Chapter Nineteen

Title: Dreams of Time
She didn’t know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Chapter Nineteen

Third Point of View

The groan that left Bella’s mouth had Angela chuckling, her eyes flicking up from the book before her to her friend. “This is what happens when you use Elemental Magic.”

“Ugh…” the rest of the words were muffled in her arm.

“I’m sorry I didn’t quite get that.” Angela replied with mirth.

Dark eyes peered out from behind chestnut curls, narrowed in annoyance. “I said that if I knew feeling like I’m halfway to my death and sickly was the consequence I would have found a different method to do what I needed.”

“I could have helped if you…” Angela reminded, looking up from the book once more and cast a look around the library for prying eyes or ears but she could see the shimmer of Bella’s illusion bubble. “Sending messages is what I’m good at besides Seeing.”

Bella shook her head and pulled herself up into a sitting position. “No, I didn’t want anyone to know what I was doing, even Finn doesn’t know or Lief but it was worth it… there are things still yet to be decided but it is up to the person I contacted and the employer.”

“Bella, the others are worried. The storms been going on for three days now and you’re still not a hundred percent…” Angela replied concerned.

“Stop, I’ve heard it from all of you and so far nothing has happened.” Bella huffed before standing. “Now, the bell is about to go and we got English. Can we just… not talk about this till after school? We have a meeting down by the border.”

The sigh that left Angela’s lips was both in annoyance and in worry. “Okay I’ll leave that topic till then but… the Cullen’s are becoming more persistent. Edward and Alice have been following you non-stop and pushing into our groups or a conversation for three days and it’s worrying me… not only that Edward transferred into your Advanced Biology class and convinced the teacher to partner him with you.”

A scowl twisted on Bella’s face at that, her dark eyes roaming lazily over the shelves and people in the library for the infuriating gold that always seemed to be there before hissing as she saw both of the Cullen’s hiding in the corner.

Agitation sparked in her eyes and a wicked smile graced her lips catching Angela’s attention. She immediately relaxed her pose and subtly raised her eyes enough to see what was about to happen over the top of her book, nearly biting her tongue as Alice screamed wildly as a large spider dropped down upon her head.

Thanks to Peter, Bella knew that even though most animals stayed away from their kind the insects and whatnot had no qualms and Alice was terrified of spiders as Bella found out one evening when Alice followed her home.

“Get it off! GET IT OFF!” Alice screamed out as she brushed her hands wildly over her body, nearly breaking the Cold Ones’ rule of Don’t Expose to Humans if not for Edward stilling her arms and flicking the spider away.

“This is a library, keep it down or leave.” The head librarian hissed sternly as she rounded the corner, not taking their excuses for why Alice was screaming as Bella had waved away the illusion.

“Some of us are trying to study for tests here.” She taunted, giving the glaring Cold Ones a smirk as the librarian practically frogmarched them from the room.

When the door to the library shut behind them Angela let out a snicker, her shoulders shaking with the force as she muffled her laughter into her hand. “That was probably not a good idea.”

Shrugging Bella began to gather her books once more. “I am so beyond caring right now, I feel like death and they won’t leave me the hell alone. Anything to one up them is fantastic since I can’t set them on fire as Finn wishes to do that himself.”

“Alright, well we have English to get to.” Angela chuckled as she hurriedly shoved all her books in her bag and slinging it over her shoulder.

“Fuck.” Bella muttered with a groan. “Another class where he’s going to be staring at me and on top it off we have to watch Romeo and Juliet.”

“I thought you liked the classics?” Angela asked.

With a huff Bella turned to one of her best friends and cocked her brow. “Yes but can you honestly say that listening to Mike Newton and Tyler Crowley read Shakespeare and wrongly I may add, is fun?”

Well Angela had to admit she did have a point. “True.”

“Speaking of boys, what is with you and Ben?” Bella asked, laughing when a brilliant blush lit up Angela’s cheeks. “I knew it, you liiiike him. He also liiiikes you.”

“Shut up!” Angela teased, pushing Bella slightly and rolling her eyes as several students turned around and looked at her bewildered.

“No I’m serious Ang, he really likes you but the boy is shy as a curled hedgehog so you’ll have to ask him.” Bella explained with a smirk. “It’s adorable how he stammers around you and vice versa, a true diamond in the rough he is.”

“Yes but what am I supposed to tell him? Hi, I really like you and was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies… oh by the way I’m a witch from a long line of witches and my dad is a hunter and oh… I’m friends with vampires and shifters?” Angela hissed under her breath as they stepped into the classroom. She didn’t really need to whisper as she could still sense the silent charm and the illusion around them but it was better safe than sorry.

“Of course! He’s the biggest nerd there is besides you in our grade, I’m sure that if you tell him he wouldn’t even bat an eye about it. He’d be asking you a million questions but still!” Bella replied as they took their seat, giving Ben a wide grin from his spot beside Eric Yorkie.

As Angela went to reply the teacher walked in and bringing with him the TV for the movie, earning a few groans and chuckles of laughter but Angela turned her attention back to Bella and glared softly. “Drop it or I’ll bring up the reason why you’re not feeling so well.”

“Since when did you get so devious?” Bella chuckled with her hands raised in surrender. “But fine, let’s get through the class.”

In the back both Edward and Alice were having a silent argument, both furious that their attempts so far have been foiled by something or another.

“You promised me her!” Edward hissed furious at vampire speed so no one would hear him.

Alice rubbed her temples as she shot Edward a glance. Well I cannot see anymore! If worse comes to worse we will have to go through the last plan we made.

Images of what they had planned as the alternative flashed through both of their minds, it was the last option for them and so far everything else has failed. Edward cannot break into her room and use his scent to control her in her sleep and all attempts to do so at school were foiled by her, the teachers or her friends.

It didn’t help that she made frequent trips to the reservation and come back reeking of mutt.

When Edward had his chance, all that will change but for now he just had to bide his time a little longer.

Author Note: Holy shit guys, so sorry for the long delay but I’ve been unable to write for anything for the last few months and I didn’t really want to force a chapter out…


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