Chapter Nine

Title: Dreams of Time
Pairing: Finn/Bella
Summary: She didn’t know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Author Note: YAY!

Disclaimer: I still do not own anything twilight related or Finn.

Chapter Nine

“Bella, my sweet Little Swan, what are you doing here?” Finn asked concerned as he found himself in a haze of white.

“Did you know?” She asked, opening her eyes and staring at her mate, hers. Of all she dreamed of, being Finn’s forever was the main hope but she knew deep down that she wasn’t and couldn’t be his. But her vision, her vision of the deaths she saw when her eyes landed on the Cullen’s.

She saw what would happen if Edward succeeded if she was not who she was. She would have been broken beyond repair only to be manipulated into being the perfect pet, weapon for them to rule. Another one she saw her mate die at the hands of another, a stake to the heart and soon all would follow. In the last, it was Finn and her together, side by side as the Cullen’s and those who oppose them burned at their feet.

Finn sighed and pulled her into his arms, tucking her head into his chest. She was small compared to him, but fit perfectly in his arms. “No, not till today, not till I saw and heard what the cold ones wanted.”

“I will find you Finn; I will find Sage for now and then I will find you. I love you Finn.” She explained, pressing her lips to the exposed flesh upon his chest before stepping back. “I will call for you if I need you, till then I will do all I can to find Sage and stay safe.”

Bella woke up with a gasp, her hand flying and connecting with something hard as she scrambled away with disorientation.

“Easy Bella, you are safe.” Sam’s voice soothed, causing her eyes to snap open.

Blinking blearily, she raised her hand to cut back the harsh light. “Sam? Where am I?”

“You’re in one of the elders homes Bella, what was the last thing you remember?” He asked concerned, sitting down on the edge of the bed and casting a concerned look up at his imprint.

“I remember… I remember seeing the Cullen’s and then death… I saw myself die and then I saw my mate die… Finn…. Finn… Sage…” She mumbled confused, pushing up from the bed and swaying.

“Easy Bella, we’ll take you to the lounge so you can see the others but easy.” Emily soothed, brushing back the hair from Bella’s cheek. She owed the small girl much, as she had saved her, Sam and Leah from much pain and suffering.

“I need to find Sage… I need help.” Bella whimpered as the familiar ache settled just behind her eyes. Oh how she hated migraines, she only got them after a vision of sorts.

“That is why you are here young Swan.” Old Quil greeted from his seat in the main lounge, all the furniture but the chairs remained. Sam and Emily quickly sat her down in the only vacant one left before stepping back, they would stand with Bella and by standing behind her they’re showing they were a part of her.

“Who are you… Angela? Nurse Chapel?” Bella asked confused as she cast a look at the girl and the nurse before blinking as she saw their aura. The chair toppled backwards as she stood and backed away, fear in her eyes as she tried to get away.

“You won’t take me; I will not help you with my power!” She hissed furious, before collapsing as the drain caught up to her.

“No! Bella, we’re here to help you… We’re what are left of the Fork’s Witches.” Chapel stated calmly, not moving from her seat, she glanced at the others who were about to step forward. If they wanted Bella to believe that they’re helping then they couldn’t move. Chapel was sad at the fact that Bella had been subjected to attacks because of her lineage.

“Fork’s Witches, you were my Gran’s friends.” Bella uttered confused, her mind racing to all the information she read in her Gran’s diaries and grimoires. “I need to find a vampire, Sage. The Cold Ones wish to break me and use me as a weapon, I need to find my Mate’s progeny, and she will protect me if I can convince her. Can you help me locate her?” She asked slowly, eying all the faces in the room.

She could taste the power; nature bound witches to the forest around them. The old man had a different taste of power, ancient and much like the others. It was a mix between the nature witches and the shifters.

“I need a phone; I have to make a call to my other clan member.” She stated as Phil came to mind, she was in a position that might need him or well, he could help look for the vampire if he was near where she is. Angela quickly handed over a mobile with a frown.

“I thought you were the only one left Child.” Old Quil asked confused.

Bella snorted as she dialled his number and hoped to god he was alone. “Of course I am.”

“Then who is the other clan member?” Alamanda asked confused.

“My stepfather is a wolf.” She answered before smiling as Phil answered; ignoring the shocked looks upon the others faces.

Bella, what is the matter? Has something happened?” Phil asked concerned, worried.

“I don’t know Phil, seems its me whose in trouble once again… Cold Ones, what do you know of them?” She asked, jerking the phone back as a snarl echoed through the phone.

Cold Ones, are cold ones after you? I can be there within the day if you need me!” Phil’s voice turned rough and guttural of that when he’s angry. She had only heard it twice since he married her mother and in those times, nothing good came of it.

“No, I’m protected by Shifters and other Witches. I called to let you know, as a member of my clan… I need to look for a vampire; I was hoping you could help.” Bella explained softly, trying to sooth the wolf.

Another growl sounded before a sigh. “I know some vampires; if I don’t know then I can ask around.”

Bella smiled. “Do you know of a vampire named Sage?”

“Sage? No, I don’t know her personally but I have heard of her… Bella, why are you looking for a Progeny?” Phil asked slowly, curiously.

“My mate asked me to find her, told me she can protect me when he cannot.” Bella sighed out, she hadn’t told Phil of Finn, and the only ones who knew about him were the ones in the room. Her eyes flickered up to the others in the room, each with different variety of emotions on their face.

Mate… since when… no, never mind, why is he sure that Sage can and will protect you?” He asked.

“…because my mate is her maker.”

Author Note: Oh well, filler really 😛

Input needed on what you would like to see.





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