Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

Authors Note: enjoy!

Third Point of View

Bella woke up with a gasp, her hand flying to her throat as a sob escaped her lips. She had dreamt of Finn, her Finn, he was sad and pleading with her to listen while a woman stood behind him.

But that wasn’t what hurt the most, what hurt the most was watching an unknown vampire plunge a stake into his heart. She watched with crippling pain as he stood there on fire, still pleading with her.

“FINN!” She cried out and then promptly launched herself into his arms as he appeared.

Finn quickly caught himself from falling off the bed as Bella launched into his arms crying. When he was settled he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.

“Shh Little Swan, tell me what is wrong.” He whispered, eyes scanning the unfamiliar room for the sign of danger or for any clue as to why she was now sobbing into his chest.

Bella burrowed herself into his chest before replying, “Nightmare, redhead woman… You, unknown vampire… Death… I saw you burn alive.”

The explanation was choppy and broken but Finn still understood, she had dreamt or even foresaw his death. That means he will be undaggered soon and Sage would be there when it happened. A sinking feeling began as he thought about this, if he were to die there was no coming back from that and with his death Sage and all she might have sired would be dead. All fall with that of the originals.

“Shh Little Swan, I am here and safe.” He soothed, brushing the hair back from her face.

“I’m sorry.” She sniffled out, confusing Finn.

“Whatever for my sweet Swan?” He asked.

“I don’t hate you, I didn’t mean to say it. I was just hurt you couldn’t trust me.” She choked out, looking away from him and plucked at a loose strand on her blanket.

Finn stared at her in horror, his own hate for what he was and reluctantcy had caused his Little Swan to believe he didn’t trust her. This was worse than her hating him or being afraid of him.

“I am sorry Bella, I was ashamed of what I was and I was terrified of you fearing me if you knew the truth. I am an original as you know, but I cannot be here in person because 900 years ago my brother daggered me. I cannot wake till the blade is removed from my chest.” He began to explain before sighing.

“What I am is unnatural, before I met you and since the day that vampire attacked you, I believed that the monster my mother created was an abomination. Vampires shouldn’t exist and if it wasn’t for you, I would continue to think that and end my life if I were to wake. I am sorry my sweet Bella.” He whispered truthfully before delving into his past.

He told her everything from his sister being taken by his aunt to Being daggered, he didn’t want to hold back anything from her. He couldn’t understand why but he knew that he needed to tell her everything otherwise it would not end well.

“I’d like to meet Sage.” Bella stated suddenly once he was done. She would never admit to the relief she felt when he explained that he and Sage, though used to be lovers, were now just friends.

“I’m sure you will soon Little Swan.” He chuckled, happy that she wants to meet the woman who helped him so much before this life. “I have missed you.”

“I missed you too Finn, I promise not to do that again, this past year without you has hurt.” She sniffled, remorse lacing her tone.

“I have missed you as well Little Swan, there is nothing but darkness in my sleep and thoughts of you to keep me sane.” He murmured softly before casting a look around her room once more and sighing as he hears others outside. He could hear her father, which surprised him as he didn’t realise that was where Bella now resided, he pondered on what happened with Renee.

“I must go Bella, you have visitors and your father is on his way.” He explained as he began to pull away, placing a lingering kiss upon her brow.

Bella frowned before sighing as she heard her father calling for her name; she cast a long look up at Finn, trying with all her might not to touch the spot where his lips brushed up against. “I shall call you if I need you.” She murmured, giving him one last hug before letting his conscious go.

Her chest ached, it hurt more and more with each time she had to let him drift back to the dark. It hurt to love him when he could not be with her, but now she knew that he was free to love in a sense. With a sigh she closed her eyes shut for a second, reliving the spark that jolted from his kiss before making her way downstairs to see Sam standing next to another man who was chuckling from his chair up at her father.

“Bella, there you are, this is Billy Black remember?” Charlie introduced happily before continuing. “I thought you went to see him last night Bells but when I mentioned it to Billy he said you never came.”

Panic flared in her chest at the bust of her lie, she didn’t know what to tell him.

“That would be my fault, Emily had broken down on the way home and Bella offered a lift…” Sam began to explain when Bella cut him off as she saw Charlie start to begin on one of his stranger danger talks.

“Emily is a friend; I’ve known her for a while. She was in Florida on a trip when, silly me, rammed into her. I offered to buy her ice cream as I made her dropped hers and we became friends over the summer, we stayed in touch. So I was surprised to see that she was living here and didn’t hesitate to help her.” Bella explained in a rush, her eyes flickering between the three men before her. Relief flooding her very core as her father cast her a proud smile.

“Thats great bell… Excuse me.” Charlie stated while he rushed inside to the phone.

Bella turned towards the two men, eyeing Billy warily. He was the chief of the tribe after all and he would have to know what happened. “He doesn’t know that I am a witch.”

Billy’s brows rose but nodded at her statement. “I wasn’t going to tell him Bella, I asked Sam to bring me here to thank you. He told us what you did for him and Emily, but he also told myself and Harry about telling Leah the truth. We told her last night and she seemed better for it. I just wanted to let you know that you will always have friends and protectors in us.” He replied honestly.

Billy was with Harry and Leah last night when they finally showed her the truth and what happened to Sam. Her heart still ached but she was no longer as bitter to the world, she seemed more at peace and asked her father for space before leaving.

Bella inclined her head in acknowledgment before cocking her head to the side. “If she stayed bitter to the world, her heart would turn as cold as ice. She would suffer as a wolf for many years, now she won’t.”

Sam inhaled sharply at the words, as did Billy. “Then we owe you more than we knew. We’ve only had one female wolf in our tribe to ever change and she was barren, the change made her barren. It drove her mad, all Leah ever wanted was a family of her own and now she won’t lose that dream like the others.” Sam explained, relief colouring his tone.

“I must warn you that with my presence people will come. Werewolves and vampires, the traditional kind of vampire and wolf. I am a powerful witch, the last of my family and already some have tried to take me. No Sam, you are not a true werewolf.” Bella chuckled out as she saw him open his mouth about the true kind.

“How do you know?” Billy asked causing Bella to laugh.

“See that plant that is brushing against his leg? It’s wolfsbane, a poison to wolves. Sam is a shift,not uncommon, but him being a wolf is uncommon, usually shifters go for other animals.” She explained before looking back towards the house as Charlie came back outside.

“Thanks for stopping by, thank you again for the truck but I must get to school now.” Bella stated with a smile as Charlie came back.

“Come and see us soon Bella, Emily will make you some of her famous muffins.” Sam chuckled, playing on with her game. It was the least he could do.

“That sounds great, I’ll be down Saturday!” She exclaimed honestly, before saying goodbye to her father and Billy before rushing back inside to gather her school supplies.

She would have to tell Finn and Phil both about what happened when she got home.

Author Note: again I wrote this all on my phone for you :p so please excuse the mistakes.




9 thoughts on “Chapter Seven

  1. I was itching for something to read right now, and I remembered I really needed to catch up on your story. I am in love. I really love this story, and this chapter was just awesome. Finn and Bella to me are one of the best pairings, and this story is the best. I’m so excited to read more of the story! 🙂 Your writing is awesome, you have me looking for the next chapter!

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  3. Oh I hope you are able to update this one soon. I’m really enjoying the story. Wondering how you will portray the Cullen’s……are they really in town because a Swan lives there? Maybe Alice saw Bella moving there? Hmmm….and wonder if Bella could locate Finn’s coffin and undagger him.

    Really can’t wait to read more. Love it

  4. So glad she called Finn and they got to talk. Happy he opened up to Bella and told his whole past. Can’t wait for them to meet in the flesh.
    Quick save on her story about being friends with Emily but you said Florida. Curious. Glad the Elders took her advice in telling Leah for her life should be better now.

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