Chapter Thirteen

Title: Dreams of Time
She didn’t know when it truly started or why, neither did he but for once in his life Finn felt right in the dreams of the young woman, accepted. Now all he needed was to be undaggered.


Chapter Thirteen

Third Point of View

Sage watched as her mate paced their room, muttering curses under his breath. They’d have to redesign the entirety of it again as he smashed near all the furniture the second his kin left. She had lit sage to hide any and all conversation if any of the cold ones were around.

“A child Sage! A child!” He roared, throwing the last whole piece of furniture at the wall. “When have the cold ones become such animals!?”

“My love, you need to calm down. She in this world is not classed as a child, she is over the age of the Volturi law and you know that she’d be classed as a spinster, widow or mother by now.” Sage explained calmly, earning a scowl in return.

“She’s my Kin; she’ll always be a baby to me.” Leif explained causing Sage to laugh.

“I’d like to see you treat her that way, she’s a modern woman Leif and a witch at that. She’ll chew you up and spit you out, that girl has a spine of iron.” She chuckled. “I hope Thomas isn’t that stupid.”

“I sent Lani with him.” He replied, watching as his mate’s eyes sparkled with mischief and then the look was replaced by sadness.

“I am sorry my love, I saw the necklace and thought she was sent to mock me.” The pain in Sages voice was easily heard by Tobias.

Tobias sighed and moved to comfort his mate. “I can’t say I understand because you acted hastily, nor can I not be angry at this. But I forgive you my love; just make it up to her and in time she too will forgive you.”

“Finn won’t.” Sage replied softly.

“No, he was pretty mad. But if Bella forgives you then he might.” Tobias explained before jerking up as the door slammed open.

Thomas stood before them soaking wet and covered in mud and fungus, a mighty scowl upon his face while Lani was grasping the frame in her laughter.

“What happened? Were you attacked?” Tobias demanded causing Lani to laugh harder and Thomas’s scowl to deepen.

“You didn’t tell me she was spiteful.” Thomas gritted out as he stomped further into the room and collapsed on the floor.

Lani gasped and followed after him. “He pissed her off, she has her housebound and wouldn’t invite him in. You’re in trouble too Toby she doesn’t need to be treated like a kid.”

“See, told you.” Sage chuckled.

“But there are scents of Cold Ones around her home, fresh no more than an hour old. It was the same one that followed her here.” Thomas explained seriously, his eyes dark. He hated cold ones more than any other for he lost his sister to one of them. There were only a few he could tolerate.

“Why are the Cold Ones after her?” Lani asked all traces of amusement now gone.

“It might be because she’s a powerful witch; everyone wants their hands on the Swan Witches line. We’ll need to ask Bella tomorrow when we meet her at the reservation. Can I trust you two to help me look after her?” Tobias asked his first children.

Lani nodded sharply. “Always, you know this.”

“Still polite to ask.” Tobias chuckled.

“With all seriousness, what are we going to do about the Cold Ones, we can’t exactly show ourselves protecting Bella for they’ll try and get to her sooner, witch or no there is ways to knock her out without her knowing.” Thomas piped up. “It’ll put her more at risk; as far as I know they are not allowed on the reservation so we may have to meet her there.”

Leif nodded. “You have a good point; I won’t ask any of the witches I know for help, for I do not trust them with this. Plus, Bella is a Swan Witch; she has more power than any nature, sacrificial or ancestral witch.”

Lani and Sage shared a glance at the boy’s discussion. “How about we wait until tomorrow to discuss this? Bella will not be pleased from what I gathered about being left in the dark and having her decisions taken away from her.”

“Lani has a point, my love. Wait till tomorrow when we converse with the Forks Witches and the Shifter wolves.” Sage explained, resting her hand on her mates arm. “Yes, I know but we must deal with it.”

Tobias snapped his mouth shut as he went to start on another rant about wolves, but he would keep his mouth shut for his newly adopted little sister. He would just have to deal with it and it wasn’t just shifter wolves either, she had accepted a true werewolf into her clan which meant it was part of his.

“Should we call Peter?” Thomas asked, Peter and his mate along with their maker and another were the cold ones he liked. “He may know what to do.”

With raised brows Tobias pulled out his phone and dialled his Kin’s number, oh you could bet your sweet ass he beat the shit out of the Major who had turned the last of his eldest brothers lineage. And it was Peter of all people who came searching for him, of course with all the proof he needed not to die and for Tobias to believe him.

What’s up Uncle?” Peter asked out amused after the third ring.

“We have another Kin. She’s in danger.” Was the reply, earning a sharp inhale.

“By who? Where?” The tone was easily heard and no longer was it Peter but The Captain.

Tobias growled. “Cold Ones, she’s a witch Captain. Sage and our coven settled in Port Angeles, Washington.” He explained, jerking the phone away as two loud growls echoed across the line.

Is she in Forks? If she is then it’s the Cullen’s and if it is them then we have a problem. Char and I will be there as soon as possible, make sure none of them see you, none of them.” The Captain stressed his words near a growl.

“The Cullen’s, Carlisle Cullen?” Sage asked, her brows high. She knew Carlisle Cullen, the good doctor of the vampire race that preached his vegetarian diet. He was a self-righteous man who tried to convert anyone on the natural diet to his.

“That be the one sug’, he aint the problem this time. Look, we’ll be there soon but do not get spotted by those assholes.” Charlotte replied this time while her mate’s growls grew louder.

“You haven’t explained to us why.” Tobias grumbled out, his eyes narrowed.

There was a sigh from Charlotte as a shattering sound echoed. “They took the Major, whoever it is in that damn family, they took him from us.”

Author Note: Well here you go!


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