Chapter Six

Chapter Six

Third Point of View

Bella cast a look around her room in astonishment. It had been over an hour a go since Charlie showed her the room and she still couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. Her room was painted a soft lilac colour that she had remembered telling him was her favourite colour and it still was.

She had plenty of shelves and even her bed spread was purple. It showed that maybe he indeed loved her, that maybe Renee was lying. Because no father would go out of their way or remember the little things if they didn’t love their children.

“Dammit Renee.” She muttered angrily before swaying when pain burst across her flesh, followed by images and panic.

When the pain subsided horror welled up inside. Bella knew that what happened was something magical and it was the same signature as the one she felt lingering on her truck.

Without hesitating , Bella turned on her foot and rushed downstairs grabbing her bag as she went.

“Hey dad, I’m going for a drive to the res… Can you give me directions to Billy’s house?” Bella rushed out as she came to a stop at the bottom of the stairs.

Charlie cast her an odd look but shrugged while turning to write the address down. The second she had her hands on it she took off in a run, she was in a hurry and she hoped that her truck got there in time.

It didn’t take long for her to reach the reservation, though she did get lost once she reached the treaty line as she didn’t really know where to go, only that she needed to find someone before it was too late. So with forced concentration she pushed out her own magic to touch the one that passed over her at home and found where she needed to go.

The closer she got to the home she could hear screaming and it spurred her forward. As soon as her feet touched the ground she took off, her feet crunching on the gravel as she barged into the cottage and tackling the woman away from the large shaking man.

“Crap.” She muttered in agony before snapping her eyes to the now very large, very angry wolf before her.


Bella blinked at the size of the wolf shifter before her and now she understood the old magic. “Calm down and phase back.”

She watched with interest as the wolf shuddered, the inky fur receding into tan skin and the sounds of pain filled howls turned into screams as the bones broke and reformed. It was amazing to see and she was thankful that she didn’t have to experience that kind of woman next to her whimpered slightly before groaning as she clutches her head.

“Sorry, but a concussion is better than the alternative.” She explained her eyes flickering between the woman and the shifter. He was nervous, twitching forward slightly before stopping himself. “You need to control your anger, if I didn’t sense it when I did, your mate would have been caught by your claws.”

Sam stared at the small woman before him in horror as he caught what she said. It sunk in, he and Emil were arguing and then he phased. He had tried to move away, begged her to move back but it was too late. He owed the woman before him greatly, for if she didn’t tackle Emily away from him then he could have scarred her or worse.

“Who are you? How?” He asked softly, unsure if she heard him or not.

“My name is Bella, I’m a witch.” She explained with a shrug while helping herself and the woman up off the floor.

Any other time Sam and Emily both would have never believed the young woman – Bella – but they couldn’t really deny the possibility not now. It would be naive to believe that it was just humans, vampires and wolves in the world .

“Thank you.” Emily whispered.

Bella nodded before frowning, “Why were you arguing? And who are you both, sorry for barging into your home too.” She babbled put causing both Sam and Emily to laugh.

“I’m Sam Uley, this is Emily… We were arguing cause… Well…” He trails off uncomfortable as he scratched the back of his neck.

“He was engaged to my cousin before this happened and he imprinted on me. I didn’t want to be the reason he and Leah broke up so I was fighting with the bond and well…” Emily explained, trailing off at the look they were both receiving from Bella.

“You cannot break a mating bond or ignore it, it would kill you both, literally.” Bella explained bluntly. “Though you knew the truth and put yourself in danger and kept pushing. Who is Leah to the tribe?”

“Shes an elders daughter, she knows the legends but I was forbidden to tell her the truth.” Sam explained with a wince.

“Tell her everything, she will understand better and the why’s. Trust me, tell her now and it will stop further pain.” Bella told them, a far away look in her eyes, Finn dancing across her mind. “Trust me, it’ll be better. Now I need to get home, uh, I’m Chief Swans daughter so if you need me for anything or want to ask questions let me know…”

Just as Bella reached the door she froze as her body shuddered, a howl piercing the darkening sky. “You have a new wolf, goodbye Sam, Emily. Catch you later.”

She left quickly, hopping into her beast and slamming the door as pain bloomed, indicating a headache and heartache. Bella had loved Finn, loves him still, first it started as a simple childish crush that seemed to morph into something stronger… She couldn’t really act on her feelings and she denied them as much as she could seeming as he was much older than she and she doubted he would fall for her.

With a deep sigh, Bella shook her head clear of all thoughts of Finn and focused on where she had to plant her plants to gather enough sun and not drown. She would make another window planter but she needed to find more locations and start mixing vervain in hers and Charlie’s food and drinks.

She didn’t know if Charlie knew about her abilities or Gran’s so she would have to be careful with what she did. Though she knew that he wouldn’t notice the sudden growth of plants around the house with all the weeds and shrubbery that littered the place, which both annoyed and pleased her. Annoyed because she hated weeds but then she was glad because they would hide the vervain and wolfsbane.

“Bella are you coming in side or sitting in your truck all night?” Charlie called from the porch amused, pizza box in hand.

She shook her head clear and smiled up at her father. “Coming Dad.”

Author Note: okay this is a little short and there will be mistakes as I’m writing this on my phone at work! Enjoy!




6 thoughts on “Chapter Six

  1. it was awesome she got into the wolf pack and saved emily. i am sad for her and finn tho. but hopefully they will fix that soon. i also hope that given the vervain and wolfsbane around the house will make it harder for edward to get into her room or near her. it would be awesome if vervain changed her scent a bit so edward wouldn’t be all attracted to her. 😀 can’t wait for next chapter literally bouncing in my seat from excitement.

  2. poor Finn. i wish she would just call to him. get things straight. more challenges will come, i presume and she’ll need all the help she could get. maybe she could undagger Finn. hmmmm….that’s a thought.

  3. It’s great she felt the magic in the land and saved Emily before Sam scared her. Her helping them I’m hoping will help her and give her friends.
    Hope she can fix things with Finn.

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