Chapter Ten

Title: Dreams of Time
Pairing: Finn/Bella
Summary: She didn’t know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.

Author Note: YAY!

Disclaimer: I still do not own anything twilight related or Finn.

Chapter Ten

Third Point of View

If she thought the other day was hell, it didn’t even compare to today. Today made Lauren’s babbling seem like a four piece puzzle.

They wouldn’t leave her alone and when she means they, she means the Cold Ones, Alice and Edward. They kept trying to talk to her, in class and at lunch, Alice even ambushed her in the bathroom!

“Calm Bella, anymore anger and you’re gonna explode something.” Angela whispered softly, causing Bella to snort.

“I’ve had my power since I was eleven Ang.” She sighed, rubbing her face as Alice looped her arm around hers and began to pull her off towards the others. She had been doing this all week, stepping between her and Angela or anyone else. Edward was just as bad, if not worse, always correcting her speech or the way she walked or what she ate.

“Come sit with us Bella!” Alice giggled out, stopping when Bella yanked her hand free with surprising strength.

“No thanks, I want to sit with my friends and we are not friends. Come along Ang.” Bella hissed, yanking Angela towards their table.

Alice seethed silently, casting a glance back towards Edward. She couldn’t see anything anymore and each thing they do end up in darkness, no matter what plan they try, Alice cannot see the original vision. They had to get her, break her and mould her into the perfect weapon so she and Edward can rule. But no, the pathetic human wasn’t falling for their tricks and it infuriated her and Edward both.

It wasn’t just that either, Edward was getting furious as Bella breathed out another name and no matter how much searching they did; they could not find the one named Finn.

“Any sign of Sage?” She asked once the silencing spell was up.

Angela shook her head, “No but mom says she’s close to finding her, maybe tonight or tomorrow if we’re lucky. Thank goddess it’s Friday!” She giggled.

Bella returned her smile but it didn’t quite reach her eyes, she couldn’t be happy. She was waking up in the middle of the night by the sickly sweet stench of the Cold Ones, they were invading her room when she slept and if it wasn’t for that, they were getting more hostile and insistent. She was getting migraines from them, trying to block the allure and hold up the magics. Bella learnt early in the week that they didn’t know she was a Witch, let alone a Swan Witch, she had even heard them call her a pathetic human.

This worked to her advantage but she was growing tired and weary, the wolves and witches couldn’t help much.

Besides the problem with the Cold Ones, she didn’t know what to tell Sage to make her believe she is speaking the truth about Finn and her. Yes she wore his necklace, his name but she wouldn’t be able to see Finn, they had learnt earlier on in life that not everyone could see him…only those who had or have the gift of seeing and as far as she knew, Sage did not have this gift.

The rest of the day went on in a blur for Bella, her body becoming lax and lethargic. She was bone tired, weary and unfortunately she had to go to Port Angeles for some herbs and a book from a certain store.

The drive down with her truck was tiring, barely pushing sixty and if that wasn’t bad, Bella could sense someone following her and whenever she looked out the window she could have sworn she saw flashes of something and she knew it wasn’t the wolves. It took nearly two hours to get to Port Angeles in her truck and she was starving, not only that she had no clue where to find the bookstore.

“Food first, then I’ll go look for the store.” She muttered before parking at the sight of the café, thanking the stars that there was a park.

It didn’t take her long before she got a wrap to go and began to walk along the shops, her eyes scanning for the name of the bookstore. She knew if she didn’t find it within an hour she would have to leave before it got too dark and she didn’t want to be caught alone in the dark, especially with those asshole Cullen’s trying to get her. God knows what they would have planned for her to be ‘grateful’ to them tonight.

And with that thought she began to walk faster, her eyes scanning the darkness for yellow eyes, not noticing that she was being herded like prey into the warehouse district.

“Fuck.” She muttered annoyed as she cast a look around, there were no more stores only warehouses.

“Are you okay miss?” A deep warm voice asked, causing Bella to snap her head up and stare at the man that emerged from the building beside her. He was tall, his long hair pulled back from his face into what was both a braid and ponytail that sat loosely at the base of the neck, his beard trimmed neatly but it was his piercing blue eyes that stood out the most.


In a blink of an eye, his form shifted into one so familiar but she couldn’t recall. His hair was longer and his beared more untamed, fur surrounding his shoulders and a sword handle strapped to his back.


“I’m lost, was looking for a bookstore and…” She trailed off shaking her head; her eyes flickering to the area around her as she felt someone else enter her senses not far off.

“You are being followed, my name’s Tobias Leif Ericson, come I can help you.” He stated before pulling her towards him and through the open door, the door slamming shut behind them.

Bella couldn’t help but blink at the inside of the building, it was a home a very magnificent home full of… vampires…

“Oh… Fuck… vampires.” She muttered bitterly, causing every single eye to snap to hers. She could feel her phone vibrate but ignored it; she couldn’t really answer her phone now as she stood in a vampire den.

“She is not to be harmed; she is my guest, running from Cold Ones.” Tobias snapped and Bella smirked as every set of eyes bar one turned away from her. She could hear mutterings of annoyances about Cold Ones and held back a snort. “You’re safe here for now Little One, this is mine and my mates home for the time being and well, there is no use in hiding what I am. Come, I’ll take you to meet my mate and hopefully we can help you for an exchange, we need daylight rings and if you can make us five we will help protect you.”

Bella’s eyes rose at the confession, vampires didn’t trust Nature Witches with daylight rings so suddenly, even if she wasn’t one. There have been many examples as to why they should only ask the ones they trust.

“Wait, you know I am a witch and yet it is basically taboo for your kind to ask for daylight rings from witches of nature, yet you ask me…” She wheezed out as she found herself pinned to the wall by her neck and a very angry red head snarling at her.

“WHERE DID YOU GET THIS?” She snarled, pointing to the necklace around Bella’s neck. “TELL ME WHERE WITCH OR I WILL KILL YOU!”

Bella gasped, her hands clawing at the woman’s hand in desperation, her eyes pleading at Tobias.

“Sage, my love, let her breathe and maybe then she could tell you.” He soothed, causing Bella’s eyes to snap to the redheads once more. She found herself gasping for air greedily as the red head released her grip, but still she stayed pinned to the wall.

“Tell me.” Sage snarled, her face never changing from that of her vampiric form.

“Finn! Finn gave to me…he… mate…” She gasped out as the hand tightened once more as the rage doubled.

“You lie! Finn is still daggered by that bastard of a brother. Now tell me the truth witch!” Sage snarled furious.

“Finn! FINN!” Bella screamed desperately, her voice echoing through the room, followed by an earth shattering roar as her mate materialised before them all to see his sister of choice about to kill his mate.

“RELEASE HER SAGE!” He roared once more causing some vampires and Leif to shudder.

“My love, you need to let her go now… Because she’s telling the truth.” Tobias gasped out, his eyes not straying from the angry original as he tried to lower his mates arm.

Sage snapped her eyes to the blank space that her mate was staring at before looking at him, her brows pulling down into a frown as she tasted his fear, lowering the witch carefully to the ground.


Finn snapped his teeth, hissing. “Tell her if she hurts my mate then I will release the monster she knows. My mate needs protection, hers and yours till I am released.”

By Odin’s Beard Sage, you need to heal her immediately, you know before I was turned I had the gift of seeing and the angry original I am staring at right now said if you hurt her he will release the monster you know! I don’t want to be on the berserker’s bad side!” He snaps at his mate before biting into his wrist and offering it to the small witch he had helped.

Even when he was turned by his mate, he still had his witch like senses just not he ability to use them. Though it was an inherited trait that most men in his family carried on in the line, it also let them recognise family in need and the girl screamed family the moment he stepped out to hunt.

“What’s your name Little One; tell me as you drink, you need to heal…” He urged, eyes shifting up to the angry original and blinked as he just disappeared with panic on his face as he reached towards the girl.

“My name… my name is Bella… Isabella Swan… I am Finn’s mate.” She gasped out, her eyes rolling back as she fainted hoping that she wouldn’t have to repeat this anytime soon.

Author Note: Oh well, *chuckles* Look *points* Sage! I gave you a little hint of history in this, familial history between Bella and Tobias at least, see if you can guess the connection before I write it.

Input needed on what you would like to see.




6 thoughts on “Chapter Ten

  1. i wonder if Tobias is a Swan witch too. or ar least a descendant? it’s possible. from what i’ve read they’re possibly scattered everywhere. either way, hurray that they finally found Sage. now the real party starts. hehehehe

  2. Wow! Finn is gonna lose his ever loving shit mind! I am so glad that one of the other vamps could see him and communicate. Sage is kind of a bitch. I hope she changes and starts sucking up.
    The Cullens are getting on my damn nerves. LOL
    Great chapter! 🙂

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  4. Someone needs to put a stop to Eddie and Alice’s meddling or just end them.
    Well she found Sage just not the way she had hoped. Good thing Tobias was there to save her twice.

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