Chapter Seventeen

Title: Dreams of Time
She didn’t know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Chapter Seventeen

Third Point of View

A gasp filled the silent room as the occupant shot up from a dead sleep, his eyes wide and heart racing. Ragged gasping breath was sucked in through his parted lips as he tried to settle, but there was no settling from what he just saw…

A shaking hand pried itself from its fisted form in the bedspread to grasp the phone that rested on the nightstand, swiping up to reveal the time, 3:30am glared back at him. This wasn’t right, he wasn’t supposed to feel whatever that magic was… he wasn’t supposed to know these things or see and hear these things.

With a shudder he pulled the blankets from his body and got to his feet, one hand clutching at his head as the migraine began. The air was icy on his heated flesh, the floor cold against his bare feet but it was what woke him from his hazy state.

His body crashed to the floor as he pushed up from the bed, his legs instantly giving out from under him.

“Maddox? Maddox!” Greta shouted in alarm, dropping to her knees with a thud next to Maddox.

Get. Klaus. Get KLAUS!” Maddox groaned out, pushing with as much strength as he could to flip himself onto his back. Pain burst behind his eyes as he grasped his head tightly with his right hand while the left clawed at the wooden surface. “NOW!”

Greta got to her feet instantly and rushed towards the drawing room on the second floor. She didn’t know why Maddox was requesting Klaus at this time of night but she knew it must be serious, she could feel the lingering power in his room… maybe that was what woke her too?

Without knocking she barged into the room and swore to make up for the interruption later as she saw Klaus paining by the fireside, his blue eyes turning hard as he tore them away from the painting before him. She knew that he hated to be interrupted and those that did, suffered greatly.

“You need to come quick, Maddox has been attacked.” She explained, blinking when he disappeared before her eyes, the wind the only indication that he had indeed been in the room and had left it.

Turning, she quickly made her way back towards Maddox’s rooms and her own. Worry churning deep in her stomach at the consequences she will surely face in time. It was her job to ward each home so attacks from other witches could not be made and now it has gotten Maddox hurt, her wards had failed and Klaus hated failure.

Klaus paused at Maddox’s door breathing in deeply, his eyes scanning the undisturbed room for any sign of who attacked his witch with a growl.

“Leave us!” He snarled towards Greta. Nothing was out of place besides the messed bed and Maddox gasping on the ground. Another growl tore from his lips as he helped his most trusted witch up and back onto the bed, noting the pale and sweaty complexion.

“Who attacked you?” He demanded roughly, cocking his brow as Maddox shook his head vigorously. “Then what?”

“I felt something… it tore me from a dead sleep and I saw things… things I know that cannot be and I should not be able to see.” Maddox explained his eyes wide and bloodshot.

Klaus frowned at his witch; Maddox was good for two things Protection and Possession. Anything beyond that he wasn’t unable to do perse but had difficulties with it, oh but he was still strong in his own right but Klaus knew Visions were not this witches repertoire.

“What did you see?” He asked calmly.

“I saw your brother, standing by a fire with others in the woods. I saw girl, young but in danger… I felt so much anger, a bloodthirst beyond a normal amount… Cold Ones… I saw my death and salvation… double faces… your freedom and your curse…” Maddox explained with a gasp.

“Elijah? He is in New Yo…” Klaus trailed off as Maddox shook his head.

“No, your other brother… the eldest,” he explained. “Finn.”

Klaus jerked away from the bed as if he had caught fire, his eyes wide and horror blooming in his chest. “That’s impossible; he’s still daggered with the others and has been for the last nine hundred years.”

“I don’t know but he was with the girl I saw,” Maddox explained, pressing the palm of his hand into his eye. “Something is going to happen soon and it will change everything.”

Many scenarios were rushing through Klaus’s head at rapid fire. Panic had replaced the horror, he had to make sure that his family was still daggered and locked away; he couldn’t risk Mikael finding them and killing them… He couldn’t risk Finn breaking once more and going on a rampage that would rival any other he had previously done, more so than the one that had earned him the name of Berserker.

“What did you mean by double faces?” He asked slowly, his eyes still unseeing.

“I saw Katerina and another, a replica of her… a doppelgänger.” Maddox replied slowly in return, trying to process the mass amount of information he was given.

Whoever sent it, whoever allowed him to see what was going to happen was powerful, beyond what he had ever felt before in any other witch he had met. It was an old power, but young at the same time… Brown eyes flashed across his memory, the young girl who had stood beside the eldest Mikaelson.

Klaus stood abruptly and began to place, began to plan. “Do you know where? To both.”

Maddox shook his head. “No, with Finn I saw trees and a mix of people… natives, Cold Ones… I saw nothing but the doppelgänger and Katerina in a circle of flames. But I know it would be soon.”

“Rest, if you remember anything more don’t hesitate to call me. I have to make an errand and possible replace the guards.” Klaus informed before making his way down stairs and outside.

If his brother was not in his coffin then someone in his circle was a traitor and if someone was indeed a traitor heads were going to roll. He’d have to find said wayward brother and return him to the casket where he needed to stay until Mikael was dealt with, but that cannot happen until his curse was broken.

A snarl tore from his lips once more before slamming his hand into a passing tree, sending bark and debris flying in every direction while the stump careened forward into another grove of trees.

As the warehouse he had his family being stored in came into view, Klaus pushed himself faster. His eyes taking in every guard that he could see. He did not stop, not when the guards sounded the alarm, not until he had reached his brother’s coffin.

Footsteps followed his path, but Klaus did not give them any of his attention as he slowly lifted Finn’s coffin lid, heaving a sigh of relief as his brother still remained in stasis. Nothing had changed; he still wore the same tunic and cambric shirt and breeches… a dagger still in his chest.

Klaus slowly began to close the lid before pausing, his head cocking to the side before jerking up the coffin lid once more, his eyes snapping to Finn’s neck in confusion. The necklace he always wore, the one that Freya had made long ago with his name was gone.

This didn’t bode well…

Author Note: Well someone requested what was happening in the TVD world. This is it. Should mention this is like a week before Klaus finds his way into Alaric’s body.


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