Chapter Sixteen

Title: Dreams of Time
She didn’t know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Chapter Sixteen

Third Point of View

Bella cast her eyes to the right, spotting her mate keep pace with Toby while her magic rippled out and covered the two Cold Ones. Family, they were her family and how odd is that for her? She has Cold Ones, Shifters, Wolves and Witches… An Original for a Mate. What next? A hunter? A Doppelgänger? A Traveller?

Peter huffed out a laugh and glanced over his shoulder to the tiny slip of a witch. “You’ll face them yes.”

“Do I even want to know?” Toby asked as they began to slow down in speed, his hands tight around her thighs in worry. Thankfully he knew his strength unlike some and didn’t squeeze too hard.

“No.” Both Peter and Bella replied as one before breaking out in smiles.

Toby groaned in misery. “Two, there is now two.”

“There, there.” Charlotte replied unsympathetic from Sage’s side.

They came to a stop at the edge of the woods that lead into the small clearing between them and Billy’s back yard. It was the meeting place, the one where they told their stories and had their bonfires, well here or second beach.

Sam shifted back and waited while Jared and Paul went forth, his dark eyes flickering from the Elders, to his Imprint and then back to the group behind him warily. “The elders might not react well to this Bella. Not to the traditionals but to the Cold Ones, our history was written by blood because of them.”

She knew this. “Then let me explain it to the Elders. Something tells me they will come in handy.”

“Be it on your head then Bella, but I will stand by you, I still owe you much.” Sam replied before making his way to Emily before she could deny the claims.

Bella took a deep breath and steeled herself before stepping out into the open; she didn’t stop until she was face to face with the elders of the tribe: Harry, Sue and Old Quil. She knew that the others followed her as she saw the confusion flicker to concern and then to anger for some as their eyes rested on the Cold Ones.

“They don’t hunt innocent.” She informed firmly. “They have come to help and to gather their own. They are needed and will sign whatever treaty you give them so they can. But they are my family and I will protect them. I will leave and you can explain to Charlie why.”

Billy frowned but took the look on her face, seeing the familiar stubborn set jaw, dark eyes that glinted with something dark that he saw in his best friends face from time to time. He knew that look well and always lost the argument when it appeared; it seemed that Bella inherited that gift. He also did not wish to explain to Charlie why Bella had left, the man knew about supernatural to some degree because of his mother but not about the Cullen’s.

“Fine, but if one human from our tribe or that of Forks winds up dead because of them then their life is forfeit.” He sighed out harshly before turning his head back to the fire.

“Good, now I wish to get this meeting over with. Finn.” The second her mate’s name fell from her lips he appeared, his hands settling heavily upon her shoulders in a protective embrace.

“As you know the Cullen’s have started to become a nuisance, just the two of them. Thankfully I’m in none of their classes but outside is a different matter.” She started.

Angela nodded. “Alice Cullen has been constantly pushing between the two of us and has tried on several occasions tried to drag Bella to their table; she even followed us into the bathroom one time.”

The wolves seemed to growl at this while the Vampires glowered; Finn had moved his arms from Bella’s shoulders to her waist pulling her flush against him. Only three could hear the growl that had continued to roll from his chest.

Toby clenched his jaw before asking his question. “Who was it that was hunting you in my streets?”

“That would be Edward Cullen, he’s been showing up around my home as well but he cannot get in because of the barrier spell I placed but I have sensed him following me and he’s always staring at me in school.” Bella explained, looking up at her mate as he snarled once more.

“It doesn’t help that I heard them talking about breaking my mate.” Toby’s eyes shot to Finn and then to Bella in shock.

“What? What do you mean they were speaking of breaking her?” The Viking demanded.

All eyes snapped to him and then to the spot he was staring at. Those that knew his gift cringed while the others simple stared on in confusion, who was he talking to and what was he talking about?

Finn growled low in his throat and cursed his brother once more. “They want to mould her, to do so they need to break her.”

“They’ve been trying to be my friend and Alice has been doing all she can to endear Edward to me. From what I have gathered and deduced is that they hope I’ll fall madly in love at his feet.” Bella explained with a snort. “Fat chance that is, they’ve even tried to… uh… compel?”

Peter sucked in a sharp breath while Charlotte hissed furiously, all eyes turned to them then with raised brows. The traditionals didn’t see the problem with compelling no matter the horrendous actions they’re trying to do but the cold ones?

It was Peter who explained. “We cannot compel like you do, it is purely a hunting mechanism. Our scent is designed in a way to lure humans in, to fog their mind and make them pliable. Charlotte and I don’t use it as we usually don’t need to lure our prey away and small doses don’t do much harm but if used too much then it’s deadly. What did Finn say?”

“They wanted to break her so they can mould her,” was the sharp reply.

“This means they want her as a pet, a weapon. Witches who are turned into one of us or any who are descended by one are powerful. Our line shows that with me, Jasper came from a sacrificial witch line… the stronger the bloodline or closer to the blood relation say grandparent, parent or great grandparent then the stronger you’ll be. Though not many know this.” Peter tacked on the end as he saw the horror flash across the traditionals and the witches.

Tobias sighed harshly while raking his fingers through his hair. “The same is for us, we have a little bit extra as you know with me being able to see Finn but we lose our powers. We become unbalanced, those of us that did survive… it’s painful. I gave up my powers before the change so I didn’t miss them, I didn’t work on them like my siblings did and became a warrior so I didn’t rely on them as heavily but…”

Sage moved to comfort her mate, her eyes flicking up just above Bella’s head and then back to the stunned pack and coven. “You know the history of the Original Family yes?”

“We know the legend of Finn the Berserker; it is our line that forsook the one he destroyed.” Alamanda spoke, her green eyes piercing. “We know not of how they came to be.”

“I was one of the first change and betrothed to Finn in the old days. His mother was a witch, a powerful one and after the death of the youngest due to werewolves—” sharp inhales echoed around the clearing Bella being the loudest as everything began to click. “—she created the spell to turn them into creatures strong enough to protect their village. She was not expecting for them to turn out the way they did. Two of them were practicing Witches, one a prodigy in his own right, another was a bastard who she had sired with a wolf and it was discovered later when he had killed. Elijah the second eldest and Finn were the same as my mate; they forsook the Magic in them.”

Finn looked down and away as the memories bombarded him, the anger at his mother for the loss of his human life and turning them into the monsters they were. The grief over the loss of Henrik and the utter rage that seemed to cling to Elijah while Kol had sunken deep into his own mind when he learned that he had lost his magic. Rebekah had cried for days when she learnt that she could no longer have the life she wanted, unable to find a husband to love and create life of her own.

He felt shame as he looked back to those time, to the petty hate and words he said to all of them but surprisingly it was the shame her felt at what he had done to Niklaus. He always knew that Mikael was not his father and so turned his back upon his brother, kept his eyes downcast to every beating, his tongue sharp with every insult he gave and when Niklaus needed help the most… He turned away like a coward because he didn’t wish to be a part of it, just like he did when their mother allowed their aunt to take Freya away.

In his years awake he learnt that becoming what they are enhanced everything, rage, grief, sadness… madness.

But that was still no excuse to turn his back on his family.

“We will fix it.” Bella whispered softly up to her mate, her chest pressed against his while she tuned out the story behind them.

Finn sighed and pulled his Little Swan’s palm to his lips for a kiss. “I do not know if we can, I don’t know if they will want to.”

“You will never know unless you try Finn, but whatever you were thinking it wasn’t true.” She replied while moving her hand up from his lips to his cheek, her thumb brushing under his eye.

He couldn’t help but huff out a laugh and close his eyes, nuzzling into the open palm. “I hope you are right.”

He really does…

Author Note: *swears up a storm* god damn I am so lost in this plot it isn’t even funny, help, send me something to speed things up before I talk myself into a circle.


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