesus Bells, I thought you were at Angela’s.” Charlie exclaimed as he settled his rapidly beating heart and relaxing his hands that were clenched tightly around the paper.

Bella cast her father an apologetic look. “I came home late, Ang’s mom dropped me off and you were asleep so I didn’t want to bother you. Thought you’d know I was home, sorry Dad. You’re usually gone by now anyways, is everything okay?”

“That’s okay Kiddo and yes everything is fine. Deputy called in sick so I have to go in soon to take over the afternoon and night shift so I won’t be home until tomorrow morning, is that okay?” To be honest hearing this news pleased her greatly; it meant she could stay down at the Reservation longer.

“That’s fine, is it okay if I stay at Sam and Emily’s tonight? They invited me to a bonfire even though I was already going there for lunch and I don’t want to drive home late from La Push.” The lie slipped easily off her tongue. Well, it was a slight truth, she was going down as she remembered telling Sam she would see him Saturday to try Emily’s muffins but well the meeting with the vampires, shifters and Forks Witches was today as well.

Charlie raised his brows in amusement as he watched his daughter ramble. “That’s fine kiddo, I;’m glad that you won’t be home alone or driving back late at night.”

“Anyway dad, I should be off and get there to give Emily a hand.” Bella replied as she cast a look to the clock and then down at her phone. She needed to make a phone call to both parties and for the wolves to escort the traditional vampires to the meeting place as well as call Angela to tell the others what is happening.

With another quick goodbye to Charlie she grabbed her keys, jacket, purse and pulled out her cell phone cursing when she realised that she didn’t really have Toby’s number, but then a name popped up that she just knew wasn’t there before last night. It was Lani’s number.

Tell Toby to meet at the La Push treaty line, he will know where it is and when to stop. Wolves will meet you there to escort.

The sudden feeling of eyes on her person had set her on edge, her eyes snapping up and scanning the trees and the houses for whoever it was. When she saw no one but still felt the eyes upon her she knew that whatever it was… was supernatural. A grimace pulled at her lips as she descended the stairs and moved towards Bessie all the while whispering silencing and protection spells.

She wouldn’t call Finn, not yet, not unless she needed him.

A low rumble and a flash in the corner of her eyes told her who exactly was watching her and she hoped to the Goddess that she made it to La Push without a tree or something ‘accidently’ falling into her path.

“Finn.” She called softly the second she closed her driver’s side door and cast her Mate a look when he popped up in the seat next to her looking startled and uncomfortable. It was then she realised that he had never been in a car before let alone with her because she had never called for him while doing so.

At the sound of her laugh Finn couldn’t help but relax, his eyes snapping to her face and letting the anxiety wash away as he took in the open joy. There was rare opportunities these days to see her smile so freely, to see it glitter in her eyes and now there was another emotion deep within that he could now see. Love. He had seen that look before in Sage but this, this was a different love, near all-consuming and unconditional…

“You called Little Swan?” He asked fondly, giving her his full attention while trying to keep the hissed conversation and quick paces of the Cold Ones outside.

“I did, I’m going to see the wolves, Forks Coven and Toby’s selected as well as he and Sage. I just wanted you here just in case those Cold Ones try and stop me before I reach the boarder.” She explained with a fond smile that made him swell with pride.

With a nod he got comfortable in his seat and watched the scenery pass by fascinated. It nearly reminded him of home, the way the trees were but here was a little greener and it rained more than it didn’t. Still he felt at home, but he hoped one day he could show her the caves where his family hid from the wolves each full moon, where their names were carved into the rock and hopefully add hers to them someday.

A ripple of magic weaved over him, causing his body to jerk and flicker in and out. It had been a very long time since he had felt magic that strong, natural and old. Very old and placed by someone who obviously knew what they were doing when they put up a boundary spell. The scent of Shifters, the ocean and magic seemed to leech out of the earth and made it feel slightly unwelcoming and yet welcoming at the same time, he hoped that one day he could ask about it properly.

“Do you wish to stay longer or come back when I call? I promise to call for you when we discuss the Cold Ones but for now it’s just lunch.” Bella explained softly as she drove into La Push towards the familiar house of Sam and Emily, they were taking her to the spot where the Coven, Pack, Elders and Traditional’s were to be meeting.

Finn took one of his Mates hands into his and kissed her palm softly. “Call me when it is time to meet elskan mín, until then be safe and enjoy your day.”

When he looked up it was to see his Little Swan blushing while trying to smother the surprise and smile. It was something he never wished to see be taken from her and something he will strive to make happen daily, as long as she looked at him that way… he just hoped that if and when she saw his monster that the look would never change.

The Berserker was feared by all…

Author Note: Damn… its been nearly a year, holy crap do I apologise.


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  1. Thank you for updating this story. I literally did a happy dance when I saw you did. Loved the chapter and can’t wait to see what happens next.

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